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NBA Betting > Warriors open as 7 point favs vs Cavs > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by BennyBagels:
Just put my biggest bet ever on the under 225.5 no score last year was even close to that anyone agree?

Rofl, that was last year, have you not been paying attention to this year? The way the 3s are going in, and teams taking 30+ 3s a game?

But hey, it's your money....

NBA Betting > JAZZ @ CLIPPERS - GAME 7! THE BIG ONE!!! EVERYTHING you need to know to bring home the BACON!!! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by PobiegliBlisko:
I don't want to watch Warriors-Clippers nor Warriors-Jazz. 
both are 4:0, and everybody knows that

Warriors vs Jazz will not be a 4-0 series. If you really think it will be, then offer me Jazz +3.5 games for the series at even money, and we'll have a bet going.

NBA Betting > Was Tim Donaghy officiating that Spurs/Grizz game? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by OneBuck:
Kawhi is already a superstar.

NBA just doesn't want the Grizz to advance, fans don't want to see the crap they put out there.

To basketball fans, sure... but for the casual fan, he is no where near the level of recognition as LeBron, Steph, Durant, Westbrook, Harden.. or even CP3. Yes, Grizzles play a crap brand of outdated ball, but that will has never stopped the NBA from building up stars.

NBA Betting > Referee stole the game to the SAS > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by lavorat:
Grizzlies would need more than the refs help. They just don't have the skill players or offensive strength to beat a team like the Spurs. Grizzlies will get swept

I don't think anyone us saying they're winning the game. If the line is 11, and the final margin of victory was 14; that free throw disparity is a huge factor in the Spurs covering. I am not on the Grizzles, but anyone watching the game knows they got jobbed in terms of covering.

NBA Betting > Was Tim Donaghy officiating that Spurs/Grizz game? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by royboymiami:
Why would you feel cheated ???? Did you not see Game 1 ??? Spurs are the Grizzles father . The Spurs just own them man ... Tough to put money on Memphis vs anyone

What I admire about Spurs is they actually don't sell their behind like GSW and Cleveland ..

Game 1 has nothing to do with this game, and yes everyone knows the Spurs are better.

He is making the point that this game feels very scripted to build up Kawhi Leonard as a superstar, which is completely legitimate.  The Spurs are a small market team, as good as Kawhi is, he is still very under the radar to many casual sports fans. The NBA realizes this, they have to get some hype and identity for the Spurs now that Duncan is gone. The NBA has always built their superstars in the playoffs.

Would the Spurs have won the game? Sure. However, if you're a grizzlies backer, which I am not, you have every right to feel cheated. They battled back in spite of the refs not giving them any calls; they final score could have very well been within 11.

NBA Betting > Referee stole the game to the SAS > View Post
Randolph kept getting hacked too. That offensive foul on his put back made was atrocious. I was not on the Grizzlies, but this game was fishy to say the least.

MLB Betting > way to go toronto! > View Post
Too chicken to play the ML middle of 8th +650 because I was already on the ML, RL, and parlays.... Only played the live top of 9th over 9.5 +265.  

MLB Betting > To everyone who bet the Mets tonight > View Post
Wow... Anyone know what the live odds are for the Mets down 7-2?

MLB Betting > Jays down 5-1 in the 2nd, perfect time for a live bet > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by johnnyfry:


How you getting +691 when I had it at +450 after the 2nd?  You using Pinnacle? 


Either way, congrats, but that one hell of a difference in price and I will need to change books (I use more than one online).

I can confirm that the price on Pinny was +691 when it was 5-1, because I took 1/2 unit myself.  I was already in for a unit on the ML and 1/2 on the RL.  Once the Angels went up 5-1, put 1/2 unit at +691 and 1 unit Jays +4 at -105.  The Jays +4 was really enticing at around pick'em.  Congrats to everyone who jumped on the Jays live.

MLB Betting > Oak Athletics @ Toronto BJ > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by mac39bps:

because this is baseball and their bats will cool down? Everyone goes on streaks.

But it's not even their bats that has been doing the work on this streak. It has been the pitching, just outstanding. The offense is always there, they're clicking on aspects of the game.

Got any other ideas?

That is a fu@king  on the over.  Wasn't watching the third because mathematically mhit the over if the match is completed. Was Stan really hurt to retire??? WTF???

MLB Betting > Could there been a worse way to lose bal rl > View Post
I just don't get it. If someone had that much riding on the last leg of a  RL parlay or got +270 under 4.5. Why not hedge on the on the over 4.5 in the final frame?

Take the +270 under 4.5 for example:

Let's say it was 100 to win 270.  If the live was +350 (as mentioned above), then play 70 on over 4.5 +350, guaranteed to win:

170 to win 270 or 170 to win 245

This is a guaranteed win at +juice, I wouldn't be able to pass on this. Perhaps some people are justl strongly against hedging...

MLB Betting > Could there been a worse way to lose bal rl > View Post
Had the RL too, but on the first leg of a parlay. If it was a straight bet or last leg of parlay, in these situations would almost always hedge a little on the live over .5 runs in the last half inning, usually paying round +300.

MLB Betting > Pitt live bet was at +1250 > View Post
Down 5-3 after 6th, was still +500. Too box to play when down 5-1, but took a small piece at 5-3 because the Dodgers pen blows.

MLB Betting > Jays > View Post
... Reyes
how many games has he cost them this year...

MLB Betting > Jays > View Post
That offence has been ridiculous all year, despite all the crap a$$ pitching and defensive lapses (especially Reyes), has really carried that team.  They need a frickin Ace so bad...

NBA Betting > If you had Cleveland ML 1st half > View Post
Didn't have the ML, but still an ugly .

What I still don't understand is why coaches don't call timeouts at the end of halfs to draw up plays, you have the timeouts so fukking use them. And David Blatt should be paying attention to the situation and recognize what was happening, Steve Kerr did...

NBA Betting > JARRET JACK YOU DA MAN! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by mrbsb:
Brandon Jennings 
 my 4 team parlay... Piece of shirt knows ATS too

NBA Betting > nets +5.5 fg play > View Post
You got lucky that piece of shirt Jennings was also on the Nets.. 

NBA Betting > Thomas Robinson > View Post
Holy shiet.. What a fuucking moose.. Kills the ingame -7.8 as well as the -9.5... This coming from Marshall who has a short on a stick jump shot. 

NFL Betting > ---IN GAME--Washington vs Dallas--- > View Post
LMFOA @ Dolt McCoy... 2 under thrown balls to Jackson that would have gone for TDs... What a Nerf arm.

Tennis > Suarez meltdown > View Post
Bouchard was just better, meltdown or no meltdown 

Just glad the match is over so I don't have to watch CSV lick her lips again... watching that on her fugly mug made my nut cringe..

College Basketball > What live line do you guys have for manhattan? > View Post
I took them at +8. ML at the time was +670, didn't touch it. Jasper's shock the world.. Do it!!!!!!!

NBA Betting > Ive never been so disgusted in my LIFE > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by cowboyfan1325:
They gave the free throws to iguodala when currys the one who got fouled on top of everything else. 
That was a really odd call, didn't hear any whistles until Curry had the ball... I thought Timmy Donaghy was calling the game..

NBA Betting > Did anyone have under 2h gs game?!! > View Post
I had the over 103.5... that was one facking 
I was talking to my buddy and saying the 2nd half is going over unless something really really bad is going to F it up...
Suns not fouling right away with around 36 seconds left down 4... Finally fouls with 14 secs left
Curry gets fouled, but they say Iggy didn't pass the ball.. 2 miss FTs
Green steps out of bounds... Blake miss 2 FTs 
It was so bad that I wasn't even pissed off, but it was sickening to watch.

NBA Betting > Chalmers don't do this to me > View Post
Norris Cole is another facking idiot tonight, that end of the 1st quarter play was a boneheaded play and potentially 4 point swing.. 2 points for sure.  Facking useless piece of shiet Norris Cole, needs to go back to hood and deal some dope.

NBA Betting > GS / DET OVER > View Post
One facking big 
The last leg of 4 team parlay, the part that pisses me off most is that I couldn't decide if I wanted 1st half over or full game over, and took the full game instead. Faaaaccccccckkkkkkkk.

NBA Betting > raptors didnt score for 6 effin minutes?? > View Post
Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk... that was such a friggin 
What a friggin  night.  Completely darn my large bet on the over.  To top it off, OKC/Nets went under 98.5 first half to my 4 teamer parlay as well... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NBA Betting > Come on Raptors don't blow it > View Post
F@ck Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Take that piece of shiet Violet Palmer, trying to be a company biotch and going along with the script... Raps say F@ck You!!!

Tennis > genie and ana > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by DanksyMouse:

superstar in the making. Love how she's shutting up her critics...so many people saying she'd be the next Kournikova... well, i suppose only time will tell, but EB sure is progressing. Great match.   

Kournikova?? The only mention of Kournikova was because Bouchard had more double faults but winning her match, they mentioned Kournikova because she had like 30 df in a match and won. I don't ever recall Kournikova ever being the top player in the junior circuit. Bouchard is miles ahead of her in tennis talent. 
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