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QUOTE Originally Posted by Da415SKUNK:
So you're  coin flipping hoping to hit that +175? Or am I missing something? Coin flips are 50/50

coin flip?  50-50? +175? are missing something.....
QUOTE Originally Posted by Jeffaces28:

hmmm  Myself and others couldve sworn you posted a "montster pick" for the over in the GSW game. 

first, I do not think it is possible to delete posts jeff.  If there is, can you please tell me how it's done.

second, I have been checking out FF's posts for some time, and I am pretty sure he never has used "monster play" or other dumbass hype language bs for his picks.

There is no way to delete posts, is there? View
agreed on idiotic play calling though, you don;t come back from that far unless the other team helps out View
QUOTE Originally Posted by vanzack:

Yes, just saw the missed FM call.

If they make that call - ATL wins the SB.


offsetting penalties if they call the facemask, still a chance they don't get a field goal, it would have been a 52 yarder if the falcons don't get any yards on the replayed third down
I see the original posters point.  Caps to win series is +194 on the greek right now.

very tempting actually
I believe they got it wrong. infield fly rule was indeed called, batter was out, runs scores, and I do NOT believe herrara was tagged at third, third basemen just tagged the bag... was not a force, should have been second and third one out and a run in

max the answer to your question is yes View
all love Max! View
Has anyone seen an angle right down the line of scrimmage?  It is entirely possible that the helmet of the lead runner was over the line at the moment the ball was kicked.  That would be offsides.
QUOTE Originally Posted by Bluefin:
Goose some guys just don't wanna believe that some work the opening numbers they have no concept any I am pretty sure by my guys reaction that the line moved up a .5 pretty darn quick after my play .He called me some not very nice names while squealing How Much on a buy jeesus I gotta check..

I understand working the opening numbers.  It'S just that the number when you posted on the 15th the number was nowhere near 6.  That's all, I was just asking.
just bought 3-4 points?

1.  seemed clear to me that the extended arm/bat was also inside the box, looked like the bat was directly over the inside batters box chalk line, and absolutely not over the plate

2. time was not called until odor was maybe twenty feet from home and with no possible way for tor to make a play...the "whistle" in no way affected whether he was going to score

3.the announcers  mentioned during the first challenge that there are two challenges per game for each team during the playoffs, rather than just one

4.  no question in my mind the call was correct by rule

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nice hit!

I notice you are posting at night instead of early am lately.
QUOTE Originally Posted by Sterling7771:
Excellent post Carpinteria

totally agree
looks like about 80 degrees or higher at game time in colorado
QUOTE Originally Posted by SportsFan9698:
You people are so stupid.

1) Lottery drawing is performed, and cameras record it with video.
2) Video file is then edited for TV audience, and the graphics are added so that it is easy to view and see the winning numbers.
3) The video is aired to the public 

The guy in the editing room messed up... he inserted the winning numbers graphics at the wrong point in the video.

I see... you people are so ignorant that you think the whole production is shot and viewed live.  Freaking morons.

While scal is obviously no bargain, you are by far the biggest idiot/doucheebag/fool on covers.

and your foolish rant is completely wrong
You should be able to move the files you need to a thumb drive (I'm assuming excel)...then can open them on another computer not "upgraded" to windows 10
yanks are 8.5
pitt second half +130 View
I'll take it....... View
always opened his posts

RIP Apache
QUOTE Originally Posted by vanzack:

UConn up to +140 on MB.

Just grabbed it.

Thanks for all of the help everyone.

Go Huskies.

143 now
plus 138 is a great number View
yes it was the delaware wildcats  elena was in fourth grade and it was an eighth grade team

bill macarton was the coach
QUOTE Originally Posted by MaineRoad:

I remember watching Elena play in 7th grade and thinking she'd probably be Sallies' best player. Ever.   Nice kid.  Didn't know about the Lyme's thing.  My sister has it, and it's messed her up, one way or another, for 25 years. 

I don't think Monte Ross could coach himself from Newark to Glasgow, but he's been able to get some pretty good kids to play for him.  I guess on Rt. 896 that's half the battle. 

Am I wrong for wanting the shoot YouDee? 

Elena played on my daughters AAU team....Elena was in fourth grade and the team was made up of eighth graders.....the kid was a phenom at an early age
Maine, that is quality post.  Congrats on your first IAFWANTBOSOIMHM win!
good stuff 

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