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Jags 3 straight road games. Dont know exact %, however, teams on 3 straight roadies have terrible record. View
Give up 50 a game. Couldnt stop new jersey high school team View
Rockies have no shot at team run. May not even get in. View
Astros are a auto fade as are Dodgers first round exit in playoffs. Bank on it. View
Have to believe Dodgers right ship today. Dont see them getting swept 4 games to Phil's. With that said they are 5 wins and 20 loses in last 25 games and i dont see them winning more then 1 playoff series if that. View
it will be cubs or nats representing NL. Dodgers duschbags and rockettes are fugazi. View
Pirates are hopeless at bat. Nobody can be this bad . If i ever seen a team who quit and just wants to go home this is it. Keep riding against them there are 11 games left. They wont win 3 View
Dont like game. Tigers are in for many lean years. A bad and old baseball team View
Pirates lineup at this point of season is worse in baseball. Cant score. Last 3 weeks have been epic. View
Ranger offense is 1927 Yankees compared to pirates. Pirates cant score and you cant win Without scoring View
Bottom line is pirates have worse offense in mlb. Lineup full of scrubs View
Pirates cant hit. Dreadful View
This team flat out stinks. Need a total overhaul View
Absolute no show in Minnny this weekend. Been terrible since break. View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Og_wally:
Damn mets come on!!!!!!

Crazy. Conley is a career bum. Era over 5. Gets bombed weekly. However, vs mets he has lifetime era of about 1.50. And thats with over 10 starts.
2 shyt bomb pitchers. Stanton will go deep again. Over 8 1/2 View
If your doing it (laying heavy wood) mainly for fun may i suggest you take up fishing or rick climbing instead View
Rays home, rays better team, and cobb in better form then darvish. Its rays at + $ or no play View
Pirates in the midst of the most incredible total run I've ever seen. Not including todays game they have played 7 unders in a row and 17 unders out of last 19 games. View
pirate's on unreal run of 16 unders in last 18 games. Looks like 17 of 19. View
Pirates have played 6 unders in a row and 16 unders in last 18 games. Over is certainly due just by chance alone. Took it last night and tonight. Hopefully tonight is better then last night. 1-1 in the 3rd.
Indians lineup is terrible. Numbers are ugly.
Lucky to win central then its goodnight
Incredibly pirates have played 15 unders and 2 overs last 17. View
Zero pitching View
Since last year all star break approx 140 games they are close to 45 games under 500. View
Price has been brutal for awhile now. Looks like a shot pitcher. Can't pitch in playoffs. Bosox got fleeced View
Long 4 months ahead for them. Their lineup is bad. Perhaps worst in majors. AAA is empty with everyday players. Tbey are stuck with a couple of senior citiZens and a bunch of boarder line major leaguers. And that is the truth of it. View
Cant win View
Amir Garrett is a cash cow. Bet over and against him every outing. He is very consistent and when picking games thats what you want. Hoping reds keep him and his near 10 ERA in the majors for awhile longer. View
Yup get the feeling. Dont know how brewers keep winning. Roof has to cave in soon. They aren't good. I will fade them religiously after thie series
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