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College Football > Texas Tech at Texas (11/28/2013) > View Post
Texas L.. Horns  is my 2 play for today, win .... Over

Like they say ..... mess with the bulls you get the horns 

Streak Survivor > Terry 32's Streak > View Post
Nice run ..... At least you enjoy it while it last,  as we all do, and the main thing is to get at least a reward when reaching 17 picks..... 

supposedly after that 17 picks and later the risk of failing is far greater, when the most secured pick will fail us all.. 
If you bet try it in a parlay then you see...

Perhaps we haven't have one reach the 24th pick and fail yet..... Maybe i am wrong.

Life is just another day at a time,  we fall.... We stand up ..... We continue......  Untill we reach our goals......

Pro Football > Chicago at San Francisco (11/19/2012) > View Post
Just as  I suspected typical Jason Cambell game, when he was playing in Cincinnati Bengals.  Besides Niners will take this game, they roll when they are ahead.

Pro Football > Chicago at San Francisco (11/19/2012) > View Post
Chicago Bears  usually plays good on prime time game night., and they have the most games won too ,  regardless of the starting quarterbacks, these two teams have many ways to score points, and using special teams ,  it will probably like the game last night between the Ravens and the Steelers, even though roethlisberger did not play, besides it would not have matter either of he had started the game too.

Because of the way the defense of both teams plays.  The game is a typical  Raven .... Steelers game.  It is what it is ... A close game . 

As for special teams for tonight game I give the edge to the Bears., because of Devin Hester, with most punt return for touchdowns..
If that happens it will be the difference in the game, as for the niners, if they miss a field goal, like their last game Chicago will have the edge, and the niners had trouble scoring touchdowns, ...

What makes you so sure against a team like Chicago Bears. Who are best in forcing turnovers will will be so easy to score against them ?

As if Alex Smith is playing tonight, he' ll be sack by the Bears defense ,   Not to mention Jason Cambell, he isn't any better either,  I remember his days in The Bengals, Although the defense of Chicago is way better than The Bengals, back then.  The game will be decided by the turnovers, as any night games that has aired so far., Not exactly Blount game again tonight ,  So I have The Bears at  +6.5 during the week, I'll guess I have to stick with it.  Good luck to all, whatever you have, at the end of the game it will be decided.  Who right in the beginning as for now it is all speculation. Every one first has to make their own decisions.  

NFL Betting > First NFL Post, First Thursday Night winner! Fade or Follow! > View Post

Where is the defense ?   Colts ...  Dwight  Freeney will take care of it

Colts  win  27 - 10   


NFL Betting > *** Colts @ Jags *** > View Post
 Colts  27 - 10.   It was.  I wrote something about it, should have at least read it.  Too late now. 

NFL Betting > Lions vs Vikings > View Post
Lion is still the play , and covers easily.  

NFL Betting > ***Well Well, No Way I will go 0-4 after tonight*** > View Post

Colts win  27- 10      

NFL Betting > Who do you pick ? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by fras:
The Jaguars are 1-7 and have lost five consecutive games; the surging Colts are 5-3 and have won three in a row.

Perhaps scoring is one sided tonight, unless we have a broadway theatrical play act tonight, meaning any worst team all of a sudden on TV starts playing like they never play bad before, and the good ones, like they do not know how to play at all, So we categorize it as Vegas.   play. 

I would take the under 42.5     Colts.  3  


Colts  win  27- 10.    

NFL Betting > SportsFreak69 Thursday Night NFL POD > View Post
The Jaguars haven’t won since Week 3 at Indianapolis and have been skunked at home — outscored by 92 points in four home defeats.

So Indy Colts it is to the bank.  

NFL Betting > Who do you pick ? > View Post
The Jaguars are 1-7 and have lost five consecutive games; the surging Colts are 5-3 and have won three in a row.

Perhaps scoring is one sided tonight, unless we have a broadway theatrical play act tonight, meaning any worst team all of a sudden on TV starts playing like they never play bad before, and the good ones, like they do not know how to play at all, So we categorize it as Vegas play. 

I would take the under 42.5     Colts.  3  

NFL Betting > Every game, Every spread > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by mdrsports31:

 why cleveland?


End result Cleveland it was by 1point   7-6.  
Maybe Chargers was not up to it, not that Cleveland was so dominating in many ways.   That is why nothing is so certain in life as it seems to be.  
Never underestimates as we all do when it comes to selecting the winning picks,  As right right and main players might get injured, which changes most out comes of the plays.
  There is always surprises.  Bet wisely   Just have the right pick.

NFL Betting > Is joe Public and Captain Obvious right? > View Post
Seriously Arizona have a hard time scoring, they could not Beat The Vikings, and most of there games are under,
Against 49er they  do not stand a chance, Arizona quarter back had been sacked  8 times consecutive in two games at least, Kevin Colb was out, too,  Frank Gore had most of the rushing, he is human too,

So for at least 3 quarters And 24 -3  points that is enough for the day,

Got to take the under, but there is always this Thursday night game
Let's hear it again the fairy tales,,,,    

NFL Betting > Is joe Public and Captain Obvious right? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by fupm:

Turned out to be another trap game 2 nights in a row!

I didnt take the bait with New Orleans but couldn't resist the temptation with Arizona!  Shame on me...


That's what they say .........,    IGY..........  Hahaha   

  Hahaha.      I.   Got.   You 

NFL Betting > Week 8 NFL Teaser card bet > View Post
Sorry I guess It did not accept the copy of the ticket,  

I'll try it again and if does not show up, then sorry for the inconvenience.


NFL Betting > Week 8 NFL Teaser card bet > View Post
As of Thursday night Ticket  with Tampa win

I believe it is a 6 point teaser  card.
This ticket is an example of a print out from the self service Sports Betting kiosk, which you find in the Caribbean islands and on the cruise ships, and Hooters in las Vegas, Just insert the amount you want to bet select your teams and print it out, and wait for game day.  In this case I risk Just $ 5.00  to win $ 320.00.

No need for bookies

As this type of bet is a sports teaser card.  At the moment I am in the Caribbean, I once had a topic on this, now I am enclosing a ticket with it. 

these are my choices for week 8 , one win from Thursday night Tampa + 13.   Tampa win out right.

NFL Betting > *** TAMPA BAY @ MINNESOTA *** > View Post
Tampa win over , parlaying, with Giants over 6.5

Single bet :
Tampa  over41.5
Tampa win

MLB Betting > Barry Zito is still an average pitcher.... > View Post
This is a whole new ball game, and much respect for Verlander for consistency.

What really matters now is the next 4 games ahead as of today, 
Either team will find a way to use their pitchers to dominate the batters.

As they say  good pitching beats good hitting

Giants are not good in winning their first home games, unless the Tigers gets cold feeted in waiting for todays game, as the Giants probably carry the momentum into this game.  And the stadium is a pitchers, 
So I still give the edge on the Tigers  and  win under. 

NFL Betting > Seattle/SF > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by BigNiner:

CalBear, my man


I see a lot of SF love. Just remember, this team has never been blown out under Harbaugh. I suspect there is going to be some hangover effect, in what should be a low scoring game. The question will be, can they overcome that hangover? I think, they'll win, just not so sure it will be easy. GL on the play buddy.

low scoring most probable,

Interception , penalties, and turnover are the keys to every night games, , That makes the better teams slight obsolete 

NFL Betting > POWDER BLUE MONDAY > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by The_Swamp:
Final Plays
SD pk
Denver TT U 23.5


NFL Betting > ••• Broncos // Chargers ••• > View Post
 CHARGERS and the UNDER.   

Parlaying them as well, 

Public all over Broncos and over, last night public got the call, don't see it happened twice in a row,

Game on ESPN, ask Mike Tirigo, 

Pro Football > New England at Seattle (10/14/2012) > View Post
Yeah  just :  :



Pro Football > Denver at San Diego (10/15/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Deas22:
Betting public was handed a Gift last night (60% GB/90% over 47). The play tonight is on the Under, with a small wager on San Diego. Betting public is yet again all over the over (80%). Bet with VEGAS on the under!! They win consistently lol

Excellent choice, that is the play good luck.  

Pro Football > Denver at San Diego (10/15/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Sammy_Ace:

I've thought about this game for a while and I've decided the Chargers are the play, but I'm far from "all in" on them.  The stakes are EXTREMELY HIGH for both of these teams as a win by the Bolts would further distance themselves into 1st place at 4-2 & would bring the Broncos to 2nd place at 2-4 (yes, the AFC West is that mediocre).  A Broncos win puts them in a tie for 1st place at .500.  

The Bronco's offense has definitely been upgraded with the addition of the Sheriff as they now rank 6th in the league in yards per game.  I also think they're defense is still an above average unit even though they were totally unprepared for New England's extremely fast no-huddle offense last week.  John Fox, in my opinon, is one of the better coaches in the league and I was really surprised they weren't more prepared.   Willis Mcgahee will probably tell you he was the reason they lost last week (and deservedly so), but their rush defense was the main culprit as they allowed New England to run for 251 yards!! I look for the Broncos defense to have a sense of urgency tonight (as they won't want to be 2-4 going into the bye), but I'm just not sure it will be enough.  The Chargers are also on the bye next week and are coming off a loss too, so I don't think its the upcoming bye weeks provide a tangible advantage for either side. 

The Chargers, for some damn reason, have been like kryptonite for Peyton Manning.  In his 7 career games against them with the Colts, he has a passer rating of 72.5, thrown 16 interceptions vs only 12 touchdowns.  And I know the Chargers had Cromartie for a lot of those years (who has an unbelievable track record against Peyton), but Quentin Jammer has seen quite a bit of the Sheriff as well & he will not be easily fooled.  The Chargers secondary was really embarassed on national television last week by Drew Brees, and I look for them to play a little better this week.  

If Norv Turner is smart (for the record, I dont think he is), the Chargers will give the Broncos a heavy dose of Ryan Matthews, who looked really impressive against a very desperate Saints team going into the bye last week (84 yards on 12 carries).  That being said, I don't trust the Chargers enough to make this a strong play.  

But if I had to take it: CHARGERS and the UNDER.

Hope you guys have been following my picks this week.  I swept the board with the Browns, Bucs, Jets, Giants, and Packers.  I also said it looked too easy to take the Vikings, but didn't have the moxy to take the Skins yesterday.           


   That is the play my friend, 

 CHARGERS and the UNDER,   BoL.  

Pro Football > Denver at San Diego (10/15/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by vue21849:

     All this talk of who each team has played is like comparing apples and oranges. You have to deal with the cards you're dealt. The Chargers have done their job, and Peyton & his boys, haven't- it's just that simple. Only the final standing count! For all the non-believers in San Diego's abilities-you're about to find out. This is a good test for the Broncos. I don't think the experience is going to work out for them. LY, the Broncos had superboy, and this year, it's superman. Makes no difference. Denver's problem's are on defense, not QB. Off course, Peyton is Peyton. But until the Denver Broncos (as a team) start producing, I'm going with the resurgent Bolts here.


Under 49.5 

       Yes it is.  San Diego plays well at home,  

NFL Betting > Can the Titans All of a sudden win? please respond > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by bob696969:
Titans do have great special teams.... The key is the one factor no one can predict: turnovers... as bad as the titans have played defensively, the combination of untimely turnovers by the steelers and good returns by the titans to win the field position game can certainly keep this game closer than people think...

That is right the turnovers and sacks, are the key to every last plays, so far that makes the under dog successful , in these games Start with the Bears vs. Cowboys,  and on even the steelers have already been in one of those, when playing against Raiders, then we have even green bay against Seahawks, Browns vs. ravens, Rams vs Cardinals, and so on,  Is it  persé on purpose ? To help the bookies cover,? Who knows, just be on the right side with them and your good To go.

It means most of the time, the outcomes is the opposite of what the public bets or perceives.

NFL Betting > *** Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tenneesee Titans *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by LeagueCapper:

Yup but neither team is going to win this game with their defense. PITT needs this win, but they have turned into an offensive team over a defensive team this year. They are 26th in defensive efficiency so far, not to mention giving up a total of 65 points on the road in 2 games already. TENN has an even worse defense, I still see them putting up 20-25 easily though.

Passing on the side and sticking with the over.

Over it is  80 units for me, and Steelers money line 150 units,   50 units as parlay  Steelers  money line win over,
Those are my plays for today.


NFL Betting > *** Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tenneesee Titans *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by kn0wn:

I got Steelers 27-17 

but like your thinking primetime

  That is what I predicted it to be, around, minimum score, although it could be more, given that Titans defense is banged up from previous weeks giving up 35 points minimum ,

NFL Betting > WEEK 6 - NFL Breakdown Sheets > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by FadeOnly:
Good luck this week, bud.  Looks good so far.  Steelers win without covering, I think.

That is what it is  Agree 100% as in all  and most night games so far, 

That means money line is the bet. For Steelers, and to compensate the bookmakers Titan 6.5 .

NFL Betting > I say TENNESSEE wins OUTRIGHT TONIGHT! > View Post
It is a tricky game, as Titans permits at least 35 points a game, and of they have to win they need to score more than that themselves ,

Please go check the results of their last 3 or 4 games.

That means the game should go over, their defense sucks, that is why it is permitting mini,,, 35 points,

Scenario 2 :  I give the Titans not more than 17 points the most, Considering Steelers defense, Titans defense are not a team that induce turnovers, like the bears or Raven, or Cardinals.

So no extra points can depend from them, They do not have anyone that can score with punt return touch down, like Devin Hester from the Bears, 

I believe we have a rookie head coach for titans, comprare to Tomlin from the steelers,

As points for the Steelers to win with minimum score Of 28 points 

Then we have a possible outcome of 28-17 which is 45 points and is consider over,

Scenario 3 
 The steelers winning by 24 - 9,  in the 3rd quarter, and perhaps a a field goal or two somewhere between the 4th till the end of game,  which means it is under,  t

Titans are lucky Polamalu is not playing, he does force turn overs and capitalized for touch downs.

maybe I am wrong, but it does not matter, that is why one should always check back at this advice, if wrong, then next time, you know.

If right then He told you so, and next time you know what to do. That is how one learns from one another, 

As far as spending the money who cares, you are your own boss of your wealth, do what pleases you with it. 
Advice are there for you to make up your mind with and if don't like it that is good too, 

Scenario 4 
Fairy tails happens and the dog wins,  from Shit to good, too much theatrical, 

Good luck tonight

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