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does anyone know what we caltech grads call an mit grad?


a drop-out.

they should pick a guy--no one will be able to vote just once for him. View
ever since you lost your avatar your picks have suffered greatly. View
yeah, but remember so many of the douches on this site saying their preseason offensive woes didn't matter--now THAT'S funny. View
i'm 7-1 today. View

john mckay was a funny sob and one of the most underrated coaches of all time.  he was a 4-time national champion coach with usc, then took an nfl expansion team that started 0-26 to the playoffs within 3 years.

another of his quotes: "going to green bay is like winning 98th place in a beauty contest with 97 participants".

goose, you greatly underestimate the feds.  they know perfectly well the waste of resources, but are far more interested in EXPANDING their influence, and can accomplish this by any and all 'wars' they declare.  their resources are nearly infinite to do this. View
benched--the eagles were just looking for a good excuse to put in foles.  vick no more has a concussion than alex smith does. View
[Quote: Originally Posted by GraniteStateKid]

I've always loved Rex Ryan... 

i stopped reading after this.
anything can be argued. View
just go with overs--30-21 yesterday (this .was a lower % than usual) View
and today he throws the game. View
where are you getting the 'public' info?  why isn't denver on that list?  what about baltimore? View
BUT, you can always count on rivers to throw a game. View
i believe his point is that you can just bet all overs and come out ahead--so far today over is 15-7.  have to believe the season % is close to that. View

if israel weren't full of person, the us wouldn't give a damn about it.

and i don't know what israelis have to fear--they all know krav maga.

game total is 50 and spread is 40, so idaho total s/b 10.  or am i missing something? View
they're as bad at their job as most people. View
alab is yet another fraud team--there are so many in cfb. View
with just 6 sec left, it only makes sense if the opponent can kick a 70 yard fg. View
your louville bet just exposed you. View
even if you didn't post it--just curious. View

saw her on fox college football show last night. she reminded me of a young eric dickerson.

btw, she also plays on defense. 

well, the only way this could be a 'trap' is if the game is fixed.   and maybe it is, but you cannot believe in one without the other. View
when they checked into the hotel wouldn't the cards have been charged then?  so there would be no need for them anymore. View
and the difference between garbage times is that brady is leading and rivers is hopelessly behind. View
i said, "peyton CAN excel with crap".  that is the present tense--as in this season with a mediocre corps of bronco receivers. View
a master's in psychology is like an associate's in music. View
no such thing as magic auto home + numbers. View
how do you get 9?  3+3=6. View
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