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Streak Survivor > Picks Unvailable Due to High Consenus > View Post
Even worse than that is when the only games available will put you over the 7 day limit to make your bet and your streak resets.  =/

Streak Survivor > gantz one win away from $1,000 > View Post
It was a good run.    Enjoy the cash!

Streak Survivor > can't win in Quebec or can i > View Post
The short answer, but Quebec sucks.

The long answer: Quebec's provincial regulatory body for lotteries operates under a different law than the rest of Canada - civil law (code civil). The rules make things more troublesome and time-consuming for companies to run contests in Quebec, so the province is often excluded when prizes are over $100.

What makes Quebec-run contests different?

* Contests must be submitted in advance to a regulatory panel for approval.

* Duties are charged based on prize value (for all prizes over $100). The board has the right to confiscate the prize as needed.

* long notification period in advance of contest launch date

* regulatory board sometimes requires that the company make a partial/full security deposit based on the value of the prize. This is to discourage fake contests, but means that the company potentially ties up double the funds (2x the value of the prize). So a $1000 prize could have them tying up an EXTRA $1000 in funds.

* the board has the authority to force the contest holder to hold in a trust account all deposit monies collected from the public until the prize is awarded. This is to prevent someone from holding a raffle, then running off with the ticket money. Financial records are required and are subject to audit.

All this amounts to a lot of work for companies wanting to hold a contest in Quebec, so some of them exclude Quebecers because it is too much hassle.

Streak Survivor > Receiving Prizes from Covers > View Post
Nice to know this site pays.

I hope they keep doing well so they are around for a long time.

Streak Survivor > mc2010 going for 21 and beyond! > View Post
Has anyone seen any post from mc2010?

A 'got the money guys' or 'thanks for the support guys'.

Streak Survivor > Made a Survivor Pick > View Post
If your pick isn't the same day, I wish they would let you change it.

I've made the mistake of picking a game a few days ahead.   Just have to be more careful I guess.

Ultimate Race > When will the new race begin? > View Post
Let the race begin!

Streak Survivor > Picks Unvailable Due to High Consenus > View Post
Covers is like my company lunches, sometimes I don't like what they offer, but it's hard to complain when it's free.

Streak Survivor > gantz one win away from $1,000 > View Post
that was a $1000 dollar field goal in the last minutes.  =p

Movies & Television > HBO dipping back into Ancient Rome > View Post
HBO's Rome was freaking amazing.   It is must see.

Right up there with Spartacus.

NHL Betting > Thursday > View Post
So, you risked $200 to win $60?  Is that right?

Grats on your win.

Streak Survivor > yankees game suspended > View Post
Wonder who won the monthly streak contest for September considering the first place guy picked the suspended baseball game.

NHL Betting > Going to the Leafs/Wings game tomorrow... > View Post
Good choice!  Leafs were horrible today.

Same ol' Leafs.

Movies & Television > give me your 3 all time > View Post
Kill Bill
Ninja Scroll
Spirited Away

Movies & Television > Its Always Sunny is back tonight!!! > View Post
This is one of the very few shows that actually makes me laugh out loud.

Poker > NY Times article on Full Tilt... > View Post
I bet they will get a slap on the wrist and can retire rich.

Tennis > I am VERY skeptical of Novak Djokovic > View Post

My girlfriend said she was leaving me due to my obsession with the 60's group The Monkees. I thought she was joking.........And then I saw her face
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