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-Jamaal Charles Over 80.5 rsuhing
-Alex Smith Over 1.5 TD passes

Little extra bonus that will not count against the record.

KC to win by 25-30 points +1000
Will update record later.

-KC -10 (HUGE)
-ATL -7
-BUF/TEN Over 42
-Cincy -3
-Oak +4
-GB -10

Man... its like you stole my picks!! Haha BOL this week buddy!! I really do think that Seattle is very over rated this season. View
QUOTE Originally Posted by EastsideBangers:

I said, i like the Chiefs coaching staff better.
I never said anything about Andy Reid or John Fox

 I remember you from a thread last week when i said that i was on Chicago over Oakland and one of your responses was to say..."The Raiders have a very good defense and Bears have a stinky offense. Would you rather put your money on Clausen or Carr on offense?"
So, last week Chicago had a stinky offense and this week you like them, huh?

You are one of those guys in this forum who spend all of your time commenting on other posters selections without making any selections yourself. How about you start making some selections on your own so everyone can see the genius that is you.

One thing I've learned on covers is that never to spend time on responding to these guys 
Couldn't agree more buddy. All up on KC myself.  View
QUOTE Originally Posted by clubtnt:
scared alex smith, OL allowing league high 19 sacks- 5 more than the next team. bears losses weren't against chumps either and you can throw away the seahawks game. john fox has experience vs chiefs. cutler was unusually poised last game. personally, i prefer my POY or near-POY to be catching points, not giving, especially double digits.

Bears losses weren't against the chumps, but at home and never had chance. Well, against their division GB I guess you can say close until Cutler started choking.  John Fox is familiar with KC, BUT with Peyton Manning under center with Von Miller & DeMarcus Ware. I don't buy coach being familiar with one team IF he doesn't have the talents around him. I just can't see how Bears D can possibly stop this KC offense. Who is going to pressure Alex Smith?? I can not find a single reasoning to back the Bears here...
All over KC myself. GL LC View
QUOTE Originally Posted by suuma:
Agree on everything 

Glad to know your thought buddy! 
Guys.. I am not sitting here trying to convince all you guys nor trying to say I'm right and you're wrong.  Hopefully I am dead on this game but, who knows, I am not the best nor professiong NFL capper here. Just looking at the angles, situations and match ups, KC should easily cover this game. This is the best fitted game I had all season long so here it is.   View
QUOTE Originally Posted by porcelainfist:

Totally disagree. Did you watch any of those games? 

Obviously Green Bay and Arizona are cream of the crop teams this year. The Bears aren't great on D, but they're no slouches either. The Seattle game could not be pinned on the D, the Offense did nothing. Bad Field position all day plus a huge lopsided TOP and the Hawks only score 26 at home when the Offense is SHUT OUT? Not exactly a ringing endorsement for your statement that the D are nothing to be scared of. 

The Raiders put up 34 on the Ravens and turned around and hung another good number on the Browns (27?) Only to put up 20 against the Bears. If you think John Fox is playing around, you may have another thing coming. 

I liked the play before, but this reasoning has me backing down a bit, it might be a no-play, these Bears have Cutler back and contrary to popular misguided belief Cutler isn't just a soul-less slouch.

Not disagreeing with you as Oakland is playing good football. Chicago was on a right spot to take the win. Oakland coming off back to back SU as dog, got Denver at home the next week. As for Sea? Not buying them this year. Well, not until Lynch is healthy again. That game has more to do with Seattle offense not clicking than Chicago defense having a good defense. KC scored 21 points on FG. 7 fg!!!! As bad as that sounds, they had no issue moving the ball against Cincy last week, just could not score TD in the redzones. 

Jay Cutler? Who is he? Lol I have no faith in him whatsoever. He played on the last minute, almost game time decison last week when Bears opened up +3.5 at home without him and game time line didn't move a bit. That already tells a lot of Cutler. 

Bears can load up the box all they want to stop Charles but that only gives wipe open shots to Kelce and Maclin. 
can't remember last time the bears d made me feel like they are improving.. allowed 31 to gb, 48 to az, 26 to seattle. now, this seattle team we are talking about is this year, not last year.  last week was the only week they played decent, against oak. bears d isn't something I am worried about. actually, I have nothing to worry about this bears team!!  thanks for the thought though. 

guys.. I see KC scoring 40+ this week.  KC d is good enough to hold down Cutler and co. to maybe garbage time tds.
Aside from gambling, this woulda been a hell of a game if romo and dez weren't hurt... View
I believe those past 3 losses does not define this team. That is a heck of a stretch for any team in NFL. BOL View
Biggest play thus far this year, possibly the biggest, maybe 2nd biggest play of the year..

Kansas City is coming back home after 2 brutal road games facing red hot Cincy and the unbeatable Packers at Lambeau.  Now they face this Chicago team who has just beat a mediocre but high hopeful, young and talented team on a back to back road game who also has their home superbowl against Denver next week. Situational as some says, gladly took Chicago last week. Cutler played great the last minutes of the game. Cool story. 

Guys.. truth be told, Chicago isn't no where near KC level. Arrowhead is one of the hardest stadium to play. These fans will do whatever it takes to help their team get a W.  Chicago will be hungover with past win and also looking ahead at Detroit next week.  KC's season is depending on this game. In a division with Denver, they can not afford 1-4 start. 

Long story short, KC BIG. Super big. I see 30+ pts blowout by KC. Charles, Maclin, Kelce will have a HUGE day.   

-KC -10

Will add more plays for this game come game time.
Just at a glance, something is telling me Den blowout.. have not looked at this game yet but now I need to consider you are on oak!! GL this week buddy! View
Thanks Mac 


Den -6.5
Starting the week 0-1. Time to catch up.

Already locked in car/tb Over 39

-Indy -9.5
-chi +3.5
-wash +3
-SD -7

Will add more tomr. Waiting on some movement. BOL!!
BOL this week buddy.  View
QUOTE Originally Posted by DAVIDN:
wmi799 - 


*Weather should play a role here.

FYI I live in Charlotte, 20 minutes away from the stadium.  Just little cloudy, chilly, not much of the wind, great weather to play some football.  Doubt weather will be a factor here.  GL this week buddy
Coming off of a horrible week going 4-6.. on to this week...

-balt/pitt Over 44

I think Vick still has something left in him. Just enough for them score 3td +.  I see both teams scoring in the mid 20s, maybe with some bs last minute tds or whatnot.  BOL!!

wanted to lock this one in now. 

-car/tb Over 39 (bought .5)

Carolina defense is banged up.  TB defense is a joke.  I feel like this might be a shootout, both teams scoring within the range of 30 points. Cam is playing lights out, Stewart should run all over the place.  Line is just fishy so won't take the side.  
I have every angle possible that is pointing to take bears this week. BUT 10 possession 10 punt. Jimmy Clausen. I'm pretty sure Forte will do all the job but man... just can't trust Clausen what so ever.. still trying to decide whether to lay money on the Bears or not but without a doubt, Bears or no play. GL this week View

-Sea 1st H -9.5

Horrible day so far...

-stl +1
-dal +1
-clev -3 (bought .5)
-ind/tenn Over 46

BOL!! May add one more. 
Thought you only do NBA!! 

Teams before London games are 6-14 ATS.  Just not sure how Bills offense are going to handle this stout Miami defense.. BOL. Most likely staying away from these two games.
Thursday Night Football

-NYG 1H -2.5
-NYG -3

1st half bet is just a security bet as Eli might just choke again. BOL
With you on stl and dallas.  Too much hype on this atl team and going to face dallas that just lost their top 2 players and line is 2????? It says trap all over the place.  I feel like dallas will run all over atl defense. Gl View
Loving the rams play.  Rams should get home and bounce back from last week. Pitts in terrible spot.  GL View
On the other side, AGAIN!! GL buddy!! One of us will be happy  View
Wanted to lock couple of these plays in before line changes.

-NE -13.5
-NYJ -2.5
-Indy -3 (bought .5)

Most likely will be on stl, dallas. Waiting for better line.  Got too many plays this Sunday which it kinda scares me.. Will be back to post more.
Oakland put up a good fight last week and now they are some kind of contender BUT what we learned last week is that baltimore isn't a good team without Suggs.  Oak doesn't have a chance against good defense as I believe Cleveland has one of the stout defense in nfl.  I took oakland last week and also considered ml but just couldn't pull the trigger on ml knowing Suggs was out.

As bad as putting money Johnny Manziel sounds bad, putting money on oak on the road sounds worse.  I have this game Cleveland winning comfortably, dd win. GL this week. Just wanted to give you my 2cents 
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