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First. Alabama will NOT Lose View
This game goes over and the Giants will cover, If Not win View
what? View
Tough Weeb. Your taking the -1 to offset your loss. The Cubbies and Lester are +150. Thought after everything, you wouldnt steer this normal rookie the wrong way.  View
Giants ML View
stop!!Lester is +150. The LAD will “NOT “ win by 2 View
Can jbost please give us some insight on tonights game View
I think that you don’t have a clue. If people agree. Type Amen View
Jbost77. You are pretty funny, I think. Yet, I have been around a while and I fund it 100 % funny that you already know the Windians win at home game 5. Are you so sure?? Who has “ALL” the Momentum? Who has “ Nothing to lose? I will not bet this game. But stop being so surprised about peoples plays , Im more shocked that you know the Windians win game 5 (two) days before the game. Kudos to you, You sir are a genious. View
How about the Astros and Stupid Hinch?? View
HEY - double. Stop with your stupid theeads! The Astros won the series! And Now you start a thread about tue Cubs with Schwaber. Grow up View
Ok. Stop with your rant that Baseball is all luck. First, there is no crying in baseball. And that's all you been doing ! Second- All luck. I bet you can't hit a 90 mph fastball or a 78 Mph changeup. Did you watch the NBA game the other night when Memphis was up 10 points with 7 seconds left against the Knicks ? He dribbled the ball out until .03 seconds and hit a mean less 3 pointer to cover Memphis 125 spread. No reason to shoot. No reason he even made it . All luck to. It's sports- garbage happens. You been around long enough. Act like it View
Keep killing it View

Posted: 4/4/2017 12:03:13 AM
Funny how all his losing tickets start with 434
But winning ticket less digits and none start
With 434
Maybe some cut and paste action
off another site 
Are you brain dead? He always posted his plays before the game!
What system ??? 0-3. Shall we call it(you suck?)
Look forward to you being 0-2 tomorrow. Don't try and watch n it back. It will eat at you 
What's your starting bankroll?
Risking $4,000 to win $2,000? Seems like suicide Poppa. FYI- The Braves are for real this year. No play on -200 Team for me. Lessons learned 
•••• The Above quote seems like a "Guilty " conscience! But, who cares. What does that Long paragraph have to do with today's games? This site - has gone to s h I t  View
***** Marlins Risking $200********* View
YTD 0-0
  1) Marlins +195. / Risk 20
  2) Pitt/Redsoxs over 8.5 Risk $200
  3) Phillies +110 Risk $200
It's only 2 games into the season. View
Game 2. Trevor Bauer or Jake? Jake + money? Hmm. Vegas- will have everyone saying "trap", Indians go up 2-0 . I will say- I do no research. JK- But, I'm going $500 on the Cubies. Cubs win game 2. BOL View
Game 2. Trevor Bauer or Jake? Jake + money? Hmm. Vegas- will have everyone saying "trap", Indians go up 2-0 . I will say- I do no research. JK- But, I'm going $500 on the Cubies. Cubs win game 2. BOL View
Cubs will win this series against SF. Madbum is amazing, yes. Cueto will pitch well . But Sf will have to use that dreadful bullpen a lot this series. Kris Bryant- Flower-Rizz will take it from there View
Good luck buddy View
Seattle -2.5
Tenn +4.5
Arizona -7.5
Why not report all the black on black shootings in Chicago? Over 500 dead this year. Where is the media on these crimes? It's obvious NOT all black on black lives matter only the shootings with the police . However, I'm not supporting any of these killings. Let's get the stats right. Why in NC are the protesting but commiting crimes of looting? Breaking store fronts to steal sneakers and etc. these are crimes . Can they get away of this bc of the riots. 2 wrongs don't make a right. More crime has been going on in NC since the ritos started. Protest in peace and your point might get across. Am I crazy for thinking like this? View
I'm looking into games late night now. Thoughts and opinions are always welcome. At first glance, I see the The Panthers winning and covering. I like Pitt big. I like Jax as well. . Stay away from Wash/NYG game. 0-2 team against 2-0 team, division rival. Pass. Also, if I can get Arizona at -3. I'll take it. Will update after I do more research in the morning. View
Based on this. I'll take Balt. Thanks View
Baseball is a joke? Ok, I don't you can even hit a Triple A fastball. Forget about the curve or slider. What a joke View
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