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Systems & Strategies > NHL 2 Team road parlay system > View Post
Would you happen to have a break down of when each 
game/parlay has a loss(not a 8 game loss)
if one or both teams lose?
I have only been following for a short while and noticed 
that more then a few times when you lose a bet both teams lose
if you bet the opposite at +odds might end up paying big.

Las Vegas > Mandalay Bay > View Post
The BurgerBar has a pretty good Kobi Buger.

Las Vegas > Westgate > View Post
So the westgate charges $20 for parking?
Whats the minimum betting ticket to get 
   free parking?

Las Vegas > bars/clubs in vegas for 35+ > View Post
When our friends are in town we normally take them to 
the bar at time square in NYNY dueling pianos lots of
80/90 songs sing along type bar 

Las Vegas > Working at a Vegas sports book/rules and regulations > View Post
From what I understood anyone in casino could bet in sportsbook except ticket writers in the book, even if they were off duty.
In case the heard or knew something about the money or line they might of overheard. And as a ticket writer you wasnt even suppose to bet  at any book in the family, so Caesars group could bet at any of there properties. And when hired you were suppose to turn in your players card for the Casino so you could be swiping your card in case they didnt give you one to get credit.
The poker room and some of the "model" dealers got to keep there own tips, evenyone else had there own pool.
Just at Caesars the race/sportsboo was together with keno.
I wish we kept our own, I use to have a line of people waiting for me when others were just sitting there doing nothing.
A lot of ticket writers would get frustrated a lot with people no knowing how to bet or their options. I would take the time to explain any/everything they wanted, getting paid to talk sports and betting , all day everyday, and shared some info about drink tickets and some other stuff which is public knowledge that people don't realize or understand. Some just tipped 20-40-80 cents but that was like every horse race 3,4,5 guys every 10 minutes it adds up quick, sometimes a few bucks or more, depending, some would even buy me drinks(which I could not refuse nor drink until off duty)

Las Vegas > Working at a Vegas sports book/rules and regulations > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by 666LES:
Was that the tip pool from race/sports or the entire shift?

The tip pool was based off the whole week total and on the cuts
Just from sportsbook/race/keno ticket writers get nothing off floor
floor has their own pool and poker room dealer keeps their own tips
I dont remember exactly but like this hrs for 2 week period
0-23.99 hr .25 cut  (this is where it got me)
24-59.99 hr .5 cut
60+ full cut 1
and vacation counts toward the cut
so if 20 people might be at
12 full cut
6 half cut
2 .25 cut 
total 15.5 cuts then take total say(to make it easy)
$1550 so a cut is $100
so you get 100, 50 or 25
I asked for a copy of the tipping policy and the on older lady that ran it got very defensive about questioning her about it, I just asked for a copy so I knew the policy.
And there were several non-ticket writers that got cuts i believe
back office and management I think 
i guess i could of looked at the sign out sheet to pickup your envelope but never thought about it.
We got paid every 2 week so you would get tips one week and payroll the following week and tips were recorded and taxed on check 
And if it was a special event, like Superbowl, tripple crown, March madness , etc, the brought in extra ticket writers from other areas and that day was paid out in separate envelope to people that worked  it. 

Las Vegas > Working at a Vegas sports book/rules and regulations > View Post
I worked at Caesars Palace sportsbook
Easiest to get hired in as a Temp during football season,
where they need people very badly/
If they like you, you will be offered a job.
You will not get promoted to manager, dont get your hopes up.
If i remember correct.
Also they will not let you gamble"table games"in the same property.
If you are a sportsbook ticket writer, besides the poker room
Everyone else in casino"employee" can bet sports or play poker
Also you will be taking not only sports but horses so if you dont know start learning different horse calls "exacta, trifecta, wheel, key, daily double, pick6,etc" and different track names

Will also have to have drug screen and backgound/police record
expect just above minimum wage plus tips."tip pool cut from hours worked" and find out tipping policy for hrs worked.
I got screwed out of $80 because they asked if i wanted to leave 1 hr early, wasn't told what policy was until i asked after this happened

Las Vegas > Can I get a room comped for a weekend if I wager 10k on a football game? > View Post
(When I worked at caesars palace sports book,
We had a random guy come in during march maddness thinking he was king of the world with his 3-4 friends wanting to bet $5g asking for a manager wanted this and that comped (room, food, drinks)
Manager asked for his player card(new card, no action) came back and said if I even take your bet i can get you some drink coupons,
He wasn't happy. I just  laughed as he walked away without making his bet

Systems & Strategies > JM superbowl pick > View Post
I dont think he has a superbowl system.
What he calls his superbowl system
is you dont play until next season 
and you bet against the superbowl winner
in a 3 game chase starting at game1 not preseason
From email last year.
The system truly earns its name, as through my research there has
never, ever been an instance where the system has generated a losing
series! My "NFL Super Bowl Betting System That Has Never Lost" goes
by a 3-game series as you've always been accustomed to, where bets
are made through a series of [A], [B] and [C] bets. Its 100%
undefeated winning record denotes to the fact that it has never, ever
suffered a single 3-game series loss in the entire history of the
NFL, starting all the way back from Super Bowl 1 to Super Bowl 47!

Imagine being able to place bets on the Super Bowl with unshakable
winning confidence, backed up by historical results that the system
has never generated a losing series in the history of the league!

Las Vegas > Disappointed With William Hill Phone App > View Post
I never had a issue but you could disable the 4g before logging on.

Station casino has deposit/withdraw by prepaid discover card
 now you can apply for a card after you open a account.
never have to go to casino until you update your license

NBA Betting > worst moose ever > View Post
Why u been hacked? cause you was found in a server wich is dedicate to games and bets online wich are huge bunch of spammers.
Then, why you? Millions of people are suffering under poverty and misery and you throw your money like a garbage.
It is time to think as one in the planet to give a possible future for our children.
Pleople like you, sleepers, and/or scammers and/or spammers that forgotten your humanity, you just can´t feel anymore,, just watching sports but blind to the pain in the world ... but we, neither forgive, nor forget, wait for us because we are legion, we are anonym0us.1333


Las Vegas > The Mansion at MGM > View Post
3-4 years ago I delivered Xmas trees there.
I didnt get to go though whole place but what I saw was
real nice.
I think its only for whales and celebrities.
I was surprised where it was located.
At least where we went in with the trees

Systems & Strategies > The 7th Inning Stretch > View Post
Ad didn't Philly lose last night

Systems & Strategies > GREATEST SYSTEM EVER Results for past 5 years! > View Post
I'm up following Jeff but I do a 3 line labby
I bet 1-3 and then repeat 4-6

Systems & Strategies > GREATEST SYSTEM EVER Results for past 5 years! > View Post
I was thinking aslo about .25% for game 1

For your aggressive Labby did you run 1 line for everything
or 1 line for each game #
like all game 1's on game 2's etc on separate lines

Systems & Strategies > GREATEST SYSTEM EVER Results for past 5 years! > View Post
Tomorrow wont come soon enough.

With so many plays
What is the suggested bankroll % for each series.

Systems & Strategies > The Magnificent Seven > View Post
I have a few questions
 on the M7 is it 7 exactly or at least 7

and on the M7-totals
I didnt see anything about where these come from

keep up the great work 

General Discussion > Eyeglass wearers > View Post
You can measure it yourself.
Just get a millimeter ruler and measure distance from
center of one pupil to center of the other.
so online glasses places will even send you a
special ruler to look through in mirror so you can do
it yourself

Systems & Strategies > Dog Streak Chase 2014 > View Post

Same with this one.
I corrected it for you

Systems & Strategies > Home Fav Chase 2014 > View Post
There was a error with file from being on 2 different lines.
I corrected it for you.
just copy and paste.

Systems & Strategies > Home Fav Chase 2014 > View Post

Technology > Nexus 5 ? > View Post
I bought 2 direct from google.
they are unlocked t-moile sim
my daughter and I love it
I use mine with t-mobile
my daughter uses wal-mart family mobile
which is "t-mobile" we had to change some
settings to get hers to work
but works great

Las Vegas > Anyone ever stay at the Green Valley Ranch ? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by CorneliusCook:
Remember when the M used to have free soda fountains in the casino? That was pretty sweet.

I usually eat at deli when I first get there and keep my cup
and then just keep refilling all day.

Technology > 2 line cell phone > View Post
There are phones out there that take more then one sim card.
But most likely you'll have to import it.
and you will have to pay full price for not like the free phones 
with contract. just do a google search or look on cnet

Technology > signal repeater for laptop > View Post
Is it direct line of sight on in building
do you get any signal from the connection.
Is it your router sending signal?
If it is you could install new software on it to boost signal
or install directional antenna.
same with your connection you could install better antenna.

i have the linksys WRT54G seriesrouter
with dd-wrt installed
It was rumored that they were able to connect two of these 250 miles away but I find it hard to believe that
but with my setup I'm able to go out to lake or up to village and still have good signal.

Systems & Strategies > 117 days and counting until.... > View Post
Hey Hat 
Where you do you bet at online or in vegas?

Las Vegas > Anyone ever stay at the Green Valley Ranch ? > View Post
That is a good way off strip.
You'll need a car or pay a good taxi fare if you want to go to strip.
I really like Green valley Ranch.
Is there a reason you're looking to stay off strip?
Could do Rio which is "off Strip"
or head south to southpoint or the M

Las Vegas > Caesars Sports Book > View Post
If you want drink tickets ask for them.
$50 gets you one over $100 gets 2 on sports

or do the horse race trick.
drinks at bar run $5
horse wagers $2 gets free drink ticket
bet the heavy favorite to show for $2 free drink- ask for it
you will win most of the time, but only $2.10-2.40 or so
but it dont matter take ticket back do same thing 
bet next heavy favorite for $2 get free drink leave
the change as tip for writer.
say you lose 2 out of 10 you just got 10 beers for $4
remember to ask for your drink tickets!

General Discussion > Candy Crush Saga > View Post
My wife plays nonstop.
She was just told about a kind of help.
as soon as you start a new board 
if you dont like what you see you can 
bring up that menu exit and re-enter
it will reshuffle the board to get maybe
better combos, and it dont use any lives
she restart a board 10+ times looking for 
ones that have some 4 or 5 strings ready to go

Technology > Download free movies > View Post

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