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General Discussion > Wolf of Wall St > View Post
as usal split on views some loved it ( i did) otjers ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh seen worse; rest was awaful

I watched at home FREE got it with internet thingy using X box yadda yadda

amd just thought it very funny especially when Leornado was driving spaced out on drugs OMG how he didn't kill somebody

General Discussion > If you could live at any of these places....where would > View Post
North Dakota ...............zero unemployment rate or very little % lowest cost of living low crime rate real low only thing is brutal winters

- 20 degrees average  and thats no wind chill factor

General Discussion > Are you childless? > View Post
NO what the government needs to do is get these stiffs off welafre and to work like they all should be in a train to work proigram and be off the waffle checks after 2 years

BUT i know what's happening these are all mostly drop outs none graduated HS and cant read beyond an 8th grade level.

they grew up poor and when became adults did same dumb chit they saw parents do fook like crazy pop out 90 kids and collect 1000"s a month free

I know i'have them all around me evry day i see young black dudes with white blonde girls with 4 kids in tow and one in the Oven.

General Discussion > Gambling Degenerate on Wheel of Fortune > View Post
AY CHILLIS  omfg       hope you didnt get too much in debt with student loans        AY CHILLIS

Systems & Strategies > chasers bankroll > View Post
mao, such exaggeration or don't know math. At -150 each game,  after 5
losses you would be down 96.70 units, a far cry from 400! Thx for your
input though it's always held in the highest regard

me thjinks you uses some kind of foreign math system

arent you doubling up your bets after a loss when chasing?

SO if each game is a chalk average of -140  and you have a $400 bank

start with 3% of bank per day NOT per game PER day

that's $12  correct?

and you said their will be multiple chases going on per day how many to be determined!!!

uuuuuuummmmmm what offshore sports book for USA clients accepts $2 bets?>??

NONE that i know of right now.

so - 140 odds means $14 to win 10$  or $7 to win 5$ correct?

lets do it by $14 to win $10 

1st game of chase LOSE  - $14
2nd game of chase LOSE $28  total negative = $42 
3rd game of chase  LOSE $56  Now neg. = $98
4th game of chase LOSE  $112  now minus $210
5th game of chase  LOSE $224 now minus $434

whooooopsie wait a min here we only had $400 in account so your last bet was only $190

time to re up

Systems & Strategies > What is the safest progressive betting system for sports spreads and totals > View Post
the wiseguys and sharps have been doing it for eons search the web it's no secret. Or trapsey over to your local library tons of books written about betting sports


MLB Betting > Just got into betting baseball. Opinions please > View Post
overs unders depends on pitchers and where played at

San Dieogo at home rare to get overs deepest center field of all no winds either

but when you got two high ball pitchers that hang pitches up lots of hits happen doubles and singles and you fly overs

also weather plays part in cold months at beggining of year april and may some places the ball dont move then in june when it's hot balls start flying out with a lil bit of wind 5 - 10 mph

but not in San diego that is a pitcher freindly park

so are few others and you get low scoring games like 1 - 0  2 -1 3 -2 4-1 5-1 etc..

MLB Betting > GR8 - Follow System > View Post
@MrBetLarge  found online searched for pics of men gambling with women downloaded to my files then uploaded to covers

takes about 1 min to do

use fire fox it's easier to copy the pic  and save as so u can find it when browsing your files

MLB Betting > WEATHER WARNING EAST coast > View Post
heavy to severe thunder storms all of east coast i think it said like NEw york down  to delaware
cuurrent map shows where heavy rains will be


MLB Betting > 7 Gems.. Yes 7 > View Post
Down pour rain in east coats all night long avoid all games in East as in Phila

Gaming Industry - US > Your opinion on reporting a bookie to the police > View Post
tis why my two loacls i deal with take cash up front

write out tickets no probs

if this bookie has back this dude is screwed like enter your grave site here >>> yeah even for only 1100$ this scumbag will off him for trying to rat him out to cops.

Gaming Industry - US > What i know about gambling in the US > View Post
yeah heard biggest scam ever online casino a solid BJ player strategy lost 100 consecutive hands.

  HE called them up and asked for tech support or something he got hung up on finally went to feds got that site shut down.

forget name of casino site but it was fraud no matter what game you played you lost.

after about 100 people complained they got shut down and owners got banned from ever having an online casino or poker site again

Gaming Industry - US > New Bill to Senate to be voted on > View Post
well all i know is A C casinos are going live sports betting ................ F U G W bush my word has been heard the us economy will get back on track fast now legal sports bets in every state

ooooooooo btw way folks it's already programmed in your states lottery system

this will create 100.000's of new jobs and uncle sam benefits both ways by getting billions back in taxes plus the cash from losers

if you can figure out average loss of $10,000 per year for at laest 250 million people go ahaed i think it's like 2 trillion a year

sssssssshhhhhhhetttttt right here in my 3 block araea i know at laest 75 guys and some gals who bet daily.

just here in one large city pop. 1.7 mil the money is 2,500,000,000 per yaer with safe estimate of only 700.000 aged 18 n over betting

NO not everyone loses 10 K a year it's just the averagae i know relatives who drop 2 k a week some times

they stink in NCAA foots and NFL lucky to win 5 weeks out of season

the locals drive around in BMW's Benz's every year...

Most of these big hitters own bussiness so they can afford the loss

garbage they make like 5 thou a week NET!

i reccomend heartily you all get at least 3 offshore books

because of the bans happening i mean like when you pop them for $20,000 in one season ....

Happend to 2 brothers i just became friends with they lived in NYC and both were heavy hitters with the greek they got banned closed accounts the greek accused them of being a syndicate or involved with mob ...LOL thats why one brother moved to vegas and now the other is joining him because he's sick of high R E taxes in N Y .

YEah i got free proxies for me in vegas !!!

Gaming Industry - US > any1 use that green dot for payouts at 5dimes? > View Post
old W U is best way just don't with draw every friggin week keeps transfer cost down

I never take chaecks because then it gives gooberment a paper trail to me

also it's great to have as many offshore accounts as posible because if you start banging one book heavy like for multi 1000's of dollars they will not accept wagers from you any more they accuse you of being in syndicate or something.

2 guys i just met by internet had this happen to them both brothers got banned by the greek ...

It's why one brother went to vegas and now the other one is moving there too to get out of high tax NYC.

MLB Betting > MONDAY bases 3-2 yesterday up $205 > View Post

BRAVOS $125 to win $100

BREWERS - 115 to win $100 

4-3  now + $195


MLB Betting > question please/ about covers > View Post
based on $100 per bet BOSTON is minus -523$

MLB Betting > MONDAY bases 3-2 yesterday up $205 > View Post
went a lil off my plays per day yeaterday but i flat bet ML only no chases or Rl's ever

Looked at Phillis vs Braves matchup NO contest Hernandez gets punked by Braves bats he is 5th starter in rotation vs #3 starter of braves philes barely beat a marlins team on a 6 game skid Braves swept the Nationals a far better team than marlins ever where.
 This eraly series for Braves starts them off at top of div just what they want

Nationals Phils Mets and Marlins then after that they get the putrid cubbies so Braves in MY price range

every book at -125  i'm taking now because i know it's going higher

BRAVOS  $125 to win $100

Cards @ Brewers well the stater foir cards is 2-0 Lance Lynn BUT his era is in outer space .655  Garza for brewers has pitched his butt off is 0-1 a  ND team win last his era is only .280

history shows Cards own thier rival brwers and i mean even at Milw. won 8 out of last 10

Brewers haven't won 10 straight in nearly 11 years
# 1 rule never bet against the streaks

Cards bats showed some pop last couple games but not much vs good teams .........  Brewers swept pirates who were hot last year

decent this early season.

Cards LOL was Cubs lost 1st game won final two and looking at Cards seaon so far as in Wins losses streaks

here it is W L W L W L W W L L W W  so you see it ? They have strung 3 in a row yet.

Stay on the WINNERS nice low price BREWERS - 115  to win $100

looked at other games in AL and rest of matchups ehhhhhhhh nothing there.

MLB Betting > +1.5 All Day Long > View Post
GL RF1 i never use a RL we never did when out in Vegas either

heres why

your leaving $1000's of dollars on the table on your flat bet DOGS

even if Dogs only win 43%  of the time s/u it's throwing money away!

EX:  a +130 dog taking runs now is chalked -145  Marlins are +130 at bovada so do this 100 times you just made those casinos grow fatter and Taller or your book or bookie

and for sure you do this 100 times in MLB  so add it up bro 100 X $30 = $3000 you threw away.

BUT you go on it's your way of winning Money no problem with it i just don't do it

and your right that other poster talks about The HAT??? WTF does he have to do with this your flat betting using the RL not chasing

MLB Betting > Gorilla Pimpin's Money Maker > View Post
word of advice from a former Vegas player.

keep your chalk prices at -160 and under

believe me we barely took any chalks over that figure

MLB Betting > MLB 8 TEAM PARLAY MONDAY > View Post
STL @ MIL = STL haven't you heard about NEVER BETTING AGAINST THE STREAKS!!!

Brew crew at home just swept one div rival the Pirates

This Brewers team is on fire right now i won with them yesterday and 4 more before.

ONLY way i take cards if it's same  pitcher rematch where neither pitcher won or lost last game like both starters pitched lights out reliever gave up 1 run in 8th inning.

Stay away from Brwers and your parlay is a long shot also even with 7 teams I would back your 7 teamer if i was a bookie.

MLB Betting > Philly +118 > View Post
uh uhhhhhhhh not Phils they barely won over a team on a 6 game skid

Braves will demolish that phillies team expect Braves to win series

MLB Betting > GR8 - Follow System > View Post
love the selection process Gr8 plays at minimum per week with decent size units and a high win %.

One word of advice keep your chalk plays at -160 and under.

This is what we did in Vegas.

was there long ago for 7 years but lonely and no real steady gal eating alone was no fun hated it.

So i'm back home running my own business and fooking missing the action in Vegas but now the NJ Casinos are going to start booking all sports it's only a 1 hr drive for me daily i think i can set up with an account in each house or whatever they have available.

MLB Betting > SUNDAY heres what i see two teams one a dog > View Post

D rays + 128 down 3 cents from last hour

$200 to WIN $256 LOSER -$200 

Phillies -118  WINNER $100  1-1 -$100 

Brewers risk  $115 to win $100 the streak lives on 9 straight wins

    2-1   EVEN

Seattle for $300 to WIN $372 2-2 - $300

NYY +101 might as well wrap up today with another loss

don't care but need to be plus money that all i want

$500 to win $505 WINNER
  3-2 + $205

Played 7 stud poker last night at Taj Mahal casino game ended after 3 hours guys just were tired I won $350

so it's around midnight i trapsey over to the floor looking for a losing craps table or hot one which is hard to get into always jammed

find one table $15 min. 6 players all with about 2 - 3 hunny in stacks but these guys are like in prayer mode.

Ya know like begging for point to be made I stand at my spot far end of table closet player was two spots to my left.

drop $500 cash on table hand my card to be rated.

And i wait 3 shooters as always to get feel of aura of players.

Wow it was like a black cloud hanging over them every miss out they cursed slammed hands on table etc.. and each shooter lasted no longer than 1 minute

Next player comes out 5 natuarals 3 7's 2 11's whole table goes nuts dropping 15 plus full odds behind place bets etc come bets field bets hardways point was 5

I calmly say $140 no 5  every player looks at me with a ? mark

I just shrug  And sure enough 15 secs later BAM the 6 ace pops up

Stick shouts 7 out and like a huge Vacuum cleaner stack all those chips back in thier stacks I win $100

and the next hr only 2 points were made and my rack was loaded with green and black chips and some nickle reds

players started leaving cause they went bust only two were left and now i had no edge. Been here many times.

 i didn't make a bet sure enough they both made 2 points each 7 out on 3rd i would have dropped like $400 or more back.

I get Comps for food from the pit boss $40 for my time and $ in per play.

Decide to go home. Trashed the food comp in can and will just make my plays in bases today.

MLB Betting > Huh? What was Yanks thinking first inning? > View Post
i'm sweating this game just escaped 8th inning pitcher lost controll two walks one HBP one more inning to go

MLB Betting > Sunday Night MLB > View Post
no comment on the grounds i might incriminate myself

MLB Betting > what's everyones early leans for 4/14/14 > View Post
wouldnt touch philly for a 5 cent bet it's the braves now way better than Marlins

philles barely beat a team on 6 game skid

MLB Betting > SUNDAY heres what i see two teams one a dog > View Post
LOL Jeff sure enough as soon as i post games i get whacked oooo well bad day to bet lots of games were coin tosses

only two i had were betting the streaks Brewers won # 9  Marlins lost #7 should have let that 3rd game alone what a demolition that was

I'm going out go to Casino play some poker got $2000 cash to play with try n find high limit 7 stud $10 - $20 preferred.

MLB Betting > SUNDAY heres what i see two teams one a dog > View Post
NYY +101 might as well wrap up today with another loss

don't care but need to be plus money that all i want

$500 to win $505

MLB Betting > SUNDAY heres what i see two teams one a dog > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by fadeyoulosers:
GO west young man GO west adding a DOG

Mariners +124  seems like they very good after a loss vs div. teams

and Oakland is 1 game above them in 1st

Seattle for $300 to WIN $372
0 - 0 for 7 innings blown by M's B P normally when game's are scoreless the chalk winds up losing 3 - 0 slim shot to win but i it's a 3 unit loss

hmmmm now what i hate losing NYY have sox number it's a pckem right now have to look at pitching matchups

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