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06/01/2017 What computer games do you play? Luxion 8
05/30/2017 Charlie Daniels warns Schumer of Democrat scandals zelo123 13
05/26/2017 Flynn offers to testify on Russia ties in exchange for immunity QMICH 65
04/18/2017 Crimes vs Children Cover Up sundance 26
04/12/2017 Maxine Waters Calls for 100,000 Additional Syrian Refugees zelo123 7
04/06/2017 Alex Jones Apologizes for Pizzagate: ‘I Made Comments About Mr. Alefantis That in Hindsight I Regret ilsp2003 61
04/04/2017 Mark Cuban: Trump couldn't have pulled off Russia collusion QMICH 4
04/02/2017 Russian banker who met with Jared Kushner has ties to Putin QMICH 27
03/31/2017 Trump Seals Our Global Fate, Dismantles “Climate Legacy” for huge corporate $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ QMICH 6
03/15/2017 Kim Ill fires missle at Japan nature1970 57
02/13/2017 Trump heading to the golf course BWS77 16
02/02/2017 Reports of Treason Arrests in Russia Are Fueling Intrigue Over Hacking Allegations ilsp2003 3
01/04/2017 I'll give you the holy grail of gambling 1.1 (But......) Lippsman 358
11/09/2016 Remember this video. When Hillary takes it down in November, you'll be seeing it again! scalabrine 48
11/09/2016 Why I have decided to vote ... Hugh_Jorgan 67
11/09/2016 Why I will vote for Hill, family values don juan 52
11/08/2016 Comey Stands Down sundance 25
10/29/2016 THE ELECTION IS RIGGED !!! darkhorse12 11
09/18/2016 Now,Hillary does not have pnuemonia ,,,, SarasotaSlim 23
09/12/2016 I'm with Trump because he's a strong leader like Putin Biscuiteater1 28
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