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09/25/2017 Why is Trump wrong? artiemode33 12
09/25/2017 The GOP is so blatantly corrupt and disgraceful they are giving Trumpcare handouts to NO votes scalabrine 10
09/25/2017 Trump once again complains about crowd size and fake news...while CNN literally provides real news scalabrine 16
09/25/2017 PRESIDENT TRUMP to NFL: "YOU"RE FIRED!" DoctorSuccess 86
09/24/2017 Hoody's 2017 CFL Football Power Rankings hoody 64
09/22/2017 Only during a Trump presidency: White supremicists scream "White Lives Matter" with mock torches scalabrine 269
09/21/2017 TRUMP TAKES ON GLOBAL ELITISTS Crusher13 33
09/21/2017 The UN Speech by President Donald J Trump sundance 11
09/20/2017 Obama NSC Adviser Admits Seeking Trump Aides Identities in Intel Reports zelo123 3
09/13/2017 I find it curious there are not 5 outrage threads today about the debt ceiling wallstreetcappers 36
09/13/2017 Hurricane Harvey decimates Texas. Hurricane Irma bulldozes Florida....Trump's Agenda? scalabrine 26
09/07/2017 Corporations are paying less in taxes and our debt is exploding ClubDirt 16
09/06/2017 Buffet Addiction... DiverRon 61
09/03/2017 Sheriff Joe Arpaio wins pardon from Trump zelo123 117
08/30/2017 Trump rolled back federal standards to flood-proof infrastructure projects a few weeks before Harvey ilsp2003 4
08/29/2017 Fix was in.. HRC knew skoda 4
08/29/2017 Obamacare Health Insurance Tax sundance 6
08/28/2017 Police, Sheriffs Applaud Trump for Lifting Military Gear Ban zelo123 2
08/26/2017 no wall nature1970 31
08/22/2017 Antifa: A Terror Group Slobbasaurus 57
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