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one more thing. Penn State offense is Barkley . one dimensional and when penn state actually plays a defense and shuts down Barkley yo 100 yards lol they will.lose

penn state run of hail Mary's and huge receiving plays are very minimal tgis season.
first off u have Utah ranked higher than Mich! That's absolutely hilarious. but I'll let it slide

secondly who has Utah played? know one! zona?
teams with a combined 4-8 record. not saying Stanford is a world heater but lets looks at the body of work utah beat shit teams.

michigan beats a 3-1 Florida team in SEC and u still put Utah ahead. all cred goes down drain.

don't take me personal as I think your the man and im just a ranting fool.

but I do make money betting lol and u! so well stick with what works!! but fix those rankings
Strong card.  This Michigan game has me puzzled with the total and line. 

Does anyone remeber Michigan going in to IOWA last year as a favorite of about the same as PENN STATE this week.  IS this IOWA team better than last seasaon?  And is this Penn State team better than Michigan last year on the road?

I think this IOWA team is better and Penn State might be a better road team but how the hell is IOWA getting 12.5 points at home for a night game?

ITS LIKE VEGAS IS assking all the dumb millenial kids to bet penn state while us older bettors know how hard it is to win in IOWA.  

Kentucky seems to be a popular pick

QUOTE Originally Posted by scalabrine:

Yeah, Double the AUDACITY of you to speculate that Michigan is trap bet.

(Pssst. This poster likely isn't even betting the game and if he is, he better put his whole roll on it calling you out like that).

Ok let me make this clear and I know Double knows this from previous posts.  I respect the heck out of him and his plays.  

WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH NOT Agreeing with someone lol.  I'm not personally attacking double I simply do not agree just like week 1 when I said Michigan would beat the heck out of Florida.  Im not some 20 year college student trying to make money SCAL!!!  

I already put Michigan in at -9.5 and yes its a small wager b/c I also think Purdue has earned some cred.  But talent is way off in all areas in this one.  4 quarters of michigan is not MIZZ U or VIlle.   

TRAP bet nah  this is Michigan stock being low low low buy buy buy.
Double your better than this. Michigan hasnt been sharp we all know that but Purdue really come on man. Purdue wont last 4 quarters. remember michigan starts converting red zone field goals to tDs they would win all games much easier. u really think purdue has 4 quarters of foot all.

i would argue air force and Cincy are both better opponents than mizz.

florida greater than ville.

i mean penn state -13 at iowa and we are talking bout tge michigan line.

penn state is super overrated. playing shit teams.

okie demolished pitt.

penn state just won.
dude how can you say 10 things and still not show Michigan som love fpr week 1 win? come.on man they whooped on Florida and u didnt even mention it. lol

PENN STATE is not better than michigan! stop.this craziness! michigan beat this team by 40 and until penn state beats them michigan is still on top. we all follow this strategy every year so how did penn state jump them! tgey didnt u just all fell for.that BS laat year.

love me that Maryland season win total!!

SMU season win total love too!!!

week 2 is a dangerous game and wagering heavy always got me in trouble but i like

nebraska +14
pitt +21
two.dogs gettinf a lot of points over two teams that i put as fakes! penn state 9 games but they have bot recruited like a top.4 team!

cornhuskers gettin 14 points to an oregon team we just appointed king! over reaction lines!

Georgia seemed live at 6.5 7 but now at 4.5 its a no play sharps picked that up
I have no idea why we are all so quick to bet Oregon against Nebraska?

I initially was like hell yeah -10 but didnt take it and then saw the line go to -14 and jumped on NEBRASKA!  My thoughts are simple Nebraska had a much better week 1 opponent and offensively look like they will be able to put up points.  

DO WE REMEMBER how pooor Oregon defense was last year?  Do you really think they are that improved?  NOT ME.  Coaching is easy and I would take TAGGART and His harbaugh coaching treee anyday but Nebraska can find a way to stay inside of 14 pretty easily I hope.  

Oregon recruiting has been bad as well so I just cannot see Oregon beating a Nebraska team by 14 plus!  

THis game can be in the 80's when all is said and done!!!
stupid statement make michigan look better than thry are?

even if you think or dont think this u are dumb! they beat Florida week 1. amd by beating cincy it tells us nothing. beating week florida week 1 only tells us they are good team. look ebttet than they are makes no sense. thry beat a good team what thr heck makes them look better than they are with that win or cincy win.
If we are gonna ssy florids offense sucked rather than simply say Michigan dominated and looks like a top.5 team im gonna cry lol
michigan physically dominated that game did u see the d line and our o lines in the trenches?

florida is considered a top.SEC team and blah blah blah every year. its insane thry got rocked and Jim M is an awful head coach and he will be fired
If people weren't so.lazy and followed recruiting and simply take the best rexruits with the best coach u would make money.

florida was way over matched with suspensions or without thsi shouldve been a 40-3 type game.

mich can make mistakes like this against penn state or bucks
wake up and smell the coffee. Big for michigan losing players lol Michigan may have a better defense because of speed this year!! View
dominated! shoudlve been 45-3!!! View
Lets all complain blah blah blah

Michigan wins by 20 simple as that.  Dont like it then bet Florida.  I dont know what to say.  Michigan is better team and OBVIOUSLY has more discipline outside of the field as well with all these suspensions.  

You think it over with your money  but my money will be on a better coached team better defensive team and hell better QB teamed.  
QUOTE Originally Posted by UNIMAN:
Oh please, not again!Trojan, go look at these two threads, please.

lol come on man really? I am allowed to cherry comments. your like a little snitch doing that! rememeber snitches get stitches.

NOT a single person has given me any reason to believe florida has a chance instead my comments are the topic. sure they are shitty and bad but hey im.not the one betting a

poorly coached team
less talented team
NO QB team

the list could go.on!!! burn money tools
QUOTE Originally Posted by Trojan_man1988:
Harbaugh can recruit a little bit but the team lost so many starters. Gators D is very good

lol alittle bit? hes recruited better than Florida!!

secondly wake up! Florida loses talent and maturity by losing callaway which puts what level player to take his place?

i believe its a freshman!!

stop with the age shit young bs!
michigan is experienced where it counts!!!

michigan by double digits!
offensively how can we put FLORIDA AHEAD of Michigan?

Michigan QB? flroida qb?
wide reciever?
o lines?

a lot of what ifs for both teams
I have a real question with no sarcasm attached!

for those of us betting this game one eay oe another which positiom groups from each team are better than the others?

I believe michigans d line is better and linebackers I give Michigan edge on both those.

why? Two first rounds d lineman in Gary and Hurst. linebackers I give to Michigan bc Mccray has experience and Bush the new started is supposedly playimg really good for being a soph. fast and smart! word in camp is linebacker play will improve from last season.

? real insight into Florida sqaud?
QUOTE Originally Posted by blowoutgm:
mtp104-If you would speak like an adult instead of a star struck 19 year old fan then you might help your credibility with the Michigan pick. I am on Michigan but it won't be the cake walk that you think it will be. These players are young and it is the first game. That is huge. I don't like Florida's coaching and I think their O-line will be in trouble but we will see. LSU has great recruits year after year but that doesn't always translate into victories and championships. Comparing Harbaugh to Saban is fruitless at this point and time. Saban is a legend- period! (and I despise Alabama and Saban)

blowoutgame what fun woukd it be for me to speak like an adult? i mean seriously! i bet like an adult i dont need to talk like one on covers! ive tried that it doesnt work! regardless of your thoughtful opinion on the way I speak I do respect your picks!
QUOTE Originally Posted by cherokee10:
QUOTE Originally Posted by LETGOPACK1234:
Jimmy, isnt pretty good, Jimmy is great.  
What has Jimmy done to be "great"? Please tell me how many conference championships he's won in the past.

dude just stop! just stoo.seriously! NFL and his college record ia great! Who else has his record between NFL and college u fooooool!
Saban doesnt! he sucked in NFL and NfL is a harder league to coach!!! bet u dont think tgat either!

and if yoi honestly dont think Harbaugh is a gteat coach then what could u possibly think about Jim M Floridas coach? im curious bc he cant recruit like Harbaugh and doesnt develope players like Harbaugh! and he aure as heck doesnt have Harbaugh win% as a head coach!!!

stop with this florida shit just stop
QUOTE Originally Posted by firesox:
OP just made me more confident in my florida ticket.

maybe if.the OP didn't know his shit! Florida tick will be burning!
and u say 8-4 lol come.on dude comicle. harbaugh would be 8-4 with purdue for god sakes View
double dude i respect you like a mad man! love your insight! u are dead wrong on florida man !

why on earth would u bet that large against Harbaugh with his recruits! thats stupid betting bro on such a small number! i mean do.u even l know the quality of players on this team? the depth? florida cant hold anuthing to it! harbaugh and don brown are creating a monster and betting against them week 1 is just dumb!!!!

dont even bet michigan double but please save the bookie your money and dont play florida. and put it on SMU! i know.u like tgat idea!

everything in camp.suggests better offense and no defense.

why does everyone always says u lost everybody? replace tgis replace that.
michigan has better coaching and better talent. its that simple just ask Bama and buckeyes the past 10.years and FSU!

michigan harbaugh has been recruiting very well! oir frosh class of receivers is scary! forget them our defense lime and offensive line are really good! o.line will be much improved and pep hamilton will ve throwing more! im telling u now domt be a fool
Harbaugh year 3 vs Jim M year

are u kidding me Harbaugh all day!!

point 2 recruiting rankings

Harbaugh has better recruits and talent

no brainer Michigan - whatever!!!

florida best weapon out too lol who cares

dont over think this one bc its simple!
michigan talent is still a step or two ahead of pwnn state.

just like i think osu is a half step above michigan in talent.

for years to.come i think we will be seeing penn state Michigan and bucks create the best division in college.

experience doesnt always beat Talent.
i think Penn State is way over hyped. regardless of Phil Steele which i Just read.

I value Recruiting and talent more than experience with average talent level. penn state is gonna let some fans down
can anyone with college football sense explain to me how Penn State will be so.good? they lost receivers and have same QB with gteat RB.

besides the RB and QB i cant name one Stud on that team. they lose to Michigan by 38 fucking points last year. they blow lead against USC and that uSC team was average!!!

recruiting classes havent been on the level of buckeyes or wolverines!!

I saw Pwnn state just throwing bombs last season during that amwzing stretch and catvhing them all.for TDs! it was a great run but u cannot keep doing that and win 10 games!!!

penn state most over rated sqaud! i see a 8-9 win team at most!!
if you really think Michigan is rebuilding you would have been me last year bout ohio state and bama when they lose talent

wake football plans michigan recruiting classes with Harbaugh have been great they arent rebuilding they are replacing with better talent!!!!!!

penn state will be the most overrated team! they womt come close to.depth with buckeyes and michigan

michigan may not win east but -160 juice on bucks doesnt value!!!
perry is ok ans never really been great for Michigan cannot compare to Calloway.

secondly Perry was suspended for bowl game already so he has done his time and probably wont be suspended but he may be
QUOTE Originally Posted by BEAST364:
QUOTE Originally Posted by mtp104:
dude two wordsJIM HARBAUGHstop with this Florida garbage
 He's the reason ill always bet against Michigan , him and his brother are a couple of stiffs as coaches , all media BS

please bet against Harbaugh! stupid comment. y u!
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