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MLB Betting > Red Sox > View Post
great insight on the bullpen...zeigler,koji,kimbrel all on rest. 

this line should be at -185

lets get it golden goose. 

MLB Betting > Red Sox > View Post
Sox should win today, ace on the hill. Can gain on Jays and Orioles with a win. Like the line below -150.

MLB Betting > Anybody on Seattle? > View Post
Like them in this spot. Thoughts?

MLB Betting > Ivan Nova Got smashed last time out...Bats are awake road game..ticket included > View Post
Other way. On Sox. Good Luck

NFL Betting > The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.. > View Post
There Defense will be the key this year. They have some great players on D that need to step it up, i think Winston can win. Can see them being a surprise sneak in wild card team. Absolutly.

NFL Betting > Week 1 picks > View Post
Like the Vikings play myself

NHL Betting > NHL futures > View Post
All over the Caps this season in the East.

In the west i still have to say Ducks.

MLB Betting > Sunday Afternoon/night 5 > View Post
Dodgers -150
Giants -207
Braves +125
Angels +105
Pirates -170

pending: rec sox -110

NHL Betting > Patrick Sharp traded to Dallas > View Post
I like the Stars to make the playoffs this year. Think they will sign another d-man. And make playoffs. 6,7,8 slot.

MLB Betting > Red sox - > View Post
Was all over them today. Love them today. Lets hope they keep this lead. Miley looks good.

im hoping Sweemy has something up his sleeve, to clear some space and get a scorer up fron to go with Krejci.


Very pissed about them moving Dougie. Kid has all around game and is still young. Has potential to be cornerstone D for a great team. Understand that Bruins are hurting bc of cap space, but you need to move others before him. Like you said Smith (awful contract) Kelly needs to go. Don't mind Looch going, as long as they find Krecji a line mate he can set up.

Im giving Sweeny the benefit of the doubt. Wait till the roster is set to grade him. But this year looks like a bridge year till they can get that Cap Down,

Website Promotions > Twitter > View Post
I have been find alot in insight from handicappers and regular people on twitter about gamss. I started my own and will be giving picks and insight away in there. If you want to follow along thT would be great.

My twitter name is @MGULL

SeaGull Picks lol. I follow back so hopefully we can exchange some good insight. Thanks.

NBA Betting > Celtics ML > View Post
Going to be a homer and take the C"s ML -155. Dont see them dropping this game after a disappointing loss to the Kings friday night.

Need to finish the week on a good note.

Also taking the Over 1 1/2 rounds in the UFC Frank Mir fight.

GL to my fellow Celtics backers!

College Basketball > Kansas > View Post
Anybody see Kansas having any trouble today. Think they get the W easy. Just seeing if anybody else is on them before i unload.

Tennis > Pissed > View Post
That i didnt put more on Serena. That Pova had a small chance to pull out the upset and kept me from dropping more on it. Oh well, win is a win. Its great when you can make money when you cant sleep at 4am. Oh tennis is on instead of sportscenter...lets bet it baby.

Joker gets it done next?

NBA Betting > Suns > View Post
anybody on them tonight? Like them in this spot. -7 to high maybe?

Also leaning on the under.

Any thoughts on this?

NHL Betting > Thursday Card > View Post
Dallas -1 1/2 changed at my book to -310 so im going to with Dallas -1/2 regulation only for +145

NHL Betting > Thursday early looks > View Post

Love Dallas tonight as well.

NHL Betting > Thursday Card > View Post

Looking over Thursdays card: What I like so far.

Isles/Bruins Under 5.5  - Bruins 1st game back after break think they'll come out sluggish. Halak and Rask. Can see a 2-1 3-1 type game here.

Flyers -105 - My book has them at -105 see the line go back to the Jets. Like to wait and see where the line goes before game.

Tampa Bay -1 1/2 +190 - Like this a lot. With Petr Mrazek in net for the Wings I can see Tampa taking this game easy, even if the wings have been hot of late.

Panthers -160 - Line is a bit high for me I think but I think they win this no problem. see were the line goes as well.

Dallas across the bored. -115  1 1/2 +250 and the Over 5.5

Rangers/Habs Under 5. Always seems to stay under with these 2, probably throw a little on it.

Just for shits and giggles because im in a betting mood today... going with AWAY Goals +2 1/2 for -110 at my book.

Looking through everyone's picks on here. Good luck tonight fellas.



College Basketball > 'pre' system week 2 > View Post

NHL Betting > Bruins/Avs > View Post
Have have an up and down season this year, dont post much. Mostly about my Bruins.
Knew they were going to get hot after having a bad month or so. So that leaves us with tonight, last game before the all star break.

Im on the Over 5.5. Think Svedberg will start for the B"s. And hes a great backup. I just think there will be alot of scoring tonight since they only put up 3 and Tukka only let up 1 against the Dallas offense.

Like the over 5.5 action it to the Bruins.

Avs have not been the team the could be and line is off IMO. Thought it would be higher on the Bruins end, but backup goalie and them playing last night i understand.

Anyone have any thoughts on this game? My fellow Bruins?

Over 5.5 action Bruins -115

Goodluck to all you guys tonight in whoever your on. Great sport of hockey.

NHL Betting > What's Wrong With Boston? > View Post
Needed that win against Pitt last night. Waiting for them to get hot, which i know this team is capable of doing. They will be there come playoff time as long as everyone stays healthy.

NHL Betting > Monday Funday > View Post
as a Bruins fan, stay away from them tonight. Can see a let down coming.

Fantasy Sports > New RB advice > View Post
Gio Bernard is out for me this week. I have Rinnie Hillman in one slot but Sankey is on a bye, Rashad Jennings is still out. Very thin for RB. Who do i pick up off the waiver wire that might give me the best chance for some points?

Deep leaugue so there isnt much.

matt asiata
Peyton hillis
Alfred Blue
D thomas on miami
Chris johnson
Jones drew

Luckily im playing a 1-7 team but cant afford to lose this week as i am 5-3.

Your thoughts are needed this week...thanks fellas.

NHL Betting > 3 for Thursday > View Post
Throw in my Bruins for the hell of it. Dont really like them in this spot but ill roll with them.

NHL Betting > 3 for Thursday > View Post
Tampa Bay
NY Rangers

Lets get it!!!! GL Fellas.

NHL Betting > Thursday 10/09/14 > View Post
On all your ML picks except for the Ducks. GL. Lets get it $$$

NHL Betting > Rangers with out a doubt !! > View Post
All over the Rangers. Lets get it!!

NHL Betting > Opening Night > View Post
Love it. Finally hockey is back. Only 1 i like tonight.

Vancouver -115.

Staying away from my Bruins tonight.

Good Luck this year fellas!

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