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BEAT THE BOOK E-MAIL ME AT joseph_bennett10@yahoo.com

i just sent you a freinds request accept it...I'm looking for a book to live in Pennsylvania

Soccer > backmcbride (your soccer plays) > View Post
Hey im new here looks like you are good at picking soccer....I just got a book that takes soccer...What is your top play for tommorrow and how many units...how do u play your units...i want your top play for today...are you good at soccer...write me back and who else is good and what leagues or totals or sides so i know...thanks man

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need a local in the philadelphia area.  get back to me at joseph_bennett10@yahoo.com. 2153278417

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Can you help a nigga get a local in philly. My email is joseph_bennett10@yahoo.com

Gaming Industry - US > BOOKIES IN PHILLY > View Post

does any one know any bookies in philly, or are bookies in philly...please pm or have sites they use for accounts....Thanks appreciate all replys or pm me...Thank You

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UNCforver what are u taking tonight....what the plan...
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