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MLB Betting > Calling for a Braves RL rally! > View Post

College Football > Indiana +8.5 1st half... > View Post
State fan and I love this play. GL.

General Discussion > Your top 5 worst franchises in Sports History > View Post
Lions, Cubs, Browns, Clippers, Sac Kings in that order.

MLB Betting > Calling Heath Bell,calling Heath Bell > View Post
This is why you don't give big money to old closers, unless its Rivera.

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Most were behavioral based interview questions. If you are not familiar with that, I strongly recommend you Google it for some help as this is the method most companies, especially the bigger ones are using now. What they want with that is all your answers to be based on prior work experiences.  You want to utilize the STAR method in answering all the questions which means Situation, Task, Action, Result.
Example Q's: Tell me about a time you mentored someone at your job, what were the challenges and how did you help that persons personal development? Or tell me a time you went above and beyond in the way of customer service at your previous job. Example Answer: Old lady bought a big screen TV and it wasnt working and she had no means of returning it and was very upset she was gonna miss her favorite TV show that night. (situation)  Saw this as an opportunity to go above and beyond and not only fix the problem but make a customer for life and enhance the brand image. (task) I physically loaded up a new TV for her and drove it to her house and installed it. Took old TV back to store and refunded it. (action) Customer was extremely satisfied that we would do that for her and was very relieved she did not have to figure out how to get the TV back to the store. (result)
Often one person will ask you the question and after you answer another may ask a follow-up question about your answer or want some sort of clarification. Usually they take turns asking the questions and whoever doesn't ask the main question they will often ask a follow-up.
As for me I'm in Phoenix. Just moved out here from Michigan back in January, so still adjusting to the Wild West. Best of luck in your interview!

General Discussion > Panel Job Interview > View Post
Try to be just as comfortable as if you were interviewing one-on-one. Make sure you engage all the panelists...don't lock in on one person, make sure you are making eye contact with them all. There isn't much more to it than that. Be expecting rapid fire questions, just stay cool and calm. It's goal is to see how well you handle the pressure. Just relax and don't let the fact that there is multiple people in the room psyche you out. I just had one last week and those are the best tips I can think of. Good luck

College Football > what a joke of a call in michigan st. > View Post
It was a touchdown. Conclusive view:  http://twitpic.com/74fez6/full

MLB Betting > STL +40000 to win NL > View Post
Awesome job man. Congratulations!

General Discussion > Films to see before you die > View Post
The Godfather
The Godfather II
Shawshank Redemption
Major League
Bull Durham
Rain Man

MLB Betting > Rangers / Tigers ALCS prices??? > View Post
-125/105. Verlander pitching twice and Rangers have 3 lefties starting vs predominantly RHH Tiger lineup. Rangers short favorite at most.

MLB Betting > Tigers/Yankees game 1 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by alhedwig:
The Tigers are vastly overrated.....they spent the year beating up on the Twins 14-4 White Sox 13-5 KC 11-5 and Cleveland 12-6. All teams in the crappy AL Central....28 games over .500
VS everyone else including NL teams they were exactly .500
Yankees are the play for the series

Good teams are supposed to beat bad teams. And Cleveland didn't suck for the first 81 games. Detroit went 18-8 vs playoff teams, with a winning record over every one. 4-3 vs. NYY, 6-3 vs. Texas, 6-1 vs. TB, 2-1 vs AZ. Overrated teams don't win 95 games in MLB no matter what division they are in.

NFL Betting > Jumped on Lions early..... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by waltertaylor24:
Didn't Stafford get banged up in the last game?  Anyone know if he is ok

It was just cramps from the 90 degree heat in Tampa. Nothing more. Stafford is completely healthy and will dissect the Chiefs d.

General Discussion > Faulk had more NFL receptions than Irving .... > View Post
Irving Fryar?

MLB Betting > I Think Halladay is the Best Pitcher in Baseball Right Now > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by shrimp1958:

JV......just as durable...100 mph after 120 pitches...pitches in the AL....no easy 8 and 9th place hitters....won't melt in hot weather....He's a fuckin ...

Doc a step behind....

Fantasy Sports > Will Granderson keep up in the 2nd half? > View Post
Baker just went on the DL so hope u pulled the trigger.

General Discussion > best sports teams that > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by KobeMVP:
Wasnt the best Lakers team but 2003-2004 was rather dissapointing... Losing to the Pistons in what would have been a 4 peat... Shaq, Kobe, Malone, Payton...

That wasn't a choke job they were dominated from the first game of the series by a more complete team.

General Discussion > Name That Covers Poster > View Post

General Discussion > Sheriff Joe has to be extra proud > View Post
From article:

"Female prisoners waited in a long line Saturday to receive their cup of ice"

"They're just doing this for the media attention. This cup isn't
going to do anything (to cool us down)," said Danielle Meek, 32, of

Doesn't sound like unlimited ice to me...not to mention this lovely tidbit:

After receiving the ice, a few complained to media members that the
fans near their beds were broken and the intense heat was causing their
shoes to melt.

Yep, Sheriff Joe great guy.

General Discussion > The Running Man Movie as a Reality Show > View Post
The Running Man - Great fucking Schwarznegger movie.

I say we need a real world Running Man. I nominate Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson as the first two contestants. Dynamo would fuck that bitch up! 

General Discussion > Sheriff Joe has to be extra proud > View Post
Link to article I just referenced:


General Discussion > Sheriff Joe has to be extra proud > View Post
It was 145 DEGREES inside Joe's prized "Tent City" over the weekend. And there was Joe with the media and a temperature gauge, bragging that he gave the prisoners ONE 6oz cup of ice to help keep them cool. But then he says I hope they don't expect it often, or something along those lines. Mind you 'Tent City' is mainly non-violent offenders. This man is the biggest piece of shit walking the Earth.

Fantasy Sports > Drop Oswalt, Sanchez, both?? > View Post
Pick up Baker and ditch Carpenter. Baker has been a K machine last 6 weeks or so.

Fantasy Sports > Drop Oswalt, Sanchez, both?? > View Post
3 bad starts, not 2...typo.

Fantasy Sports > Drop Oswalt, Sanchez, both?? > View Post
Anibal Sanchez is far from underachieving. He has had 2 bad starts all season. Other than that he's been really damn good. 14 of 17 starts with 3 ER or less. 111K in 109 IP.

Fantasy Sports > Rank these starting pitchers > View Post
Beckett, Dirty Sanchez, Ian Kennedy...Kennedy, Baker, Chacin, Bumgartner, Grienke, Nolasco, Morrow.

General Discussion > Three's Company > View Post
 Larry and Furley made that show!

General Discussion > Wrestling promo of the century > View Post
It was definitely a work. Regardless it was a "game changing" promo. Kudos to Punk and McMahon for allowing this.

General Discussion > Politically Incorrect News > View Post
I find the biggest story here is the absolute lack of nuts of any news organization to bring attention to this story. If the show was on the other foot, this shit would be world news.

MLB Betting > Free MLB League Contest! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by CRob44:
ok im a little lost, im in the

MLB Regular Season Contest - Make Picks  contest

I see no rules , is weekly monday thru sunday and is there min or max plays or units. I have no idea, i just started now

Weekly contests run Monday-Sunday. No min/no max.

MLB Betting > Miguel Cabrera does it again! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by AFN:
I had Under 9.5 in this one ..... sigh

That hurts. Sorry man.
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