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NFL Betting > watch game online > View Post
where is good to watch online right now links anyone ?

College Football > *** FRIDAY BOWLS *** > View Post
im with you on the over gl

NFL Betting > where to watch games online ? > View Post
any links ?

NFL Betting > Best futures bet! > View Post
agree he is trash

NFL Betting > Don't want to kick people while they're down, but... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by WilliamMunny:
Very well said. Number one thing I learned about the Super Bowl is the niner fans are total douchbag whiney losers. Here's to you niner fans sucking my D?!$& 

yep 49er fans are like steelers fans they never stfu ever don t worry though you want have too hear from 49ers again they want be backk

NFL Betting > 49er fans relax, Donte Whitner says they win SuperBowl 48 > View Post
  they all say that stupid garbage after losing SB and they never do

NFL Betting > WILSON or KAPPERNICK???? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by ActionMagnet:
Have you been actually watching football? Have you been hearing the announcers gloat about kaps arm strength and accurate passing? You must be blind or just ignorant. He will be a star in the nfl.

lolllllllll pocket passers win superbowls the option qb just get your hope up just too watch the fail year in and out san fran will never win a SB with that moron behind center thats a guarantee

NFL Betting > Congrats to the RAVENS fans and their backers > View Post
Its amazing the 49ers lost the game lolllllllllll they held the 49ers too 6 points in nalmost 2 and a half quarters till that phoney fcking blackout if that blackout dont happen you cry baby loser fcking 49er fans lose by double digits thank the blackout for making it a respectful game cause without the 49ers was embarrased

NFL Betting > San Fran you can't fight city hall or BAD REFS > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by dustmiester:
All I have to say is that SF deserved to win that game. Balt got lucky Flaccos heave that caught the Niners off guard and then the 109 yard run back with the most sickening no call for holding I ever seen.Granted the Niners fought back and had a chance to win. The last 4 plays kinda made me wonder WTF..especially ahem Jim called that timeout on third Down WTF third and goal from the 10 is better if u r throwing the ball.and then the worst no call in the end zone.comeon manhe was held the whole way and the defender never even looked back..sickening.theREFS BLEW IT again plain and simple.ans can you blame it on one play...yes u can can if that is what it comes down to even if it was the last play of the game .  Make the fricken call the way those refs had no big game experience from what I was being told and u could tell

go cry your bullshit box garbage somewhere else they turned the power out in 3rd quarter when you were getting fcking smashed too save your pityful team

NFL Betting > I think I will puke if I have to see Ray Lewis hoist the Lombardi trophy > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by shrimp1958:

Sadly even turning the lights out didn't save the 49 er's ....

yea but the nfl tried everything too make ravens lose they didnt want us too win

General Discussion > deer antler spray... > View Post
dont waste your money its trash just buy hgh that stuff is amazing

General Discussion > Is the Ravens-49ers SB a Steeler fans worst nightmare? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by searchwarrant:
I've never met a steeler fan that I didnt feel the intense urge to drown.

yep americas team you gotta love there person riding fans

NFL Betting > POUND THE PATS -9.5 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by terp4life:
me being a Ravens fan, little worried about 72% being on them. 

well i will guarantee its not at 72 percent all these numbers will adjust before gametime who cares cap the game make the bet dont worry about the rest

NFL Betting > RAVENS +9 @ PATRIOTS > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by FSerpico:
RAVENS ATS & ML no question about it.. It's insane the respect that Brady and his coach get. This line is inflated by 5,6 points due to those two men.. The Ravens will spill their guts in Foxboro next week. They either WIN the game or lose another heartbreaker but cover the line. Pats do not scare me or the Ravens at all.. This team is very beatable and I expect a Ravens SU win.


NFL Betting > Hey Atlanta U got one Coming > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by originator:

And ur players smiling after the game like its some kind of joke... They were 16 seconds from blowing their heads off and these clowns think its ok what they just did?? Atlanta Screw everything about u i cant waite to pound San Fran... Atlanta deserves the worst.. They are the biggest Disgrace in America..

please bet san fran you wil  be coming back cryinng about them gettin beat next week too

QUOTE Originally Posted by pinballwizard:
Totally agree, the Niners are a definite LOCK to beat Atlanta. 

boy i love that lock work i will be all over atlanta as you idiots bet san fran cause they played a horrible green bay defennse and beat them

NFL Betting > BALTIMORE +9 at Denver are you kidding me??? > View Post
yea ravens great game all that garbage talking has left your thread after manning went home lol

NFL Betting > Les Miles must be Coaching the Seahawks > View Post
this is why college coaches dont belong in nfl 4th and 1 and they get stuffed moron should of kicked the chip shot fg and then the bullshit at end of half this isnt college pete carroll you fckin suck

NFL Betting > Richard Sherman > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by 2Team_Parlay:
hater... just remember in one year he makes more than u will ur entire life

wtf does that matter you moron he is still a thug piece of garbage

NFL Betting > 2012 Teasers.. 14-7, YTD +6.70, post yours > View Post
broncos-2.5 and 49ers  plus 3

NFL Betting > LUCK ....INDY owns BALTIMORE > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by cashaholic:
Just think about it guys 

Indy was dogged in regular season by 16 to bmore 

And covered 

Playoffs will be a tighter match up 

The +7.5 looks lovely to me 

Do as you please ...some of you ave taken it personal 

Shows how some people let their emotions get the best of them 

Don't bet with your heart with your head

the people that bet with there head yesterday one as baltimore blew em out

NFL Betting > RAVENS +9 @ DENVER > View Post
all favorites covered this weekend not sure that will happen again though

Gaming Industry - US > I need a sportsbook accepting new accounts for MD residents. > View Post
im from MD also and i use heritage sportsbook with no problems

NFL Betting > Lets talk 4 pm scenerios..... > View Post
well if houston loses which its not looking good for them pats, broncos are playing for first round byes which is huge

NFL Betting > Ravens @ Bengals > View Post
your lean is correct bengals win this game ravens will have there starters pulled in 3rd or 4th quarter for sure bengals marvin lewis says he will play all his starters full game unlike previous years

NFL Betting > Going large on 3 plays for week 17 and other stuff to follow.. > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by bpickin:
I think the ravens won't care as much even tho they are both set, but cincy is at home and there is never a bad time to play a good hard game for the home crowd against a great opposition.

yes and its a division rivarly and baltimore beat them by 30 points earlier in the year and balt sucks on road and both coaches have came out and said starters will play cin. wins this by 10

Gaming Industry - US > Heritage must read > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by kdawgy:
I know it's not something most (smart) players like to brag about.  But do you mind sharing how much you won?

Also, were you betting only certain lines or sports.  Such as international soccer or hockey or something they probably don't take much action on?

yea that can you share  how much you won what was there limit before they banned you

NFL Betting > NFL Week 17 Largest bet of the year for me: Seattle vs St Louis > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Mack05:
You have to wonder how motivated the Hawks will be. They know San frAn ain't losing to the Cards at home. They know they have a HUGE game next week. Lose next week and the last 3 games mean nothing. I know people will say they won't let the foot off the gas as you never know in the NFL but how can you really be sure there won't be a mental letdown in his spot? The truth is you can't. No play for me...

i promise you with that college coach carroll on the side line he will not take the foot off the gas ever he will  try everything he can too put 50 on em

NFL Betting > If Redskins lose to the Cowboys next week... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by WinsNow999:
Cowboys! .....winner take it all!!!! DIVISION TITTLE AND PLAFOFF Birth!!!

i know winner takes all but can someone explain how in the fck can cowboystake division skins have better conference record , divsion record and if they lose too them i believe there division record would be tied and conference would still be in redskins favor cowgirls dont deserve too be in any playoffs games s

NFL Betting > Freakin Steelers > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by joeygolf:
The old KC Chiefs coach is the offensive coordinator, so I knew I was screwed. Damn

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