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Pro Football > Los Angeles at Denver (09/11/2017) > View Post

It's nice to learn from the make-picks menu at Covers that the Chargers are still in San Diego.  ;-)

NFL Betting > The Raiders will win the super bowl within the next 4 seasons... > View Post
congratchs to raider nation.  i heard the raider radio play by play as the game wound down....

the NFL is better, football is better, when "the Rrrraiduhz" (Chris Berman voice) are a legit contender.

-- cheezehead

Pro Basketball > Sacramento at Boston (12/02/2016) > View Post

Sacramento should benefit from their weird cancellation the other night -- a 3-day rest in medias road trip.  Hard to say much about this propsition until we know if Cousins is playing or not though.

NBA Betting > Interesting read about link between sleep and performance > View Post
thanks for spotting the ESPN piece and positing this.

King of Covers > This forum is dead > View Post
If eye test means anything, Washington wouldn't even be atop the Pac 12. USC thumped them. You want a rational system? They should turn it over to Vegas.  I'm serious.  Alabama, Ohio State, USC, Clemson.

NFL Betting > The Raiders will win the super bowl within the next 4 seasons... > View Post
good thread.  i like this proposition -- Brady won't be around forever. Denver, tired coach, old lineup. Pittsburgh and Balty well-run, well-coached.  It's hard to picture del Rio going all the way, but who knows.  I miss Al Davis.... he had unfinished business. I always hoped he would become the first guy to fire a coach at halftime. Maybe Jerry Jones, or that global nincompoop in Jacksonville. - cheezehead

NFL Betting > Seattle/SF...What's the play??? SF ML +250?!!? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by 1forthemoney:

Take Seattle bro!!


tend to agree with this (and put a small "bet" here at Covers when it got to -6.5.)

i like seattle's motivation...  this team may take a long time to get its beast-mojo back after last year's un-beast-mode finish, but it's not ready to mail it in either.

just watching Lynch go in now...

Pro Football > Arizona at Carolina (01/03/2015) > View Post
Can't help myself, lovin' Carolina in this one.  Digitalkarma is almost right but I would emend what he says to, Cards were a great bet most of the year.  Not any more.  Panthers have put it together, and are at home. 

Pro Football > Baltimore at Pittsburgh (01/03/2015) > View Post
it's hard to love anyone in this bitter rivalry.  Bell smarting, Nada coming off suspension.  which is why I like, not love but like, Balty +3.  in a matchup that's usually this close, take the points -- and buy the hook. 

Pro Football > Baltimore at Pittsburgh (01/03/2015) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by zzziggy:
Only in the NFL can you get kicked out for slapping your wife on camera, but still play if you have raped two women (as long as its not on camera.)

Big Ben is a POS

Bhwhahah -- bon mot, Ziggy. 

p.s. -- go Pack go!

NFL Betting > Julius Peppers to New England? > View Post
10 picks, 100 sacks. only guy ever. yah. thanks, Bears.... da... Baressssss!

NFL Betting > Alright Fellas, time to move on. NFL FUTURES 2014/2015 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by MoneyShot:
K Ill have to wait to get on my comp to post all the futures, won't let me do it through my phone. 

A couple notables:

Seattle +500
San Fran +700
Denver +1000
New England +1000
GB +1400
Carolina +2000
Indy +2000
New Orleans +2000

These are from bodog. Pinnacle and 5dimes haven't released theirs yet. Ill post those when it comes out including afc and NFC odds. 


best bargains above:
Green Bay, New England

(Pats, always a good 50-50 bet to make the Superbowl in the weak AFC.  Packers, have fixed some needs, and will have Aroj and Clay most of the year.)

worst in terms of price value:
Seattle, Denver, Carolina, New Orleans


NFL Betting > Julius Peppers on the Green Bay edge > View Post
at 3.5 mil against the cap, Peppers is a bargain.  yah, he took plays off last year on a pitiful Bears that couldn't even win the division with no Aroj and no Clay for Green Bay.  Still had 7 1/2 sacks.  this year, he'll go 10-12, enjoying single blocking for the first time in his career. 

"I don't always eat quarterback... but when I do, I prefer Cutler."

NBA Betting > Indiana@NewYork..... > View Post
gr8 call my friend. da.... Knicks!

NFL Betting > Would you pay Kaepernick $18m/year? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Cooler999:
In my opinion....all he needs to do is get his progressions to the Tom Brady level....

well... with all due respect... yah...

just get those progressions up to the Tom Brady level.

that's pretty high.

"bring me the broomstick of the wicked witch of the West."

just sayin'.................

NFL Betting > Spend some money Thompson.... > View Post
voila, le Julius Peppers!

NFL Betting > Julius Peppers to New England? > View Post
welcome to Green Bay, JP!

NFL Betting > Would you pay Kaepernick $18m/year? > View Post
Nope.  Having a "top QB" is overrated, especially when their salary surges.  SF, the Ravens, Seattle were all blessed with competent but low-cap QBs when they won, and note that Brady won all his Superbowls before he became established in most people's minds as The Man.  Keep him under his current contract and let him show a little more consistency. 

NFL Betting > Julius Peppers on the Green Bay edge > View Post
Mike North, who I love listening too even though he's a Flatlander, considers this a great move for the Bears --

but I'm optimistic about this rare free-agent move by Ted Thompson....

Yes, Peppers is getting old, but he also lacked motivation last year in Chicago...  he won't this year. 

I believe Reggie White had one of his best seasons at about that age in 1998.  Ditto Charles Haley.

The quarter-of-a-step Peppers has lost will be made up for by the fact that for the first time in his career, he won't be double-teamed much...  at least not if Clay Matthews can stay in the lineup.

Don't need 15 sacks from him.  Ten, with some forced fumbles, and other guys chipping in, would be a big help. 

Here's hoping too that the Packers give him a lot of rest and rotation.  Could be just what he needs to have a little spurt here, especially as the Packers seem to be of a mind to run some different looks with him, sew a little confusion again.

At only $3.5 mil on the cap, it's a worthwhile risk to take.  Go get 'em Julius -- I've got the link for the Mike North video if you need any extra bulletin board material for offseason conditioning.

NBA Betting > Indiana@NewYork..... > View Post
nice call. in there with you.

Pacers are really struggling...  not just tonight.  When Larry Bird comes out like that, something is way amiss.  Kinda surprised they didn't rally after those comments.

Pro Basketball > Golden State at Oklahoma City (01/17/2014) > View Post
we kinda like Warriors plus a point.  1. yes, Thunder at home, but b-t-b from a remarkable win. 2. Warriors well-coached, really didn't focus vs. Denver.  watched that game.  Denver was great. But Mark Jackson gets 'em back on track, we think.

NFL Betting > Saints ml +335 & +8.5 HUGE!!!! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by THEMUGG:
 Thank you!


looks to me like the Saints covered the 8.5.  sadly i had them at +8. 

very impressive Shehawk win tho -- they looked much more dominant to me than the final score. 

NFL Betting > 2Reasons to take pats > View Post
nice call, GTRed.  make that 9-1 heheh. 

NFL Betting > Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Tim Tebow > View Post
or Matt Ryan...

NFL Betting > *** New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by LeagueCapper:
So much premature ejaculation going on in here, covers is dripping in sperm

hhwhahah, yah...  lots of heat and frustration for a push...

oh, well, a tie may be like kissing your sister, but  a push is like getting free drinks and going home break-even...

come to think of it, that's what it is exactly. 

sure wish that idiot had made the field goal, of course, but then again, the late Saints t.d. was pure garbage time.

live to play another day. 

NFL Betting > *** New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by windowB:

Your average gambler doesn't understand the value of defense and special teams...Seattle has both advantages over New Orleans big time...Home team doesn't hurt also...Yes, New Orleans has the better QB no question right now not that Wilson sucks, and Payton is a better coach then Pete C. Seahawks(and SF) are like an old school team in the modern era of the NFL. That being said, it's going to be in the rain....I'd much rather have Wilson and Lynch and Seattle's defense in that then NO. Seahawks lead the NFL in + turnover's. Honestly New Orleans +8 isn't an awful play, but be careful. I'm saying Seahawks 23-14.

well said, but:

1. I like the Saints coaching here too.  Esp. w/ Ryan.

2. that extra point and a half (from 6 and 1/2 to 8) is huge statistically.  

3. we'll find out this weekend, but somehow, I like the Saints to profit from recent experience in QWest er Clink er whatever it is.

NFL Betting > *** New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by 2LEGIT2QUITU:
Gfoss......Qwest will be rocking like no other place this weekend!! Seattle D-backs will score a TD in this game. I may add the OVER as well as I do think both teams score. Great forum and comments on the game!

i'm sure it will, and always respect your posts, friend.

me love the over too. 

i have a little bit of a bee  in my bonnet about Seahawks fans --

they make noise and celebrate generating off-sides penalties, pretty poor sportsmanship, then whine about reffing.

(i lived there for some years.)

but, oh, well.  i'll get over it.

still like Seattle to win, Saints to cover. we'll see.

NFL Betting > The 12th Man > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by luckythirteen:

The term "12th Man" is licensed to
Texas A&M by the 
United States Patent and Trademark Office. An official registration of the mark was filed by Texas
A&M (U.S. Reg. No. 1948306) in December 1989 and the application was
approved in September, 1990. In January 2006, Texas A&M filed suit
against the 
 to protect the trademark and in May 2006,
the dispute was settled out of court. In the agreement, Texas A&M licensed
the Seahawks to continue using the phrase "12th Man" in exchange for
financial compensation along with public acknowledgement by the NFL franchise
as to Texas A&M's ownership of the phrase.

hear, hear. thanks for reminding people of this.

as well, Sheattle, being politically correct, has a diffficult time explaining "Man."

you can't have it both ways fellas -- er, persons.

happily, the Shehawks live under the Curse of Curly Lambeau.

no Supe for you until 2098...  the 100th anniversary of your corrupt city seducing Mike Holmgren out of Green Bay.

make noise, exhibit the worst sportsmanship in America -- then whine about the refs at the Superbowl. 

sauce for the gander, baby.


NFL Betting > I read a lot of threads and it seems > View Post
yah, cw is definitely 49ers.

NFL Betting > Who was the team last year > View Post
interesting, good thought.

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