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Great day so far 

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Hmm my post last night isn’t here. Basically said I added The Saints -4 and gave a  to who popped in the thread so far. Also mentioned I’m stumped on any other plays, so was thinking of my first 3 team tease in 15 years. 

Update on teaser is it’s not happening. It’s like the books this week know where I’m leaning and know I’m planning a 3 team teaser, and they set the lines so I’m uncomfortable with the 10 points(example is Atlanta -13.5). So lmao I said IM GOING 4 TEASER. AS DUMB A BET AS THIS IS TO BEGIN WITH, I WILL NOT BE STOPPED. And then I did a 4 teamer, saw it was 175/125, punched my wall, and canceled the bet. I’ve settled on doing TWO small TWO team 1/2 unit teasers. Teams to be determined now. What a mess. No wonder why it’s been a bad start to the season. This is like its 1994 again and I’m in high school calling in my bets and stumbling and mumbling while Joey Boom Bots whos on the call in a smoky room in Brooklyn is barely staying under control as I say “wait SF was minus what?? Can you run through them all again? Wait wait no Totals. Just give me the sides.”

Quick thoughts on the Saints(dont have the energy to rewrite the writeup; Covers easily ranked #1 all time for lost posts on a message board). Lions IMO been playing a lot worse than their record and what people give them credit for. They been winning the turnover battle every game and when u win that, u usually win games. Plus their best lineman Ngota is OUT. Best linebacker Worrilow is OUT. Best guy in the secondary(arguably) is possibly out and a GT decision. The lions defense, the crew forcing these turnovers, and the crew keeping this team alive....lost best 3 players to injury. Plus a couple others hobbled......I think Saints take this confortably. 

Final Card: 

- Cleveland +8.5     (Bumping up to 1.5 units)
- New Orleans -4     (Bumping up to 1.5 units)

Gonna pass on teasers. Lines same for sides I bet, so made them 180 instead of normal 125)

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Like em all. 

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Good luck mr K. Love the Saints. Detroit been getting by with turnovers going their way each week. Some important injuries on their D the kicker. 

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GL Tahoe! 

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GL Van! 

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GL man 

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Bears fan. Cutler the absolute worst. Sac said it all. 

Rock bottom??? Not quite. Rock bottom will be late Sunday night. He’s gonna get off the plane from Atlanta battered and bruised. Drive himself home with his head down in shame lest any fans see him at a red light. Walk into his house and like Nas in Undying Love, see a pair of panties swinging on the ceiling fan. Walk up into the bedroom and his wife is taking all 15 inches of MANDINGO. 

That I can only hope is his rock bottom! 

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Finally broke the schnide last weekend! For once I didn’t pick up money in college to fuck1ng blow it all plus some on Sunday! 


Cleveland +9.5(I’m waiting on 10 or higher but will play +8 or higher if it jumps down a bunch). Cleveland quietly has a very good rushing defense. If they naturally shut down the Texans run game like I think they are, that leaves a kid in his 3rd or 4th game to cover double digits?? No way. I’m a DeShaun Guy. Love the kid. Made me a fortune at Clemson. I said earlier this year he’s by far the best QB in the draft(him and the kid KC drafted). I think he’s gonna be a good pro. BUT winning a game DD points with no help from their running game? Watson was one of the lucky rookie QBs. Usually in this day of football, a high drafted and touted QB gets thrown to the wolves on a bad team and takes their medicine. Sometimes they don’t sink and wind up becoming decent over time. Usually they sunk. But every once in awhile there’s a wonderful combo where a kid who “has it” gets thrown out there, BUT on a really good team. Dak and Russ come to mind. Watson a similar story. Houston a top defense, with a decent running game. Recipe for success. Cleveland takes away that running game, and then Houston’s top defense is RAVAGED with injuries to where I doubt they are even average at this point(time will tell). Hogan an upgrade over Kizer IMO. Plus Watson has been annoited Hall of Fame status after a really really good game against a horrible defense, a really good game against a horrible defense who lost their QB and QUIT, and then a beast game where he was like 8-17 with 90 yards going into the 4th quarter, but his opponent took a big lead, played soft, the game got wacky and sloppy and lots of garbage time yardage and scores. I’m not knocking the kid. Insane start!!! I don’t see this happening Sunday. And if Cleveland lays an egg.....gotta win by 10+. Or a 30-14 game and backdoor situation. Ugly but I like the browns. 


And browns are really the only play I like. This is an ugly card. A really ugly card. 


I am leaning towards a couple others. All seem to be super super ugly. So nothing yet. I’ll pop back and update if I do decide to add a play or two more. I was thinking of 3 team teaser. Not my style(I’ll play a dozen or so teasers over the course of a year but ALWAYS 2 teamers). This ugly card is kind of calling for a weird(for me) 3 teamer. Something like Bears +17 ish, Jets +20 ish. Atlanta -2 ish. Maybe Pitt +14 or so. Or Tampa +9. 


Most likely I’ll dig for one more straight bet. Then do that teaser for 1/2 unit to give me a reason to watch the games Sunday. But I’ll be back once I decide. 


Also turnover system is such a simple thing, but it wins every year at a wacky pace. Last week 2-0 in its first eligible week(weeks 5-10) and helped me finally have a great day in the pros. Unfortunately, no plays this week with it. 


Also I tailed DOCTORSUCCESS last night with Philly. Thank you, sir. I was passing on the game, but rolled with you and it’s appreciated. 


GL to all. I’ll be back tomorrow or Sunday morning.  (Handshake) 

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FG, any reason why you no longer play Totals? Unless I’m thinking of someone else, I always thought your plays were 70-75% Totals with occasional side bets. This year seems to be 100% sides. 

Just wondering. 

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Sick week, dude. I knew you were due. 

I was on WV with you(loved them and I’m surprised they didn’t win that game) and I tailed u on Tulane. Much appreciated! Nothing better than a game in the bag by 1pm! 

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You don’t like the unwritten rules like never be the 1st or 3rd out at 3rd base? 

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Good luck dude 

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Cal Bear!! I’m on Cincy and Carolina too(both a part of my turnover system that starts this week). 

I’ve been bad, so I hope I don’t jinx you. Feels good knowing a great capper is on my exact two main bets though. 

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Wow 0-9 last week. I feel your pain man. Like your card. I smell a 4-1 week and bounce back! 

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Good luck, Van! 

I’m on Zona so u are my enemy! But the way my season is going, I’m the best enemy u can have!  Good luck, buddy. 

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Good luck CMJ 

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Good luck, dude. I’m on Zona, but lean the same as u on other plays. 

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Action mag





Appreciate the support, fellas! Really do. Ok, had a killer day in college. 6 winning weeks so far in college. I’m really hoping I don’t give it all back plus a bunch like I did 3/4 NFL Sunday’s. I adjusted my college units up a lot, so seeing a higher + figure than usual right now is helping. Just a wacky season! Next year might make college my primary sport with NFL 1/3 and 1/2 unit plays( been the opposite the last 15 years, but recent history, I’ve done better in college record wise 5 of last 7 years and will be 4 of last 5 if this year continues as it is. 

ahh, worry about that next year! 

Ok final card: 

Cincy -3(-115). 1.5 unit Turnover System 
Carolina +2.5(waiting/hoping on 3). 1.5 unit Turnover System
Arizona +6.5(waiting/hoping on 7)
Jacksonville +14.5(back end of teaser I had with Pats on TNF)

Had a couple other leans, but keeping it simple this week. Get my system plays home. Get home second end of teaser from a few days ago. Get Zona home. All happen to be 1pm, so MAYBE if things work out early, I’ll add an afternoon play(leaning Balt and Dallas) but no plays right now). At this point I just want ONE winning Sunday. Lol. 

Good luck to all. 

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Hang in there Wuss, this is a quirky season. I’m getting my a$$ handed to me this year no matter what I do. Everyone I know wgether Sharp or square seem to be struggling. The regulars here on Covers that usually are really good seem to be struggling to different extents. 

Just gotta keep plugging. I made some adjustments and feel good about this week......then again weeks 1-4 I won money in college only to give it back on Sunday so we will see. 

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You will get your mojo back. I’m getting slaughtered in the pros, myself. Worst season this century lol. 

I’m also on WV. Love their chances! 

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Hey Tito.....there were a couple highly questionable bad calls by the refs. The big one was an incomplete pass where Ryan kind of lost the ball as he was cocking back to pass, and then sort of muscled through and threw the ball a good 10-12 yards forward into the ground. No whistle. Guys standing around. Bills guy runs and takes it for 6.

It was reviewed. Announcers say “ahh that’s incomplete, crowd sees the replay and ROARS, bills players see replay on sideline and deflate, I’m watching thinking “I’ve seen this 200x over the years and it’s 100% incomplete.” Ref said play stands to everyone’s chagrin. Huge game changer. It was 7-3 at the time. Atlanta was building momentum, and that quick its 10-7 the other way. Was another couple plays that weren’t as night and day wrong, but I thought could have been called the other way. One a big ATL turnover in the 4th.

I would say Atlanta had at least 100 more yards and a dozen first downs. Turnovers and a few bad calls was the killer(I just needed them to win by 1). That said....despite all that, there were 2-3 times the defense could have hunkered down and made big stops, and they just couldn’t do it. Oh yea, Haushka booted a pair of killer 55-56 yard FG that were daggers. Just wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

Yea dude, just gotta forget yesterday and keep I need to forget FOUR full weeks!

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Week 4 another crap nightmare week. Dallas can’t win SU. Refs and turnovers take away a Atlanta tease win. San Diego and Tennessee just embarrassing!!

Ready to maybe take a week or two off. College my saving grace and has limited the damage(I play college smaller units though), but this is bad. Never had a season this bad before. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe the league is changing and somewhere somehow I gotta adapt.

I have a little turnover system I do weeks 4-10 or so every season that’s been really good to me the last 5-6 years. This week it spit out two plays(and two strong plays at that). I’m gonna ride those(along with college) for 2 units and if they go down, IDK what to say. Might be time to close down the pros until playoffs, and stick with college. I’m not chasing kind of guy. I might make 4-5 plays a year above 1 unit. Kinda feel like I’m chasing a little bit going 2 units on these....but F it.

CINCY -3(waiting for 2.5)
CAROLINA +3(waiting for 3.5)

Only a Dalton/Cam injury will keep me away. I’ll cjeck back when I do lock it up. My instincts are to leave these 2 plays at 2 units and call it a week, but slight chance I add something.

Sorry to anyone who may have tailed me this season at all. I’ll necer make believe I’m the flashiest or greatest capper on earth, but I took action a long time, I learned a lot doing that, and I like to think my style while boring puts me in a small % of people who can somewhat consistently win money each season in MLB and football. Chug along disciplined. Stay in that 54-55% area. Do the little things right(get best line, straight bets, don’t chase, smart unit wagers, etc). Not the sexiest, but that and hopefully good insight and I can contribute to a site in a small way in return from what I take. AS OF NOW, I’m embarrassing myself!

GL to all tonight and upcoming week 5. (Handshake)

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GL buddy! 

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- Cincy -3 
- Atlanta -2/Panthers +15 teaser 
- San Diego -2.5 
- Tennessee -2.5. 
- Dallas PK(from backend of teaser with GB on Thursday) 

Building some momentum after a nightmare start to 2017, but even so, don’t feel right rambling and posting writeups like a fool when sucking so bad. For now, quick posts on Sunday morning. Square sucker bet looking card for me, but I just don’t like anything else. 

GL to all! 

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Looks good Tito! 

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