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QUOTE Originally Posted by jwenthur:

Not sure what is going on but I use mine everyday and it is working.

please cant create macros only for Pitchers-ERA-AL and Pitchers-ERA-NL and update sagarin?

Check This:


[url=http://www.subirimagenes.com/otros-error-8871239.html]Ver Imagen: http://s2.subirimagenes.com/otros/previo/thump_8871239error.jpg[/url]

When I click Update, I get an error and the debug takes me to this line:

QUOTE Originally Posted by jwenthur:


This isn't very helpful but if you refresh the odds after midnight eastern it brings over the new schedule and odds but have to wait until the morning to get the starting pitchers because of the website I use for the daily lineups.


What teams should win today?

Divisional Underdog OR MLB Underdog System ?
QUOTE Originally Posted by BuckeyeKaptn:
Nice job on the update.  However, I found a couple of problems that I made a quick fix for.  If you have updated for today (April 5th) you will see in the Nyy/Tor game that both pitchers are Dickey.  This is because Dickey has periods in his first name.  This causes a problem for your formula in Col Z of the Schedule tab.
If you change the formula to:
...don't forget the period after vs. and change Col AA to:
this will fix that problem.
The other problem I saw was that pitchers for the respective teams are backward.  On Col G of the Summary tab, in the Away pitcher formula the Col should be AD not U and the opposite for Home pitcher...U not AD.

Please Reupload  the spreadsheet
dO u have any system new 2014?? u cant share this? View
Anyone have NBA straight or chase systems? in excel? temp 2013/2014? please upload T.T View
DegenGamble u have NBA 2013/2014  system spreadsheet??? View
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