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Streak Survivor > Are you above .500 in Survivor picks? > View Post
i hate the fact you want to pick a game and they tell you you cant do to the concensus please remove the pick t

NFL Betting > Friday > View Post
dont under estimate the lions new year new team all 3 qb's  can play remember that in preseason

General Discussion > if big ben was black > View Post
the fact you can call it black or white makes it racism you idiots. why can't everyone be responsible for themselves and not be black or white but just be them.

NFL Betting > Upset of the year or decade............................ > View Post
huge lions fan watch them every week. they cant win on the road!!! no they cant win this week. dont need to either go get the highest pick. that is all thats left to play for.  out!

College Football > BC USC IN GAME > View Post
glad someone other than big ten can see you cant beat usc in cal. refs will give it to them. college and yet cheat. how does the punt not go to bc. 

College Football > SMU/Nevada InGame > View Post
to many bowl games if teams dont want to play NEVADA dont go. how pathetic. if i was the coach i would leave and go to the beach the players dont care why should he.

Gaming Industry - US > Dropping Blodog looking for a new book > View Post
try bet jamaica extremely fast payout. lines are lines everyone jumps on it it moves. closest thing to real.

Systems & Strategies > went 77-0 last winter > View Post
whatever no one wins everyday bullsh--

NFL Betting > vietpicks NFL preseason week 2 ( YTD 0 - 0 ) > View Post
lions +3 and over 38 both teams will score more weapons depth with lions aaron brown is a mad man no one can catch him drew stanton is better than anyone from clev.

MLB Betting > BEST BET FOR SUNDAY, 08/16 > View Post
rough sched sunday would think cards and cubs at home would stay on there roll cubs big fav though but good
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