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I like the Cal / Stanford match up Myself  . View
Um I am referring to the upcoming game not the last game . This line is light by a few points .  View
When it's now public knowledge that Manning was hurt and the Colts actually beat a team with a hurt QB playing. Should this line go up based on that . I think it would .  View
I use fanduel , Try out this new one sign up today they have 3 $5000.00 free rolls this weekend they are beta testing now and go live in  2 weeks use my referral and get your own referral to earn some cash. View
Any Ideas. View
You might only get 304.00 back .  View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Jarrett75:
one for $6 the other for $4. The $6 paid $21.30 including stake and the $4 paid $ 14.20. Does that seem right? I know crap about horse racing but placed a few bets. I had a free $10 bet from my book and bet a 6/1 Romp City and it paid $24. They claimed it paid right but I have no clue. This will likely be the end of my horsey betting.

Curious was it a $3.00 box that cost $6.00 and a $2.00 Box that cost 4.00
QUOTE Originally Posted by runwithit:
Hoppertunity 4
Wicked Strong 4

Danza 4
Wicked Strong 4
Medal Count 2
QUOTE Originally Posted by bill1947:


14 = Medal Count , at least that's the number my program is showing,
Why don't you like the 14 to get in the top 3 ? View
Hoppertunity 4
Medal Count 2
Wicked Strong 4
 ejecting of a player bet . Smell an ejecting coming.  View
entering the stadium , Beat down coming . View
This is how they knockout the Seahawks ML and teasers , SAINTS on the ML all the way . View
With you on this one . I got it for 100.00 have a few other things going with them also .  View
Or a Team just has LUCK on their side.  View
Better chance of a team coming out flat after a bye ( Week Off ) . View
QUOTE Originally Posted by BigBlueM:
Im thinking of taking the saints again ML. There defense almost just as good as Seattle def in my opinion maybe better than Seattle def with Cameron Jordan 12.5 sacks regular season also Junior Galette with 12 sacks  . Harper veteran in secondary. Seattle home field advantage is one of the best crowds but if saints jump out to an early lead i dont think it will be a factor. Im taking saints ML and Points for safe. Looking at SD too for ML and Points for safety net. GL 

With you on these , 
QUOTE Originally Posted by SwampThingg:

Same here buddy. For some reason I have just had so much confidence in this team throughout this past month. I was so high when I made that bet and I frankly just saw the light. It was right after they beat the Broncos and with a smile on my face (b/c I had the chargers 1st half, game, and ML) I watched Rivers work the NFL Network crew on their set after the game with his excitement, enthusiasm, and genuine belief in his team, all the while wearing a bolo tie and rattleskin snake boots! It was then that I thought to myself, "wow, Rivers is the fukin man!" I have always hated him because I thought he was a whiny little bitchh. I now realize that he is just probably the most competitive QB next to Brady and Manning in the league and wears his emotions on his sleeve. The man truly lives and breaths winning football games. So it was then that I had an epiphany like breakthrough and thought wow, why the hell not the Chargers? IIn my opinion, they are way overdue for a SB appearance with the teams they have had. I think they seriously currently have the perfect mix. I then checked the incredibly longshot odds and said to myself something tells me that if I don't make this bet right now I will never forgive myself about it and be forever regretting it. Long story short in this case with the odds the way they were I figured, I rather bet it and be wrong, then not bet it and be right. That being said I then threw 2 bills on them to win 17k. So, in the words of Arnold Schwartz: "GO CHADJAHS GO!"

Same here , The minute I starting hearing that the Chargers had less then a 5 % chance of making the playoffs I started betting on them more, I already had them but just couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a good score for minimal cash. Lets keep this train rolling . 
QUOTE Originally Posted by SwampThingg:
how you boys feeling about our little pipe-dream this week? I think this is obviously the biggest obstacle of the potential road to glory. If they somehow overcome the Sheriff in Denver once more, I'm pretty confident we will be home free. AKA I will be confident that the mighty Bolts will be in the Super Bowl and we will be guaranteed some heavy cash.

 In other words, I am feel pretty damn good about it and I like our chances, how bout you guys?

I feel good about it . 
This was me last Sunday -----> 
QUOTE Originally Posted by lancer89074:
Chargers moneyline is a huge play.

I understand that . But in General which will have more be wagered on it . The Chargers + points or the Broncos Money Line this refers to the entire wagering community . I think more on the Broncos ML.
The Chargers + Points or The Broncos Money Line ? View
I got a few of the Saints Chargers match ups also at a couple of books total for about $67.00 , actually I have the Chargers to all the teams that are alive in the NFC and to win the AFC at like 75-1 and 50-1 . Got most of these when the Chargers didn't look to Good. My avatar is one of those tickets for 7.00 . View
I think the pump was primed with the Chargers back about 5- 6 weeks ago when they had less then a 5% chance of making the playoffs . View
That was kinda funny , But still a little classless . View
Been partying since after this game .  View
 That was free money along with the +240 . 
QUOTE Originally Posted by HelloMoto:

Not in a million years what City..?

I haven't found anything to justify the Bungles laying a TD here sans the early start & or inclement weather... help me understand why Cincy is the play here ? b/c they won all their home games in the regular season ? This isn't Seattle there is no 12th man in Chili town 

Chargers did blemish the Broncos home record this year also .
Chargers will start milking the clock on their first possession , They love wearing down defenses .  View
Catch everyone later got to get a nap before these games . GL everyone. View
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