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QUOTE Originally Posted by RantinRave:
This is all hypothetical of course..

A person loses a lot of money to online sports books and this person's local guy. He then decides to take action from close friends and some others. In four weeks he gets cleaned out for 4k. Usually a bad weekend would be -500. He's doing everything "correctly" (i.e. charging 10 cents on the dollar, taking straight wagers only, game and halftime lines, etc.)

What would you do?
A. Stop
B. Continue
C. Other

PS - 50% are known degen's. The other 50% never wagered on a game in their entire life.

The answer is: B. Continue

Unless your bookie buddy is unknowingly booking sharps (highly unlikely) then long term he will get ALL + A ton of money back. If your bookie buddy has a small bankroll then of course losing $4k in a month is a lot, but in all the years I've been around sports betting, I've never seen a guy go on a longer winning streak than 3 weeks. 

That being said, tell him to gut it out and it will pay off soon enough. Most times, the players give up ALL their winnings from the previous weeks in one weekend. 

And if he does want to quit for good, tell him to send his players my way. I'll book their action.  
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