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That's a big day.  Good job! View
I really like Navy here.   The triple option is just so hard to prepare for and emulate in practice.  The Buckeyes will really have their hands full in this one.  Would not surprise me is Navy shocked the world and won straight up. View
I'm heavily leaning temple here.  Will continue to study more.  Hoping line moves to 17, very doubtful though.  BOL. View
I am considering betting texas a&m.  The main thing that I have a doubt about is the defense.  It can't be that much better than last year, and last year it was pathetic. View
first glance, all I see is wayyyyy to much chalk.  I, personally, just don't care for big favorites.  Just my 2 cents.  BOL if you roll with it. View
I like falcons and chargers.  Ive already bet both to win super bowl.  Falcons are 50/1, chargers are 55/1.  very good value here. View
He did get lucky and hit the miracle but why would you make those 2 bets and almost guarantee yourself a loss of 5k,  I don't get it. View

Flatron,  what does being the best corner in the league have to do with acting like a f cuking animal on national TV?  Total class act.

Total piece of s hit, and he confirmed it for the world to see.  Hating the other team and players is one thing,  embarrassing yourself and your team by being a loud mouth scumbag is another.  He doesn't have an ounce of class and sure left no doubt of that fact. View
Sherman is a low life, classless piece of garbage and he proved it for the nation with that interview.  View
niners vs.  pats View
Throws down  a prayer downfield and its caught?  Im sure the fact  that the Denver D is not good has nothing to do with it. View
You think he didn't have possession?  You obviously have money on the panthers. TD for sure View
I hope Chargers pull the shocker.  I put $10 to win $1k for them to win SB.  Bet it before it was even sure they would make playoffs.   BOL. View
I agree with Cantstopwinning,  this is the dumbest post I have ever seen, even saying Quinn's name in the same sentence is a slap in the face.  Luck will go down as one of the best QBs ever.  You see one bad game and won't to say his career's over?  What about coming from 28 down against the KC defense last week,  did that look like Brady Quinn or Peyton Manning?  Keep your idiotic  statements to yourself.  If you were trying to get a rise out of the forum it worked. View
Youre right it is sunny now( 1 hr before kick) but it could be totally different within a matter of minutes the way Seattle weather is. Im hoping for clear weather because I have the Saints.  There is really no way to predict how the weather will be throughout the game. BOL all. View
Mikeyfitz,  they already proved they aren't the best team in the nation. View
FSU rolls by atleast 3 tds.  BOL all View
I love ok here.  Think they may hang around and have a chance to win straight up. BOL View
Man great start,  you are on fire View
The stat that will matter will be the final score when FSU wins by 3 tds plus View
You be smoking some good stuff View
Nice day.  well done! View
I don't see how horns keep it within 4 tds.  BOL. View
I like Navy to run it down their throat.  BOL all. View
Love the Niners here.   I think they are the hottest team in the league right now.  BOL View
On it as well.  BOL. View
Im liking minny also.  GL. View
Marshall it is.  Good luck all. View
Talk all the schedule bs you want,  FSU just dominates anybody you put on the field with them,  Auburn will be no different.  Come back on Jan 7th and talk that smack. View
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