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NBA Betting > C'mon Spurs don't fuck me too! > View Post

Keep it up.

College Basketball > FUCK NOVA! > View Post


College Basketball > My three team parlay winner today > View Post

C'mon Nova. Looking good baby!


College Basketball > My three team parlay winner today > View Post

West Virginia just had a biiig game against Baylor. I dont see them as the type of team to blowout an upper tier big east team -8 really?That means that W.V. would have to make two 8-0 runs somewhere against nova just to cover the spread.  that aint happening.


Ohio State at home is gonna pound the shit out of Northwestern. Big parity here. Buckeyes win at least by 20 unless Motta takes out Sullinger for any reason late in the second when they are up by 20 to let themcome back  for the crackdoor cover.


Charlotte's a good balanced team. Arkansas isn't so good inconsistant. Too many points..

College Football > Lay the points and Texas > View Post
Texas is a far better team now than what they were in September. Cal is jus happy to be in a pointless bowl game. Texas by a mile.

NBA Betting > NBA two-team parlay winner! > View Post

Spurs -3 over the Clippers

Jazz +9 over Nuggetts

College Basketball > My three team parlay winner today > View Post

Villanova+ 8 over West Virginia

Charlotte +7.5 over Arkansas

Ohio State -18 over Northwestern guzzle them points..


Check my NBA plays.

College Basketball > Wisky vs. Huskers > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by donk:
haha  sorry  its hard not to bet OVER


haha.. guess what. I laid out the key points to this game. bumpity bump.

Pro Basketball > Boston at Miami (12/27/2011) > View Post
If I was a betting man, I'd pound Miami and guzzle the points.

Pro Basketball > Utah at Los Angeles (12/27/2011) > View Post
Lakers choke on my jizz, i mean jazz tonight. Utah straight up.

College Football > PURDUE BLOWS > View Post
Your sister blows pretty good too..

General Discussion > If Christ died on the cross for all of humanity > View Post

Jesus Christ, this thread got hit almost 70,000 times...

General Discussion > ESPN's C'MON MAN! > View Post

Funniest shit I have seen in long time in sports.Love it.

General Discussion > The VERY Wealthy ARE NOT paying their fair share.. > View Post

What took you so long to finally figure this out?

NFL Betting > Hey Guys...Tim Tebow Still Sucks > View Post
No one is talking about Teblow now...lmaoff!!

College Basketball > Wisky vs. Huskers > View Post
are you  agreeing with me chvatalas?

College Basketball > Wisky vs. Huskers > View Post
If I had to make a bet, I'd take the better guard play and break down the rest of the team that would be Wisconsin and guzzle the points. Nebraska isn't that good period!.sparty.. your playing whacked Its low for  reason. Nebrska's offense is ranked 206th while their defense is 61st. Badgers hold teams to 44.7pts a game. so far.

College Basketball > Providence vs St John's... what's going on??? > View Post

I hate on betting teams in the Big East, Big 12,ACC etc... during conference play. Homecourt don't mean shit. Once you think you've figured it out, you get screwed.  And you don't know which team is going to show up game to game.  I make a profit betting on smaller conferences like the OVC or Missouri Valley or SunBelt stuff like that.

College Basketball > Missouri -6 is easily the play of the day > View Post

As I have said it here before, three words that you immediately see in the gambling world means "GO OPPOSITE" are...





NFL Betting > Marino's record going down tonite? > View Post
Brees needs just 300 yards to break it. There's going to be some fireworks..

Movies & Television > Ip Man > View Post

I saw both of the Ip sequels. They don't make good kung fu movies anymore. There are a lof actual real martial artists in these two films made. Great story lines. I have always liked movies with subtitles.  Some stuff is cheezy, but that's how it is now. There's  a lot of good action though. I don't like the overdone technology graphics in most martial arts movies made today. They did a pretty good job though in keeping some of the fight scenes to  minimum. We'd like to think that the spirit in martial arts gives you the power to be super human I guess. Nice fantasy. But I know fantasy from reality. Iron Monkey was good too. Same actor Donnie Yen.

Movies & Television > HULU is TERRIBLE...... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by aaustinova67:
Im a longtime subscriber to Netflix but recently tried out Hulu.....WHAT A MISTAKE.

1. The movie selection is pitiful, even worse than Netflix if thats possible

2. The tv shows available are either a season out of date or has several episodes missing from the middle of the current season..ridiculous.

3. Every time I type in a desired movie, show, or actor it suggests fucking movie clips or trailers...WTF I want to watch a movie, not a god damn movie trailer

There is a HUGE market for online streaming movies and clearly none of the current providers are going to cut it, I hope somebody steps up and offers a better choice, and soon!!!

I agree Hulu is aweful trailor trash ... Netflix isn't that great too. The problems are many as I assume a lot of good movies won't be released to them by the owners who own the rights. It takes a lot of dollars.

NFL Betting > Brees QB stats > View Post
That's why I am pounding the total to go over....He's gonna try his darnest.

Pro Football > Atlanta at New Orleans (12/26/2011) > View Post
I'll cheer for points tonight. 5 bills on the over.

NFL Betting > Whats funny about the end of the Pack game last night.... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by LETGOPACK1234:

Had no money on the game....

What I find funny is how people are calling Lovie a moron. 

The ironic thing is, how many times has your team been down 11 or 10, and the coach could kick a fg with over a minute left and instead wastes the entire clock to get a TD with like 6 seconds left???

Were the Bears going to win???  Maybe a .000001% chance.  But, they needed 3 scores.  Why risk a 4th and 7 when they had an easy fg???  Teams dont care about your bets.

Lovie DID what MOST coaches wouldnt.  He actually did the SMART thing. 

Instead of risking more time and coming away with nothing, he gave his team a chance. 

Its so frustrating when you see a team wasted over a minute to go down to try to get a td and either get no score or score on the last play ending the game. 

Lovie cost the Bears the back-door, but he actually did what gave his team the best chance to win the game. 

This board is filled with threads and comments week after week with people saying "why didnt they kick the fg??  They need 2 scores??"

Well, Lovie kicked the fg and people still complain??

It was a 25 points game in the 4th qtr, this game didnt deserve the back-door

Road to the super-bowl goes through Lambeau


There are a lot of idiots here..That's why its called gambling..

General Discussion > My 1,000th post > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by Jaysvdubwhat:
f u ck you

Aweeee.. What..Santa didn't bring you your Xmas present.?

General Discussion > My 1,000th post > View Post
Xmas day...

College Basketball > LONG BEACH RALLY THREAD > View Post

College Basketball > Xavier -13.5 Best Bet For Christmas > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by Loo-Loo:
Musketeers lost a tough one on Friday.  #16 team in America have all their players back from suspension and need to get back on track after losing 4 straight. Southern Illinois Salukis will be a much easier opponent than Hawaii.  I see Xavier winning by more than 20.
Play Xavier -13.5

Moron! Hawaii is hard to beat on their home turf. All gamblers thinking that the game is really rigged, you better stop gambling before you wind up in the looney bin..

Pro Football > St. Louis at Pittsburgh (12/24/2011) > View Post
Rams  plus the points. Roe.. is hurt still. Steelers just want to get out with a win.
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