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Ultimate Race > next race > View Post
The next race will feature WNBA,CFL,AFL and MLB most likely

Streak Survivor > Denvergreg's Streak > View Post
In this day and age,cheering for someone else to succeed is a bullshit concept

Streak Survivor > NO one will ever win this !!! > View Post

The problem with 1 pick per week is that very few want to wait six months to win $100,000.They have the 25 picks in 25 days mentality,which is why they bang their heads against the wall picking once per day

Now they have another contest that our infinite stupidity makes us think we have a chance of winning in the return of The Ultimate Race.

I cant wait?!

Streak Survivor > I've been at this almost 10 years? Can I get a prize for that? > View Post


the current leaderboard(as of 1/17/13) consists mainly of those copying picks off each other.

Ive clicked on their previous picks and they're pretty much exact

NFL Betting > Any other Lion haters out there... > View Post
I love how just because 20 consecutive #1 picks appear to be paying dividends that they think they can stick their chests out and act as if they're the 1960's Packers,1980's 49ers or the 2000 Patriots.They're a mediocre team with a record that would indicate otherwise.Their victories over Minnesota and Dallas were aberrations,having fallen behind 20-0 and 27-3 respectively.They fell behind CAROLINA(!!!) at home 24-7.Is that the M.O. of a "good team"?To fall behind by three touchdowns just to show what a good comeback team they are?They're trying to remind that town of the 1980 "bad boy" Detroit Pistons.That team,as opposed to this one,had the talent and personnel to back up what they did.This team thinks it's "bad" enough to have their quarterback starting brawls?!!If the local fans,coaches,announcers and reporters were to disregard their bias and be objective,they would admit Ndonkeykong Suh's a dirty piece of s h i t.Looking at the remainder of their schedule,it appears as if they'll finish 9-7 and need help to get into the playoffs.And if,by chance,they do make it into the playoffs,they'll get embarrassed in the 1st round,either of which would be beyond disappointing for a team that started 5-0 and were a 4th down stop vs. SF from starting 6-0,

Streak Survivor > Streak Survivor goes for 24 with GB -10 > View Post

I can accept being screwed by Tom Brady or Drew Brees,but Christian Ponder is a little hard to swallow.

Just remember to give Alberta Pooholes half of the 25K,as his error made it possible for the Rangers to win game 2.If not for that,it would've gone into xtra innings.The Rangers may have won anyway,but his error negated any chances St.Louis may have had of winning in extra innings

That Rutgers game should've broken your streak,too,as their field goal kicker missed 2 field goals averaging 28 yards(25 & 31) and what would have been an 84 yard TD pass was dropped,so your luck was  due to run out.

Anyway,congratulations and be sure to manage it well and spend it wisely

Streak Survivor > jcoby picks Texas for $25000 0 -0 in the 6th > View Post
On second thought,can I have it all in $1 bills.I make a lot of trips to the strip club

Streak Survivor > Covers Streak Survivor contestant 3 wins from $100,000 > View Post
On second thought,can I have it all in $1 bills.I make a lot of trips to the strip club

Streak Survivor > jcoby picks Texas for $25000 0 -0 in the 6th > View Post
3 dimes,a hundred dollar bill and 87 1's

Streak Survivor > Covers Streak Survivor contestant 3 wins from $100,000 > View Post
3 dimes,a 100 dollar bill and 87 1's

Streak Survivor > mc2010 going for 21 and beyond! > View Post

3 in the eighth.Tough way for it to end.

I was expecting more runs from both teams,as Romero had an ERA over 8 against Boston this season,while Lackey had one of 12 against Toronto and it looked as if it would be a shootout when Boston was up 3-2 after 3,but they stalled after that.A Boston error in the eighth loaded the bases with no outs and a groundout and 2 run single later,it was done.

Well,congratulations on the $25,000.Whatever you choose to do with it,do it WISELY!!!!

Soccer > WEDNESDAY 09/14/11 > View Post
Inter Milan lost to the Turkish team that replaced Besiktas because they were banned for match fixing LMAO

Streak Survivor > mc2010 one win away from $1,000 > View Post


It would appear that all you have to do now is pick Kansas S h i t t y to lose against the spread for the next month.



NFL Betting > NFL preseason plays... > View Post

Why one shouldn't pick the over in the preseason

NO-Houston over 41

halftime score 24-14

Final score 27-14

NE-Detroit over 44.5

Halftime score 27-10

Final score 34-10

3rd string QB's handing off to 4th string RB's,chip shot field goals not being attempted so that 4th & 10 may be

What a bunch of CRAP


NFL Betting > Chung Preseason Friday 8/12! > View Post

What assh o l e would take the over on a preseason game?

A) me

B) Me


Streak Survivor > somanyrings 1 pick away from $1,000 > View Post

Best of luck getting to 21,then,of course,25.But the money isn't sent to you until the streak is done,so after you get # 25,just tank one.

I'm sorry I can't suggest anything,but I suck like a crack person on a c o c k and,although you're no doubt doing your own thing,I don't wanna tempt you with a sure loser.

Best of luck and I hope you cash in!!!

Gaming Industry - US > Banned from Moneygram > View Post
Take it as a sign you're not supposed to gamble anymore

NFL Betting > Why did the Raiders kick off to start BOTH halves? > View Post

It's exhibition.

who gives a s h i t

Streak Survivor > alte 3 one away from $1,000 > View Post

Angels won 1-0 with 2 hits LOL.Now for # 19,may I suggest SF over Milwaukee with Cain pitching?Either that or Boston over Seattle,but Hernandez is pitching and I'm hesitant to bet against that guy,even at Fenway.As for the weekend,I'd pick Calgary over Edmonton -3 on Saturday as they beat Edmonton when playing at home by a combined 108-20 last year.Of course,Edmonton appears to be a better team this year,but it shouldn't matter.Montreal-Saskatchewan over 56 on Sunday at Montreal.It was 39-25 when they played 2 weeks ago at Saskatchewan and they always seem to play high scoring games,regardless of venue.But,you've proven to be WAAAAYYYY better than I am at this,so just perceive these to be a few kindly suggestions and do your own thing.GOOD LUCK AND HOPE YOU CASH IN!!!!!!!!!!!

Streak Survivor > 'thewhitesmith' Wins $1,000 on Streak Survivor! > View Post

When I saw the number 13 as the top number,I knew you had lost.My condolences.It's difficult to pick non-league games,as one doesn't have the benefit of history between the two teams.At least you could emotionally prepare yourself for the inevitable,as ND was never in the game.If you had picked the over,it would've been heartbreaking,as the 128 came in just short of the 130.

Well,tomorrrow brings with it another day and hope that more triumphs lie ahead.

Invest that $1,000 wisely,my friend

Streak Survivor > PRIZE ISSUES > View Post

It's natural to be weary when a check one was given is determined to have been fake,even if another genuine one was submitted.BTW,what information is required in order for one to claim a prize?Sometime ago,I deposited a few bucks in an online overseas betting account and when I wanted to withraw my money,I was informed that I would have to fax two forms of ID.Suffice to say,I told them to go f**k themselves.I'm not sacrificing my identity for a few bucks.You can keep it!If that's the information you'll ask of me,then tell me now so I can stop pulling my hair out and doing research up the a** for nothing.


BTW,stop bitchin' about a hat or a hoodie.What are you gonna do with them,make a down payment on a house?!

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