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General Discussion > Black people want Santa and are mad at Megyn Kelly > View Post

What a pathetic and hopeless race of people.

Its just sad. Next thing they will be mad the Easter bunny is white.

General Discussion > betting against yourself > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by HutchEmAll:
Another option to help you pull out a slump is to bet every baseball game when the line closes at -215.  But you'll have to wait a while to implement that tool. 

How the hell are you going to bet a game that closes at -215? You won't know it's going to close at that line until the game starts and by then its too late.

Great strategy, moron

General Discussion > Planet of the Apes has began... > View Post
Thought planet of the apes started the moment Lincoln freed the slaves

General Discussion > JFK Assassination > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by HutchEmAll:

A jury who saw the Zapruder film frame by frame does not agree with you. 

And I am a gun owner, but I am not an expert as to how a human head reacts to being shot. 

And how do you know his head was flinching forward in agony?  

A person shot him from the front with a rifle.   What credible evidence is there to support that?

A jury, that's your evidence? You're even dumber than I thought. The same type of jury that let OJ and Casey Anthony off...............that's your smoking gun?

You'll believe that over physics? The impact explosion was on the FRONT. His head AND his body jerked backward after the shot.

You'll all excited about 3 inches, but completely neglect that his whole body jerked backward which is beyond  the realm of physics if he was shot from the back.

Do yourself a favor , tell someone that majored in physics about your "jury" theory....and be prepared to get laughed at

General Discussion > JFK Assassination > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by 165yds:
I find it hard to believe you think it's a lone gunman after all the evidence Hutch. 

He's one of those people that believe if the government says it, it must be true. Sheep is what most call them

Boxing > Brandon Rios +325 vs Pacman > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Jerseyboy89:

i have sources close to his camp and they all claim he barely does any roadwork.  

You're an idiot. He was just doing roadwork the other day have he took a blood test

General Discussion > Gambling ruined my life > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Messier-11:

dumbest post of all time

You couldn't be more ignorant. Why are people only addicted to fun things like gambling,drugs, and booze then? Why isn't there a huge problem for people are addicted to eat healthy, working out, and going to school for degrees? Because those things arent fun.

Its not an addiction. People like doing it, you're not force to. If you believe it's an addition, you're just plain stupid

General Discussion > North Dakota > View Post
Who the hell would want to live in North Dakota? Might as well move to Iraq

General Discussion > dog owners who dont clean up after their mutts > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by sindy:

  If they can't pick up after their dogs they shouldn't have dogs. 

By this logic, if people can't afford kids,they shouldn't be allowed to have any. I guess we can get rid of food stamps, WIC, and welfare now.

General Discussion > Gambling ruined my life > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by pjrez:

This is an idiotic response.  The fact that it is "all in his head" is what makes it a disease.  Nothing different than booze or drugs.  People can't put that bottle down just like some can't stop chasing that first dollar they ever lost

People CAN put the bottle or drugs down, they just choose not to. The fact that many people have done it cold turkey proves that addiction is BS

General Discussion > Gambling ruined my life > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by FrozenTundra:

bang on!

It's not an addiction, it's not a disease. This is all in your head. Just quit, stop. It's not hard, just don't bet. No action, ever, period.

I quit long ago b/c it took too much time in the evening and life is about balance. Now with a serious girl, kids, house, friends, there is no time for it. So I stopped, cold turkey. No therapy, no sessions.

I know spend 500 on fantasy football every year to keep me engaged in football and nhl. I also bet 2k/yr vs a buddy and we pick 4 games a week. Whoever has the best record at the end of the year gets the 2k. Both these options reduce your time, limits any gambling as it's fixed, but keeps you into the games.

So look in the mirror, really look at yourself and say "I'm suck at sports betting and have lose x amount in x time. If I don't stop now will anything change." Just stop. life is hard enough, no need to make it harder by gambling it away.

This guy gets it. Its not an addiction; its a choice to gamble. Addiction is just a word people use so they don't have to take responsibility for their actions . NO therapy or GA is going to help you unless YOU decide to quit

General Discussion > thinking about investing in the WWE......good or bad idea? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by MoneySRH:

I've been a diehard wresting fan for almost 30 years. .

Wow, just wow.

General Discussion > Gambling ruined my life > View Post
I recommend you start learning from your damn mistakes and start winning. Stop chasing, stop betting to much of your bankroll per bet, stop "capping" and set up a math model. NO ONE that bets for a living caps games. They run numbers and bet according.

If you can't kick the habit, why not let it improve your life rather than ruin it?

General Discussion > Interesting Story about Union Retirement... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by HutchEmAll:

Retired at 63.  How many people are able to do that nowadays?  I probably won't  My dad worked for the State of MN and retired at 70.  It's called reality.  

My father retired at 49 and never worked another day of his life. He paid cash for all his vehicles and toys. He bought a cheap house when he was 20 and moved up into a better one every ten years paying cash for the difference until he purchased the house he currently lives in. There is NO reason that anyone should ever have to work until they are 60 or 70.

Dad was just a factory worker and mom never worked a day of her life and we had more than most two income factories because they didn't waste all their money on CC and mortgage interest. The problem now days is people want the 250k house when they are 22 and pay 750k for that house by the time its paid off. Then, they pay car interest and CC interest and never get anything saved up.

The reason people work till they are 60 or 70 is because of greed, not because they "have to."

General Discussion > Has Anyone Heard of the Game "Knockout" > View Post

Should have left them as slaves

College Football > If you bet against Baylor -16.5 tonight... > View Post
I'll make sure to bump this thread after the game is over

College Football > Week 11 Money > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by WahooS:

Hey man, hope all is well, my feeling is that come tomorrow night you will be regretting that decision of a double bet, Baylor is going to spread that defense out & put on a show, OU will get their points with their running game but it won't be enough in the end to win or cover, not in my opinion

I think comparing this game to the KState game is where many cappers will go wrong, it's a much different situation & will have a very different outcome

but much like when you told me not to bet Tulsa against Bowling Green (you owned me in that one) I'll be around after the game, if I'm wrong I'm the first to admit it & it happens often, just not very often when I go Large

Best of luck bro


All is indeed well and thanks for mentioning it. I hate to be one of
those people that says I'm too busy to stop in and give thoughts weekly,
but it seems 2-3 weeks go by in between my stops.
I think Snyder showed the blueprint to beat Baylor--pound, pound pound the ball--and Stoops should follow the same plan. I don't only
believe Baylor is overrated; I think the same about OU. My numbers say
this is a very even game. Baylor has beat everyone they should beat this
year and nothing more.
I've been wrong plenty of times and this
very well could be one of those times ,but when the numbers and talent
say bet, I must do it.

One of us will be happy tomorrow night but no matter what the outcome I will still be back next week (at least try to) for more discussion.

GL tomorrow, sir.

College Football > Week 11 Money > View Post
Can't agree with the Baylor play, Wahoos. I'm actually on OU for a double bet. Baylor is very overrated .They have no quality wins this year and their best win is over a weak 4-4 KSU team. Their defense is highly suspect and gave up 445 yards a Wildcat team who most would say have just a mediocre offense. If you watched that game, they were lucky to walk away with the win. I expect OU to push that D around all night. Not only do I think OU covers the 14.5 easily, I won't be surprised if they win SU

Mixed Martial Arts > Machida -350 is too low > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by esplanade:
  For your sake I hope he does, but it's definitely not an insightful, creative, or brilliant pick.

not an insightful or brilliant pick.

was over in less than a round

Munoz didn't even land a punch in the fight.


Mixed Martial Arts > Machida -350 is too low > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by esplanade:
Gotta laugh at guys acting like they're going out on a limb picking Machida. At that price, he needs to win almost 80% of the time to b/e.
For your sake I hope he does, but it's definitely not an insightful, creative, or brilliant pick.

Gotta laugh at the morons that think Munoz is a top 185 pounder.

He beat Boetsch

Everyone that just watched the fight knows Dollaway did too.  Maybe Dollaway is top 10

What a tool

General Discussion > Fat People > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by depbmoc:
Crash, you claim to be a doctor. I am also a physician. Do you not understand that compulsive over eating is an addiction just as alcoholism or drug addiction or smoking is ? Ever wonder how COPD patients continue to smoke when they are oxygen dependent ? Carbohydrates and processed foods are just as addictive as opioids.  What kind of physician are you ?  You don't seem very compassionate , I hope you are aradiologist or pathologist . 

Addiction is just another way of saying "I don't want to quit."  People are lazy, undisciplined, and don't want to work at anything these days and idiots like you call it an addiction so that they can have an excuse for their ignorance.

General Discussion > If you love your dog, then STOP buying these... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by canovsp:
The products we are buying from China don't seem to have a great track record.

Pretty stupid statement since most of the things we buy come from China. Where do you think Iphones, TVs, and most car parts are made?

General Discussion > Random drug testing in schools... for or against? > View Post
All the potheads in my school ended up working at McDonalds, Walmart,or being unemployed. All the drunks went to college and ended up in a successful career. Yeah, lets smoke pot.

General Discussion > Top 3 Hottest Women > View Post

College Football > Week 8 Money > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by tlml1899:
An FYI for anyone betting Florida-Missouri. Watched this Maulk kid his junior & senior year in the state playoffs. He ran a Texas Tech style 5WR spread in college so he's custom to throwing it around 50 times in a game. He broke most of the national records for passing while in HS, but I know that doesn't mean much.He also scrambles and runs very well and like to put his head down to run over people rather than slide (at least he did in HS). What I'm saying is don't sleep on him and go all in on Florida based on them playing the backup QB

Easy win. The Florida offense is putrid

General Discussion > How safe is your bank account? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by ShootDaClubUp:
Not to worried only a few g's in their at the moment 

That's really something to laugh at, dipshit

General Discussion > Candy Crush Saga > View Post
Jesus Christ people, get a life

NFL Betting > if your taking hawks -4 or -5.. in the great words of walter white... tread lightly > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by radiobam:

when ur fading the public on RLM how the fuckkkk can i walk into the trap?

You dumb SOB.....

College Football > LMAO @ this rigged game > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by its_1999_my:
At least it was entertaining  

It's always entertaining losing your behind, isn't it?

College Football > Explain this one? Line goes from -4.5 to -3 and then home team blows them out? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Thesicilian0ne:
Tlml relax. I guarantee i've wagered more money then you've made in your lifetime. I agree with Mega. Lines don't drop to key numbers for no reason.

You're an idiot
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