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NBA Betting > I am writing this because it is a real life horro story and you deserve to know the truth. > View Post
I have some beer and pop cans you can return if you come and get em. I suggest wearing gloves, I never fully empty them when tossing them in a bag. Bring your old lady w/ you. Her and I can work something out for a couple extra bucks. 

College Basketball > Thursday > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by soxfann1:
I don't post plays BUT if I did I would not post that I don't have a play ,,,another goofball here.
some people strictly follow clappers who are 30 games over .500....if you don't understand why he posted he has no plays today, you need life lessons. Carry on...

College Basketball > Perception vs. Reality: Ignore the Top 25 Polls > View Post
OP nailed both plays he was referencing. St. Joes and Xavier. Received better lines on game day as well. Thanks JFen for the quick $200

NBA Betting > Guys betting on NBA All star PROPS is a sure sign of a problem > View Post
What's more pathetic? 

Guys having a little fun wagering on an all star game on a Sunday night? Or a guy wasting his time creating threads saying they're losers if they do? 

Break away from your computer. Go live life, if you have one. Your actions lead me to believe YOU NEED LIFE HELP 

NBA Betting > Why do people bet +1 and +2 lines? > View Post
Just when you think a guy has some cred on this sight, he posts some bs like this...smh

NBA Betting > Why Sports Betting is so Dangerous! > View Post
Religion is an addiction. People pray everyday, morning and night. They go to a building, usually on a street corner every Sunday and sometimes other days during the week. They randomly hand money to someone holding a basket. They do this weekly, without conviction or proof. 

I'd rather bet on sports. If you think I HAVE A PROBLEM? Walk in a church one day and try to preach to them. 

NFL Betting > vegas books are worried > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Relax_Dude:
9 TDs and 17 ints. That's what has to worry anyone backing the Denver offense. Denver has to shut down Carolina, make this a shortened game. Under. Carolina clutch late. Barely wins. This would be the best scenario for Vegas. Manning retires very wealthy. The slavery bred athletes from the south are supermen on the football field. They carry the last names of their English plantation owners: Smith, Newton, Richardson, Henry, Watson, Williams...The evils of slavery have created super athletes , huge linemen, and they look nothing like their African ancestors. Humanity is cruel. Science is weird. You and I created the spectacle we'll see . Enjoy it.
Enjoy the game

NFL Betting > Who's betting the pro bowl? Lol > View Post
I love the guys who say betting the pro bowl is stupid....Like they have any idea w/ any bet they make. I played the Knicks tm total the other night over 104. They had 84 after 3 qtrs, They scored 17 in the 4th. Every wager made is a crap shoot. Please, Please, Please don't think you're smart enough to have an edge in any wager you make. 

Prove your intellect thru made wagers before proving your ignorance.  

NBA Betting > Go Ahead Bet Boston I dare you > View Post
I read this thread before lookijng at the line. The line tells me Boston. Cavs are a huge public fav. Vegas don't pay the light bills by putting the Cavs -1 

That said I haven't put any wager in, so good luck w/ your play

NBA Betting > DeRozan > View Post
Trigg is an asshat. If he spent $100 a week on a hooker he'd be a happier person. However, hookers charge him $500. He's ugly

NBA Betting > Utah +6.5 > View Post
I missed this post as I wanted to talk about this game. I see a Jazz tm that has the Pacers, Nuggets and Sixers on the rd. 

I thrive on taking dogs but tonight, I see blowout. Remember, Cleveland has been home for over a week and won't take them lightly. This is the NBA so anything can happen. 

One of us will win and this is a long season. I use sound money management so I can say w/ honesty....GL w/ your play 

NBA Betting > Nobody wants to talk about the Utah Jazz at Cleveland??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
Actually locked it in at -5.5...

Does the line movement worry me? Not really. 

NBA Betting > Nobody wants to talk about the Utah Jazz at Cleveland??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
2-1 posted plays

 (I lost on the Blazers who gave up 40 to the Stones in the 4th qtr the other night while contributing 11 themselves after leading by 13 going into the last quarter.....(puke, puke, puke)

What an ugly game to talk about here. No wonder words haven't been spoken about this gm in these threads today.

Utah has been at home since beating the Grizz on Saturday night sleeping in their own beds, screwing their wives and girlfriends and feeling REALLY good about themselves, as they should. This Utah team is 3-1 on the road, losing their season opener on the road against the up-start Pistons as a slight fav (-2)...After their mini vaca, they then had to take a flight to Cleveland Ohio. I would rather walk on nails then go to Cleveland Ohio for anything, much less play against LeBron and Co.

But look a little deeper and those road wins are against the (cough-cough) Sixers, Pacers and Nuggets...Not exactly world beaters. Hell, not exactly bball teams.   

We have a line tonight of Cleveland -6 because the season is young and the books aren't yet prepared for tms such as the Jazz, Pistons and T-Wolves. Cleveland is 7-1 but only have a margin of victory at home of 7.5. So the books are looking at Utah and their road wins vs the Cavs and their home wins and set the # lower than average margin of victory for the Cavs. Hmmmm....why? 

I can't answer that. What I can answer is the fact Cleveland won't take this Jazz tm lightly. They can't. If they do, they'll lose SU. 

LeBron is the x factor here. He is the King of Kings (sorry Triple-H)...he knows this isn't a gimme game. I see a regression to the means tonight for Utah and their road victory's. Cleveland had an off day yesterday and have only played one b2b, and that was opening night and the day after. They've played every other day since then. They're comfortable, rested. And get this. They've been at home since Nov 3rd. Screwing their wives and whoever else is in their black books, sleeping in their beds, eating out of their fridges, playing w/ their children AND MOST IMPORTANTLY....practicing in their own gym. 

Give me Cleveland in a blow out tonight.....

CLeveland -6 $100 (I risk $100 per play, regardless how much I like em)

GL tonight gents 

also playong O200 Miami/Lakers ($100)  

NBA Betting > $$$$$$$ Golden Road Tuesday $$$$$$$ > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by sandyman:
seen 18 blacks in a row bet heavy red landed on 0
Was in Vegas 2 weeks ago and saw black hit 13 times in a row...It was unreal as a young black man walked up and just started playing $50 on black on about spin #3. I'm maxing out at $20 on a couple different #'s. Hit after hit after hit. Once it hit red he walked away. What a time to step up to the table for that youngster. Hope he went and a blast that night. 

NBA Betting > $$$$$$$ Golden Road Tuesday $$$$$$$ > View Post
Really like your Charlotte play. I'll most likely be on that myself. My only concern is the fact young players thrive and love to just "play the game". This isn't football where game plans are needed as much. It's kind of a "go out and see what happens" type of game w/ these young guys. I'll have a thread up by 6:30. Let me know what you think. 

GL w/ your plays tonight

NBA Betting > Nobody wants to talk about Detroit at Portland??? I'll talk about em... > View Post apologies...

41-11 in the 4th qtr,,,

that's sick. good bye $100....good bye 2nd half $100...

holy moly

NBA Betting > Nobody wants to talk about Detroit at Portland??? I'll talk about em... > View Post

NBA Betting > Nobody wants to talk about Detroit at Portland??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
Nice play

NBA Betting > Nobody wants to talk about Detroit at Portland??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
Nobody wants to talk....

Under 101 2nd half Pistons...


NBA Betting > Nobody wants to talk about Detroit at Portland??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
Much appreciated Papa^^^

NBA Betting > Nobody wants to talk about Detroit at Portland??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
Posted record 2-0...

The Detroit Pistons are going into the Moda Center at the Rose Quarter.....(my write up is over, lol)

I'll call it the Rose Garden and continue on. Detroit enters the night a surprising 4-1 playing stout defense and suspect offense. The Trailblazers are coming into the game playing surprising EVERYTHING as their super talented power-forward moved south to play w/ "champions". Talk about a kick in the teeth???

Well all Portland has done is go 4-2 beating the likes of New Orleans by 18 in the opener, the Cinderella sleeper Utah Jazz on the road by 16 and the mighty Memphis Grizzles on the road by 19. They also beat the the uber popular TWolves on the road by 5. I doubt they were ever favored but i'm not willing to give up time in my life to check it. Carry on.....

Portland has lost twice on b2b nights to the Phoenix Suns on a home and away. The same team Detroit just dismantled 2 nights ago. 

Now they get Detroit at home and the books have no idea what do. Both tms had limited expectations and probably won't fulfill their sudden playoff aspirations. Imo Detroit makes the 7th spot, but we're talking about the east. Kinda like talking about the skinniest kid at fat camp. 

I think I have a nice grip on this Stan Van Gundy led Pistons team as I'm a fan because of my location. I live 20 minutes outside the D, which is actually 25 miles away from the Palace in Auburn Hills where the Pistons actually play, lol. 

This Piston tm will be adequate sooner rather than later. Especially w/ Drummond and KCP and the rook Stanley Johnson. But winning two games in a row on the road against a team who's proven they have a chip on their shoulder is asking too much imo. 

Detroit will play stout defense but miss shots. They may even play crap defense and miss shots. Bottom line is missed shots. If they win this game the city will burn....i kid, i kid.    

Play the Blazers. Neither team is as good as they've been. One is at home and the other on the road. The road tm has trouble scoring and I know this because as I posted in my last winning post SVG said......

"I take care of the defense. My assistants take care of the offense. They need to do a better job"...

Imo, neither the offense nor the defense plays well in the "ROSE GARDEN"...

$100 Portland -2....I play $100 on every play regardless on how much I like them. GL w/ your plays gentlemen 

College Football > NCAA Football Saturday November 7th > View Post
I just poured me a bowl of Corn Puffs right out the bag....bout to add the water and enjoy me some brekky before spending my kids college money on some pigskin. Yee-haw!!!! 

NBA Betting > CrazyMilkMan's NBA Saturday > View Post
How do you cap games so fast? Just curious...

NBA Betting > Nobody Talking Pistons at Suns??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
Just got home from work to see 77-69 w/ 6:10 remaining in the 4th. Win or lose I had the right angle/side in this one. I'll "talk" some more soon. GL tomorrow w/ your wagers 

NBA Betting > Nobody Talking Pistons at Suns??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
^^^read yourself. Maybe I should proof read, lol

NBA Betting > Nobody Talking Pistons at Suns??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
Canadian...thanks a lot. You're a good yourself 

JJ and Skulf 

NBA Betting > Nobody Talking Pistons at Suns??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
Already down 2 pts to 199...still like it there but glad I got 201!!!

NBA Betting > Nobody Talking Pistons at Suns??? I'll talk about em... > View Post
Under 201 Pistons/Suns....

A quote from the beautiful mind of Stan Van Gundy after the Pistons won their 3rd straight game to open the season...

"Right now our defense is winning us games. I deal w/ the defense. My assistants deal w/ the offense and right now they need to do a better job".....OUCH

So what did those assistants and that offense do after being called out and having three straight off days to practice??? They put up a whopping 82 pts against the Pacers. 

After opening the season w/ a surprising victory on the rd against the Hawks and scoring 106 pts, the Pistons have averaged 90.66 ppg on offense against the Bulls (gave up 130 to the Hornets, 100 to the Nets), Jazz (108 to Portland) and the Pacers (106 to Raptors, 112 to the Grizz). The defense on the year has allowed 92.25 ppg thru their 4 games vs Bulls, Jazz, Pacers and Hawks. Not bad SVG!!!

I know this is the NBA and when you think you know something you really know nothing at all, but I doubt one of these teams gets past 93 pts. That means the other would have to hit 108 for the over to hit. I'm going to bet against that. 

I'm 1-0 w/ posted plays when I wanted to "talk" about the Wiz the other night vs. the Spurs. I loved the Wiz in that spot and they won su getting 4 pts. I've only commented in one other thread this yr when I questioned PapaShango's play on the Pistons over vs the Pacers the other night when the under hit by 25 pts. I'm not saying i'm good or know anything at all as I don't post much, but I like this play and will risk $100 on it. I bet $100 on every play I make, regardless how much I like it.   

GL tonight gentlemen

NBA Betting > Nobody talking Washington tonight??? I'll talk about em > View Post
I'm aware. New season, new players. 

 My angle is a rested team coming off a loss against a team on the road since their last home game friday night. 4th game in 6 nights, this is their 3rd straight road game. Washington practicing for the Spurs since Sunday for this game...

Idk. I would be disappointed if I were a Wizards fan and they lost this game tonight. They call it gambling for a reason. 

I played Washington for $100 at +4.... 

NBA Betting > Wednesday > View Post
You're 8-1 against the spread and I just played the Wizards....

Yuck, lol. 

Any reasoning why you like the Spurs playing their 3rd road game in 4 nights against a rested Washington team practicing since sunday for this game? 
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