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Pro Football > Indianapolis at San Diego (10/14/2013) > View Post
Do you feel Luck(y)?

I always play games straight, no points for my pool and this one is definitely a Indy winner.

Being a local SD homer here are the reasons why I'm routing against my team:
  • SD defense is beyond crap and Indy puts up decent points.
  • SD has a boatload of injuries and the personal just isn't that great to begin with.
  • Rivers knows he has a crap team to play with and tends to phone it in.

You may have noticed I mentioned no reasons particular to Indy winning. That's because SD plays not to lose and if Indy plays to win, they will win. Somebody tell Indy that they just need to keep it close and SD will crumble for them in the end.

College Football > Kent State at Arkansas State (01/06/2013) > View Post
Arkansas is just meant to win this one.

College Football > Pittsburgh at Mississippi (01/05/2013) > View Post
Pitt only has a a couple matching letters in its name, while Mississippi has a boat lode and wins.

College Football > Texas A&M at Oklahoma (01/04/2013) > View Post
Flip a coin and then take TAM, because they like to score more points.

College Football > Louisville at Florida (01/02/2013) > View Post
Break out the slugger and rack up injuries. Louisville has every opportunity here for the win.

College Football > Northern Illinois at Florida State (01/01/2013) > View Post
Florida is bringing in the the towel boy and the guy that mixes the Gatorade. Illinois is not the cat's meow, but there are no dogs left to guard the yard.

College Football > Wisconsin at Stanford (01/01/2013) > View Post
Hey an easy game for the picking, the odds are right for once.

College Football > Nebraska at Georgia (01/01/2013) > View Post
Nebraska grinds and makes corn meal for a tasty meal.

College Football > South Carolina at Michigan (01/01/2013) > View Post
Oh Carolina, why you feel so good? Ok I'll pay you for a good evening, even if the payout is only marginal. 

College Football > Purdue at Oklahoma State (01/01/2013) > View Post
You sure have a Purdy mouth and I'm betting you're gonna be a winner over OK. 

College Football > Mississippi State at Northwestern (01/01/2013) > View Post
M-i-s-s-I-gotta-pee, so someone place my bet for me on Northwestern to win.

College Football > Louisiana State at Clemson (12/31/2012) > View Post
Vhat are you verclemt? Clemson brings more points against a beat up LSU for the win.

College Football > Iowa State at Tulsa (12/31/2012) > View Post
Tulsa plays only good enough to have a chance to win. Iowa State tries to lose and gives the game to Tulsa.

College Football > Southern California at Georgia Tech (12/31/2012) > View Post
Throw poop at the wall and see which one hits the floor first. SC has prettier poop.

College Football > North Carolina State at Vanderbilt (12/31/2012) > View Post
Vining vith Vandy. Vhy? Less injuries.

College Football > Texas Christian at Michigan State (12/29/2012) > View Post
This one is simple for me, no matter who I pick when betting on a Mich State game, I always get the wrong one, so I now bet against on principle and have been more right than wrong. TCU wins.

College Football > Texas at Oregon State (12/29/2012) > View Post
I know the word Texas conjures up delusions of grandeur, but Oregeno-We-Smoke-Too-Much-Weed-State is on too big of a high to be taken down. 

College Football > Navy at Arizona State (12/29/2012) > View Post
Navy brings better ball control and wins this game.

College Football > West Virginia at Syracuse (12/29/2012) > View Post
VW has better weed. It's as good a reason as any to pick a winner in this game.

College Football > Rice at Air Force (12/29/2012) > View Post
This game is like throwing uncooked rice at the wall and seeing which kernel sticks. 

I pick Rice to win for two reasons, first they've been on a winning streak and two, they have a better shot at sticking to the wall.

Pro Football > Atlanta at San Diego (09/23/2012) > View Post
Hello sports fans, sorry for showing up so late to the thread. 

As the resident Chargers homer on this thread, I'm here to tell you this is another win for SD, even if it will only be by the slightest of margins. Take the wins while you can, because this train will soon be tested and possible derailed.

SD's defense is still looking good and the real reason they are a contender this year. Rivers and the offesnse continues, but will be tested. 

The bottom line, SD wins by 2+.

Pro Football > Tennessee at San Diego (09/16/2012) > View Post
Hello sports fans, there are three reasons the chargers will win this game. 

One, Rivers is on the upswing and getting his sea legs back after a horrible last season. 

Two, SD's defense is much improved, especially across the middle and that will keep the game closer, to allow the offense to give it one last hurrah to pull through in the end if necessary.

Three, the team and the fans will be wearing white in honor of Jr. Seau this weekend. The twelfth man will provide the intangible, the underlying energy to make the coin fall in the Chargers favor.

Bottom line, Chargers win by 10.

Pro Football > San Diego at Oakland (09/10/2012) > View Post
Hello sports fans, thank God it's football time again! As the resident Chargers homer on this board, I always have two cents about the Boltz. 

With Rivers looking for redemption from a horrendous season, this game will probably come down to who gets the last interception. SD's offense is still looking a little shaky until a wide receiver steps up and makes Rivers look like a great QB again.

I'm really looking at SD's defense to put in some hard work against the silver and black, especially across the middle.

Chargers -6

Pro Football > San Diego at Oakland (01/01/2012) > View Post
Ps. If anyone cares, I am picking the Chargers to win, since I have to pick a winner in every game in my football pool. If this team has an ounce of dignity left, they will try to suck a little less against the Raiders and win by a field goal.

Pro Football > San Diego at Oakland (01/01/2012) > View Post
Welcome sports fans to this weeks Bolts preview.

In short, who cares.

The long story is the Chargers suck and no one has any idea if the team shows up to play any given Sunday. Oakland is even worse, so do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from this horrible game.

Pro Football > San Diego at Detroit (12/24/2011) > View Post
Welcome sports fans, to week 16's Bolts Breakdown!

In short, Chargers win by 13.

The long story is the Chargers are finally healthy and have a glimmer of reaching the playoffs. It's "any given Sunday" time and that's exactly what Rivers thrives on. So what about the Lions, don't they have any say in this? In a word, no. They may have held up and squeaked out a last second win, against the Chargers of a few weeks ago, but not now.

The only thing that gives me pause for thought, is the Chargers are a little iffy in domes and on fake turf. So the score may be closer.

Pro Football > Baltimore at San Diego (12/18/2011) > View Post
Well sports fans, San Diego has nothing to lose, finally.

In short, Chargers win this one by a 2-3 points.

The long story is that the damage has been done in San Diego. The coach and GM are pretty much on the chopping block, which I think was the players' goal all along. Now that it's been accomplished, the Chargers no longer have a reason to lose and put in a good showing to get the fans back.

Pro Football > Buffalo at San Diego (12/11/2011) > View Post
Welcome sports fans, to another week in our Turd Bowl series! It's sure to be ugly game in the town of fair weather.

In short, Chargers win by a field goal.

The long story continues with more of the same, SD sucks, Buffalo sucks, it's all about who wants to lose the game more, and the fact that the Bills have to travel a long way to get here. There is plenty of public uproar for AJ Smith and Norv Turners heads in San Diego and that will most likely be the case. So the Charger players can now stop trying to lose. With slight hopes of a wildcard shot, they put in a lil extra effort and win against Buffalo.

Pro Football > San Diego at Jacksonville (12/05/2011) > View Post
Welcome sports fans to Turd Bowl 2011!! Don't forget to get your free roll of TP with every ticket.

In short the Chargers win by 7 points or more.

The long answer is that San Diego is done and even though I can't prove it, the players are wagging the dog to get new leadership, and purposely find ways to lose. Though they'll surely try, they won't find a way to lose to the Jags, who really are that bad.

Pro Football > Denver at San Diego (11/27/2011) > View Post
The weather is still pretty nice out here in San Diego, but the ship is sinking regardless.

In short, SD goes down by a field goal.

The fans are in an uproar and even some of the players are tweeting their anger back at the fans, because this Charger team is just pathetic. It's pretty ugly in these parts, add to that a very long injury list, and you can pretty much write SD off. I know Denver sucks, but this is the kind of division game, that gives them a chance to dream of playoffs.
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