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09/23/2017 Black Lives Matter... StumpTownStu 51
09/23/2017 Jesse Jackson and Donald Trump Dsn150 8
09/23/2017 If a Democrat president tweeted what Trump did long wallstreetcappers 125
09/22/2017 Only during a Trump presidency: White supremicists scream "White Lives Matter" with mock torches scalabrine 269
09/22/2017 Making America Great Again Dsn150 57
09/21/2017 This is who you elected....thank you from the bottom of my heart for F'ing us all scalabrine 86
09/21/2017 TRUMP TAKES ON GLOBAL ELITISTS Crusher13 33
09/20/2017 Good luck being a defendant in the U.S. court a black male scalabrine 102
09/19/2017 The End of the Dems sundance 30
09/13/2017 Hurricane Harvey decimates Texas. Hurricane Irma bulldozes Florida....Trump's Agenda? scalabrine 26
09/12/2017 Antifa Member Arrested At Protest Screaming "I NEED MY FU##ING SERVICE ANIMAL!!!" GimmeMoneyNow 26
09/03/2017 Sheriff Joe Arpaio wins pardon from Trump zelo123 117
08/26/2017 Black Lives Matter Leader makes request for Whites MikeMed 32
08/22/2017 So Trump sinks the biz council before every single member quits wallstreetcappers 51
08/21/2017 OBAMA did not condemn racism after BLM radical shot 5 white cops lovethedough 38
08/20/2017 Mom of Charlottesville victim Thanks TRUMP for Comforting Statement lovethedough 25
08/18/2017 Russia - Trump - Who Cares MikeMed 27
08/16/2017 ESPN Apologizes for "racist" player auction lovethedough 21
08/14/2017 Well, Since This Actually Is A "Political Betting" Forum..... GimmeMoneyNow 25
07/22/2017 WHY ARE ALL YOU RIGHTIES SO QUIET ABOUT jrs. E-MAILS. darkhorse12 203
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