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Didn't see much of an angle with a side, but I think the game is well played enough to go over the 38. View
Thought the over myself so I took it. View
Got +4 with the Raiders against the sliding Titans, and took the <44
I think that Raider bet has a good shot  View
Gotta be a better choice of words than 'clash' with those two today. View
Here comes the Tigger comeback  View
QUOTE Originally Posted by emkee:
Er'body on Manly.

On the Tiggers but not betting it.    
Not betting it, but if I had to, I'd side with the Tiggers with those +12.5 pts View
Refs and Rabbits both want the Storm to win. View
Dogs?  View
OzBat  under .....guts.   View
It's like saying Tom Brady earns more than the majority of cricketers. View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Rostos:

Howard earns $25.7 mill a year with endorsements. Dhoni is only $1mill off him.

As I said, Dhoni earns more than the MAJORITY  of NBA, MLB and NFL players. Not the highest obviously, no definitely not. But he earns more than the majority.

Pitting a highest earner because of endorsements against a majority of low earners who don't get endorsements isn't much of an argument.

Still, the culture of corruption in the sport caught my attention years ago.
What a horribly one sided reffed match. No corruption here on Friday night.

10-2 penalty count.
I had no idea about the ratio of endorsements, I was thinking purely in terms of salary. But even then and I doubt he would crack the top 10 in any of the 3 major US sports. NBA, forget it. There's only 5 starters and 2 maybe 3 high earners per team.
Rain come game time.

QUOTE Originally Posted by Rostos:

He earns more than most NBA, NFL, MLB players

I don't think so.  
QUOTE Originally Posted by snake2710:
I think Chooks 1-12 margin could be a very nice play at some good value as well

You're probably right on this one. That being said, I've just been tacking on some NCAA Tourny and NBA basketball teams with 2 team ML parlays.

Hit Florida but missed stanford so add the Suns from tomorrow with Sydney tonight.

Doing a different angle with this one tonight.

Taking Dogs -10.5

Then taking Dogs 1-12 margin to recover about 75% of the cover bet if they don't cover.
Did he actually drop kick that? View
Shitty reffed game. View
Storm look real motivated at home. Not. View
Are the Panthers underrated this year? View
A sighted Storm conversion! View
Storm conversions  View
Strom clinic can't convert kicks. View
QUOTE Originally Posted by rod_steel:

They are playing in Melbourne

I know, just caught it a few minutes ago. I'll never get used to listing the home team on top 
STORM  -10   View
Wet grounds in Penrith come game time.
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