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College Football > jt barret sucks > View Post
Special teams could single handedly wreck osus chances in 2 weeks

College Football > jt barret sucks > View Post
Penn state is def the litmus test.  Id put the over/ under in Psu next 3 games at 1.5... thats a tough 3 game stretch. And i kinda disagree they arent nearly as good as advertised imho. BUT i have been wrong before. 

I agree comp gas been weak but this offense has been arranged to fit a round peg into a round hole vs last 2 years. 

College Football > jt barret sucks > View Post
been a month or so since i posted as i was totally wrong about ohio state early. i assumed they would be hot out of the gate and that kevin wilson would have this offense humming in game 2 against oklahoma.... i was totally wrong!!

BUT .... if you havent been paying attention this team is not a team that anyone should have any interest in playing. the defense has started to gel. the dline is absurdly deep with talent and the young dbs are finally playing well in press coverage.

but the biggest improvement of this team is by far and away the offense. losing redshirt soph branden bowen may end up hurting this team against penn state, thats yet to be known. but last night demetrious knox 4 star redshirt junior finally decided to show he was more than a turnstile. i did see him get confused in pass pro a couple of times but for the most part he was solid.  Joe Thomas Barret is completing 72% of his passes since the oklahoma loss  21 td zero picks!!!!! he is hitting guys in stride and all of a sudden he is able to throw balls over 10 yards with precision... weird what a competent o coordinator and a former NFL coach as your qb coach will do for your development.

i haven't posted it but the last 4 weeks i was all over ohio state team total over as this offense is humming!! although its been against weaker comp if this oline is able to maintain against a stiffer dline in penn state expect points to be aplenty in 2 weeks when the nitts roll into town....

also penn state looks very beatable now. all i hear in the media is saquon.. saqoin, saquon.... last i checked sans 1 big gain against northwestern late in the game when their lack of depth finally showed.... the vaunted barkley was held to 1.3 ypc.... against indiana the prior week he was held to 2.8 ypc.. surely not much to be impressed with esp considering those 2 defenses are average against the run.  im certainly not buying barkley heisman futures esp with 3 straight nasty defensive lines he has to go up against UM, Ohio state and then sparty. i could honestly see penn state going 0-3 over this tough stretch. I have had this spot circled since the schedule opened up. kinda reminds me of ohio states 2016 stretch when they played 3 straight teams coming off of a bye week and the last 2 being wisky and penn state were on the road at night. when luck struck and penn state was gifted a W. this is the big tens schedulers equivalent of the bill for that spot last year. 

I love that this ohio state team is coming into this game under the radar. i think they were written off after week 2. grab some popcorn and get ready for a 2014 run!!  haters welcome or even boom can come talk about how good clemson is! 

College Football > Syracuse play and some others > View Post
nice weekend Joe!! 

College Football > Sunday NFL & Week 5 college football line guesses > View Post
are you on the bills today double? seems like denver is getting a little more love after the dismantling on americas team last weekend

College Football > WEEK 4=DO I STAY HOT $$ ?? after my BEST WEEK in FOREVER > View Post
Tulsa line down to 11

College Football > WEEK 3=I Need to PAY for a Trip 2 Europe $$$/ALL GAMES PREDICTED > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by DoubleUp4Life:

Great work Brother 
You're doing OUTSTANDING (just checked out your thread)

Not sure about the Clemson -3 line , as it keeps moving from 2.5-4 and back down again ....I bet it when it came back down to -2.5 as a Hedge of my Clemson Under 9.5 season wins future ...

Would Love to see Louisville Win , Felt like they were jobbed for the first half last year in Death valley ...
Ben Boulware should have been thrown out for Choking ...

The Tigers defense looks even better this year !!!!!  

Louisville's defense might need to step up and play their best game of their lives !!!

thanks DU  has urban gotten too stubborn about letting his assistants have full control over the offense?? sure looks like it to me... i mean you bring in KW and this offense looks the exact same as last year... i was so wrong about this team and would not be shocked to see a 4 loss season in 2017..... ashame with all of that talent.....

so your clemson hedge... are you doing it for the full amount of your RSW under or just a part of it?

College Football > WEEK 2 $$$ 16-8 Ytd/ ALL GAMES PREDICTED/ BOL BROTHERS > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by DoubleUp4Life:
Counts towards Bankroll..
NOT towards overall record 

Not sure how i Missed this before....I expect something like 55-6

HOWARD +19.5 -120
Just for the fun of it ...kent St is horrible and should be near the bottom of the MAC

UNDER 55 -120
Numbers have 41-3

USF -17
Small action bc i think the Huskies are horrible and could have lost to Holy Cross last week..... UCONN might be an insta fade weekly ATS ...Charlie Strong has me keeping this small 

Just the Friday Night action I need ...
Dont Trust either side for anything bigger than this small wager

UAB +14.5 -110
More of a Ball St fade ....Blazers should be sky high after opening win ...Numbers have this within 2 scores ///


I hope to see Brian Kelly going bezerk on the sidelines ....His team might just not be good enough to beat the DAWGS even with the Homer calls in Front of TOUCHDOWN JESUS ...



HAWAII +1350



ULM  +6000
FAU  +5500


devils advocate here.. baker mayfield has shown an intense urge to try to force things esp when facing a defense with a pulse. you can almost count of 2 pics out of him in this game with the amount of pressure the dline with give him.... im not so sure id have any interest at all playing this under with baker as my qb/ playing against any big12 defense/ and against a keven wilson coached team... i think many are sleeping on the bucks after week 1... much like many are calling for penn state and oregon to be in the natty this year(overreaction to week 1 results)... urban slow played that game last week and it was painfully obvious to anyone who paid attention to the play calling. 

College Football > oklahoma @ Ohio State > View Post
Sorry for the last post. My android imojis and cover imojis dont jive

College Football > oklahoma @ Ohio State > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by winnerwinner99:
OVER 64.5easy money

QUOTE Originally Posted by winnerwinner99:
OVER 64.5easy money


College Football > oklahoma @ Ohio State > View Post
my appologies UTEP no UTSA...

College Football > oklahoma @ Ohio State > View Post
my first thought on this game was that the line is exactly the same as last years line sans home field advantage. i have this game lined at 10 points conservatively and wouldnt be shocked with another blowout. 

firstly big game bob.... say what you will about him, god bad or indifferent, he would have had his guys up to play and in game he was sound. can a rookie replicate that on the road at night in a hostile environment??? id much rather have a proven commodity

ohio state is better and deeper on the dline than they were last year. they go 3 deep with 4 and 5 star guys and that will wear anyone not named alabama out. i expect to see baker on his back a lot unless they try that 2 step drop all game.. and even at that he better be quick. i am aware he completed 500% of his passes last week. but lets be real, im calling UTSA one of the worst FBS schools this year, so thats a terrible gauge

no perine, no mixon, no westbrooke.. so can you just replace 3 dynamic starters who are now on nfl rosters?? the answer is yes, but the odds arent great.regardless they at least had a poven track record... andrews is a beast and ohio states dbs arent the most rangy fellas as we saw with cobbs looking like an NFL all pro last week. having another option or 2 would be ideal for the ou offense.

this osu team is much improved over this time last year and ohhh to boot they just got arguably the best offensive mind in football to run their broken corpse of and offense that they trotted into norman last not sure i can say this OU team is even as good as last years team... i def cant say they arent any better. i said it last year and ill say it this year i have a max bet on ohio state - 7 per game of year odds at 5 dimes. i think this game barring catastrophic acts from god.. isnt close come the final whistle

College Football > Week 1 observations and overreactions > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by LETGOPACK1234:
Michigan will win the Big 10 this year....people bring up they are too young and lost too much...only people who follow Michigan understand they players coming back are BETTER than what they lost...add the best defensive coach in the country with Harbaugh and him finally coaching his recruits and they are going to be scary good on defense, much better than last season 

They absolutely dominated that many teams throws back to back Pick 6 and still win comfortably?  Flor had about 150 yds total, in which 75 came on 2 plays...

Michigan will pound the football all season, allowing the stud WR's on the outside to make big plays one on one....I never was a fan of Speight and dislike him more after yesterday....if he doesnt turn over the ball they will be tough to beat...

I want to see Brandon Peters play, and they win it all next year....but with that D they have this year which will be better than last year, they win the Big 10 this year 

and our first overreaction award goes to........  

College Football > TD Week 2 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by cherokee10:

If you're going to put down a team, atleast get the opponent right. Keep it classy Bama.

as a buckeye fan it was obvious they were going to attempt to win the game with strictly a vanilla gameplan as to not tip their hand to Oklahoma. the offensive scheme looked earily similar to the one ran out there last year by warriner and tim beck. adjustments were made at halftime and that game wasnt even close in the second half. moral of the story.... dont overeact to week 1. ohio state could have easily won that game by 50. but its a marathon of a season, and that wasnt part of the strategy.

College Football > *** Ncaaf Hawaii @ Massachusetts 0-0 ytd *** > View Post
Love that usf tt over! Could be 5000 plays ??

College Football > 2017 IMPROVING SQUADS/FUTURES/PREDICTIONS etc > View Post
SMU OVER 5   -115 , But now the number is up to -185....Maybe Parlay it with overs if your book allows 

when you say parlay it with overs are you saying SMU game overs? i know 5 dimes wont allow that. they wont even allow a parlay that involves a team in the same division as far as i know. 

College Football > wake up! Michigan destroys Florida > View Post
Um talent will be improved. But not 5th year senior gane ready. Looks like u either take the points or just watch and enjoy. Too many unknowns if you want to lay chalk with a buch of new starters. They will be good. But game 1??

College Football > clemson first half vs kent state > View Post
First half plays on the first game of the year with a new qb would def be a no play for me.

College Football > What are YOUR BEST WEEK 1 PLAYS ??? > View Post
harball aways starts slow.. um should lose by 2 scores

College Football > megalocks > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Pdriver:
Is he on twitter?

Yes hes on twitter.. @megalocks

College Football > megalocks > View Post
Thanx urban... have u joined for "17?

College Football > megalocks > View Post
Anyone on here joined or planning on joining? I always appreciated his threads on covers.. did anyone here join lsst year also and can provide any recomendations. Im looking at steeles inside the pressbox also just torn on what one to buy! Thanx in advance!!

College Football > My Pre Season Top 25 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by UNIMAN:
Traderjoe, we're talking Clemson, Bama, and Ohio State here. Not Michigan. That was the single worst bowl lose in Ohio State history! And I was just having a little fun at OSU's expense. Still am.Penn State's McSorley throws a nice ball right over the outside shoulder.  Doesn't look pretty, but right where it needs to be. But Penn St will need to upgrade their O-line blocking if they want to run the ball against the better teams. They cannot sustain big play second halfs like they did last year, The run game needs to improve. They have the running back, they need better blocking. We'll see.Your "gods team" OSU should be in the drivers seat this year in the Big 10. Schedule works in their favor, the addition of Wilson as OC should improve the offense. We'll see. The OSU secondary will show it's worth against Oklahoma. Not too sure about that secondary yet. We'll see.Right now the Big10 is considered overrated by most and rightfully so. Two playoff shutouts the last two years looks pretty bad.

Hate to be in the drivers seat.... catching wolverines after a year of seasoning at home scares the sh@t outta me... i think the iowa game looks to be a trap and earily Similar to michigans trip to iowa last year

College Football > My Pre Season Top 25 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Boom_Boom:
QUOTE Originally Posted by UNIMAN:
I won't argue you putting Clemson at #2. They look good again but with the lose of Watson and just winning the NC, how hungry are they? If the coaches keep them focused/hungry they could win it again for sure!The perception is this is a biased list as you are a Clemson fan, could be far from the truth but that is the perception.Also, putting Penn State over Ohio State. My perception is this is in response to Traderjoe saying it's Ohio State and Bama and everybody else a distant third due to recent recruiting numbers. A little payback it appears at face value. Again, could be far from truth but that is my perception.I really believe Ohio State is in the drivers seat for the Big10 championship and a playoff birth. They were the least exp. team last year, now they have exp. And Wilson as OC a big +++.Looking at the BIG10's - BIG4, Wisc, OSU, PSU, and Mich. I see Penn St with the worst rushing attack when playing the other three. They had rushing totals of 50, 70, and 122 yds last yr. Yet they won two of the three. I see a little luck there, especially against Ohio State.This year Penn St gets a bye then Mich. at home and next Ohio State away. Ohio State has their bye right before the Penn State game. Advantage Ohio State.....big advantage.Michigan is the team I follow. They will be down a notch this year. And they have more than FOUR road games this year!! OH MY!!Two sets of back to back road games. Wisc and Ohio State also back to back. Wisconsin has it the easiest by far!!! Bill Connelly has them favored every game with at Mich. the lowest % at 53%, and Mich. has Ohio State on deck. The Big10 looks pretty much like Ohio State vs Wisc. for the championship with Penn St a close second in the East and Northwestern a little further behind as second in the West.
Well thought out response Im not biased.... everything I have pretty much ever said about Clemson has been SPOT on.... that is fact...all you have to do is research it. Losing Watson hurts no question.... you can't lose the best player in the country and be's not possible...but with that, Dabo has been building a monster at Clemson. The team is DEEP.... You /this forum/ whoever doesn't have to believe me when I say this... But it's Clemson / Bama...............and everyone else. The Talent and the depth on the 2 teams are heads and shoulders above everyone else.  Penn st to me is a team that is very very hungry.... I think they have a solid QB and I stated before last year.... they have the best RB in the country. Barkley is the best RB in the country and it's not even close. IMO....I like Penn st a lot.... we will see what happens. But as for Ohio st.... if they can't complete a forward pass more than 10 yds down the field then they don't have a shot to compete with the Clemson and Bama's of the world.

I think penn state regresses unless anyone else thinks they will truly be able to just chuck balls up in the air again all game and come down with then more than not... their schedule is brutal and they catch ohio state in a pissed off mood coming off of a bye... a luxury they had last year. Yet lightning shouldnt strike 2 times and no way they get 2 special teams scores again..... did u even watch a penn state game last year? ? The box is one thing but it was quite obvious that psu caught more than a few teams off gaurd. And were totally manhandled by ohio stare all game. Given time to prep and watch film i expect a decent regression out of child molester U.

College Football > My Pre Season Top 25 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Boom_Boom:
QUOTE Originally Posted by traderjoe13:
though bill connelly said it best when he said this"College football isn’t quite as lopsided as men’s tennis — where Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have won 44 of the last 54 grand slam tournaments — but CFB’s still very much in the era of the Big 2.National titles since 2006:Nick Saban and Urban Meyer 7Everybody Else 4It felt significant that Dabo Swinney’s Clemson took down both Meyer’s Ohio State and Saban’s Alabama to win the ring last winter. It was the culmination of a decade-long ascent for Swinney and the Tigers.Congrats, Dabo. Now do it again. You’ve still got some catching up to do."arent orange glasses funnny looking?? seems to me they would be =) 
I understand you're having a hard time with this whole " Clemson kicks our azz every time we play them ".....give it up dude...

No sir... ass whooping aside... last years clemson team wont be stepping on the field unfortunatly. And if u are really saying these rankings arent who will beat who but more public opinion based on last years results. Then why passively put clemsob at 2????? Like nobody will notice and just sneak em in at 2. Wtf. Thats funny. Since they are champs and u surely love to admire dabo and his manhood. Why not put them at 1... i mean they were champs right. Regardless they are again going to. Be Solid Yes. Top 10? Definatly. Top 5?? Probably not unless their qb grows up fast. Long season to find out. Just too many question marks on offense in my opinion. That d line is nasy again though and will keep them close in all of their games.

And uniman.... really???

Since 2002. OSU 15 wins UM 1 win

College Football > My Pre Season Top 25 > View Post
though bill connelly said it best when he said this

"College football isn’t quite as lopsided as men’s tennis — where Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have won 44 of the last 54 grand slam tournaments — but CFB’s still very much in the era of the Big 2.

National titles since 2006:

  1. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer 7
  2. Everybody Else 4

It felt significant that Dabo Swinney’s Clemson took down both Meyer’s Ohio State and Saban’s Alabama to win the ring last winter. It was the culmination of a decade-long ascent for Swinney and the Tigers.

Congrats, Dabo. Now do it again. You’ve still got some catching up to do."

arent orange glasses funnny looking?? seems to me they would be =) 

College Football > hopefully this will end all penn state / Joe Pa compassion/ blatant ignorance... but sadly probably not. > View Post
Sounds like the NCAA had a load of evidence and were prepared to use it at trial

Paterno Family Abandons All Claims Against NCAA

June 30, 2017 4:34pm

The estate of the late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, his son Jay Paterno, and Bill Kenney today voluntarily dismissed their lawsuit against the NCAA. The NCAA did not settle the case and provided plaintiffs with no consideration—financial or otherwise.

“The Paterno family characterized this case as a ‘search for the truth,’” said Donald Remy, NCAA chief legal officer. “Its decision today, after years of investigation and discovery, to abandon its lawsuit rather than subject those facts to courtroom examination is telling. We believe that the powerful record developed during discovery overwhelmingly confirmed what the NCAA has believed all along: the NCAA acted reasonably in adopting the conclusions of an eight-month investigation by Louis Freeh.”

Remy noted the timing of today’s decision by the Paterno family to voluntarily abandon its lawsuit was only hours before the NCAA was due to file a roughly 100-page summary judgment brief detailing the results of years of exhaustive discovery regarding plaintiffs’ claims. He added the decision “represents a total victory for the NCAA.”

“It is disappointing that so much time, effort, and financial resources have been wasted on efforts by the Paterno family in this litigation,” said Remy. “We must not lose sight of the fact that the real victims are the dozens of innocent children abused by Jerry Sandusky. ”

Sadly i have seen plenty of people on covers strongly supporting joe pa/staff/ penn state. Hopefully u now see the light.

College Football > 2017 IMPROVING SQUADS/FUTURES/PREDICTIONS etc > View Post
love the REDSKINS of Miami OH ...... eat it lebetard!!  

College Football > 2017 IMPROVING SQUADS/FUTURES/PREDICTIONS etc > View Post
Yeah id imagine at least 10 which would make this bet not worth touching.

College Football > 2017 IMPROVING SQUADS/FUTURES/PREDICTIONS etc > View Post

What do you think about UGA @+1000 to win the SEC
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