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College Football > Please ASU...Hang on... > View Post
another  bla bla bla  fix game go bingo

College Football > Luke Falk > View Post
4 post .............4 morons

College Football > I am HUGE Official Vegas Week NCAA wk 5 picks....with write ups (14-6 YTD 70%) > View Post
love youre  pick,solid,bol

College Football > bowl season > View Post
solid  good job

College Football > Just put 10,000 on Clemson over 58.5 > View Post
show  your ticket  galoche

College Football > Is Penn State Coach special > View Post
franklin is  top 8  coach,stop drug  moron

College Football > Penn State is so overrated > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Sicsemper:
You're a moron kid.. here's their cupcake schedule vs OSU, Mich and Wisky  ;Combined records of opponents : OSU 72-53 57% / Mich 81-65 55% / Wisky 87-68 53% / Penn St 71-49 59% Why no luv for PSU? Now that PSU beat wisky record of teams they played 81-53 64.9%. They beat #2 OSU, #6 Wisky win Big 10 title finish 11-2!!!

 best post of all,bravo  les clowns qui  parlent  de penn st en reliant
le mot pedophile  sont  des morons,franklin fait une job incroyable,le qb est solide,i think penn st deserve to be in final 4 with clemson and  wash

College Football > Auburn @ Alabama > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by MrHumble:
Bama is over rated... Auburn is under rated as far as I'm concerned... Careful with this game, Good Luck.

really boum boum ? 

College Football > Bowl eligible teams status after Week 10 > View Post
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  moyenne  job de malade ,solide ,merci

College Football > A little perspective on the initial rankings...... > View Post
clown un jour clown toujours,reste  le même  chaudron boum c'est de cette façon  les gens te trouve galoche,tu vois autant qu'un aveugle,bama  va te hanté  jusqu'a temps que tu comprennes que le football est un jeu d'équipe  et non de vedette...

College Football > navy/usf - why wasnt extra point kicked? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by mikebdb:
iam a dog player douchbag....any more fake tickets degenerate dribbles

  va donc jouer au bingo gros colon,pauvre cloche......

College Football > Wow Ohio State... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by bkingsrep:
After watching  houston I agree that college is 100 fixed wat  jokeeee

  gros  colon de tarte  de cave  de cloche,la prochaine  gage  au  bingo

NHL Betting > Matthews makes history > View Post
he is solid ,wowwwwwwwwwww  il sera  un superbe  de joueurs,toronto  ira  de mieux en mieux avec lui yeaaaaaaaaa

College Football > Clemson vs. L'ville > View Post
only  houdini know  in this game,prefer under

College Football > Is Kent st better than USC vs the Tide > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by jimmydafreak:

Alabama will have an extremely vanilla approach in this game.  Jalen Hurts will probably never run the ball, and there will likely be no checks at the LOS.  They'll be very vanilla on defense as well.  I doubt very seriously that Kent scores, so I think the best play is the game UNDER provided the number is higher than 49.

yepp  and also  saban played db at kent st i am sure he dont want to  win 60 -3,i  see  38-6

Office Pools > pool du quebec > View Post
salut les  comicks ,encore cette année  mes amis veulent un petit pool sur la nfl ,bienvenue à  tous les  fan de foot du quebec c'est juste 25  $ nous devrions être entre 10  et 15  rigolo  !!!  bienvenue à  tous

College Football > Boise State National Champs 220-1? > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by TSwag257:
The committee would never allow that to happen.. NEVER.. Look what happened to Utah a little while back. Shoved it right up their fools. College football is just as fixed as the NBA. Just as sure as the boosters paying their players in the SEC.... Favoritism and money



College Football > Full list of week 1 games.... > View Post
good job,my  top  5 is


ole miss  - flo st


unc -georgia

for sure usc-bama

 it will be a great opening  season,many other games will be very  good,only 137  days  before kick off  my friend   !!!

College Football > BYU qb Taysom Hill has announced he's coming back... > View Post
i think  hill is  better  than mangum,,its sad  for  hill his career  is similar than  keeton,back to back  huge  unjurie

NFL Betting > Insight and a few questions about a "fixed game" > View Post
seul  les  loosers pensent qu'il  a  coruption  et  tricherie il  faut être moron,idiot  etc.....pour  le penser  aucune  personne intelligente ne se ferait  frappé,blessé  en sachant  que  la game est truqué    !!!!

NHL Betting > 2-7-16 Hockey thread, picks, info and more > View Post
agree with canadiens

Boxing > jean pascal > View Post
ouffffffffffffffff  quelle domination de  kovalev,ça  aurait pu être  du 100  contre 1

Boxing > jean pascal > View Post
demain  dans ma ville  aura lieu la revanche de jean contre son ennemie kovalev,les chances de  pascal  sont très mince,il a beau le détesté à mort  avec  ces propos raciste,ces bananes etc.... ça prendrait un miracle pour que mon idole gagne mais je vais gager  pareil un 20 $  donne 180  $  come on my johnny

College Football > We already have some week 1 college football spreads.... > View Post
[Quote: Originally Posted by bookieassassin]

WHO won more games at Jerryworld this year?
A.    Cowboys
B.    Bama

that would be Alabama....................

est bonne  tu fais ma journée  mon ami    !!!!   en nomination pour un des bon post  pour 2016   !! mon club  devrait revenir solide  avec  des stud  de retour et chek  bien aller  bo scarbrough  tu  vas  faire le saut  sur  sa force,oj is  back,  pour  le poste  de qb  cornwell  ou barnett  fera  la job,have a nice day  

College Football > Saying goodbye to this board in case I don't see you > View Post
j'aime ton ranking  !!!  mieux  que  tes jokes  sur mon club   !!!  quelle  match ,il  ne reste que 7 mois et demi  avant  bama kick off   !!!

College Football > Things we learned in the Bowl season and what to expect next > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Michfan15:
How was the Big10 overrated?  Stupid blanket statement just because Sparty and Stanford no-showed vs Bama.  Ohio st ended the year looking nearly unbeatable as did Michigan.

You also one of the biggest "every game is fixed" proponents on this board so nothing you say can or should be taken seriously anyway.

College Football > Oklahoma qb Trevor Knight and A&M qb Kyle Allen are transferring.... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by packers1992:

Knight will be immidately eligible in March for spring ball because either he's graduated or is close to doing so. The schools who've been rumored for Knight are Georgia,Oregon and SMU

Allen will have to sit out next year as he's not close to graduating. The program considered to be the favorite for him is California

Knight has more value because he can play right away. Its a good move for him to leave as he won't beat out Baker Mayfield

As for Allen i'd love him at Michigan.. I don't get Kevin Sumlin's fascination with 5 foot tall qb's who run around like a chicken with their head cut off. To me Allen should've never been in a qb competition

Yes guys...the transfer season has begun

Just keeping everyone informed Your thoughts guys?

you  dont think o'korn will be next qb ?

College Football > bowl stuff..... > View Post
toujours  le fun de te lire  ''tueur  de  livre  ''  !!!  ce  que je  retien  est le respect  que  tu obtiens  des gens,de la classe,bonne  année  et de la santée ,le reste  est  du  surplus  !!!

  ton ami  mario  

College Football > Greatest bad beat thread in history > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by mikebdb:
my worst beat in coll football that cost me 15 gs in parleys....was years ago was getting 12 pts the game went to overtime...the other team got up 7 and my team threw a interception it was returned for 6pts touchdown game over 13 pt loss...i was frozen in my seat for 3 hours

 which  game ?

College Football > My worst loss in betting history > View Post
at  3.27,only one run + ,2 stupid  pass incomplete,why  why why why with  a peewe  qb  and  and  fromage suisse  defense.......

  oregon  coach  =  stupid+moron+ idiot=  looser
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