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Pro Basketball > Los Angeles at Milwaukee (03/28/2013) > View Post
The lakers have not won games on consecutive days ALL SEASON....

Buying three points and taking the Bucks +5. Don't like the total, the Lakers crappy D and the B2B could have this fly over. 

Pro Basketball > Toronto at Portland (12/10/2012) > View Post
Who the hell's going to score for Portland with Batum and Matthews out? Aldridge and Lillard can only do so much. Like the Under and like Toronto but they're so freaking awful it's only worth a small play

Pro Basketball > San Antonio at Houston (12/10/2012) > View Post
Didn't see Harden might be out - still leaning Rockets but may lay off if he doesn't go. 

Pro Basketball > San Antonio at Houston (12/10/2012) > View Post
Liking the Rockets +6.5....home team does really well in this series, and Houston should come out looking to get some revenge for the beatdown they recently took in San Antonio.

Rockets +6.5

Pro Basketball > Sacramento at Dallas (12/10/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by dooom:
fade the over...No Tyreke, no Nowitzki, no Marion and maybe no Kaman tonight

Evans is questionable - is he confirmed out? Don't even see Kaman on the injury report on covers. 

Like the Under as well if they're both out

Pro Basketball > Sacramento at Dallas (12/10/2012) > View Post
Actually a pretty interesting game...Sacramento's been playing every game real close besides a blowout on the road against the Clippers.

Dallas has been woefully inconsistent, but just scored back to back road wins.

Kings +6

Pro Basketball > Sacramento at Dallas (12/10/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by dooom:

Will wait to see what the spread line is later

Over is 11-2 in the last 13 meetings in Dallas. 
Over is 33-16-2 in the last 51 meetings. 

Pro Basketball > Atlanta at Miami (12/10/2012) > View Post
Under is 13-3 in the last 16 meetings in Miami. 
Under is 17-7 in the last 24 meetings

Atlanta playing much better D than anyone expected (check out Lowe's article on Grantland about it - pretty interesting stuff). Also would take them on the spread as Miami's been kind of stumbling along lately. 

Atlanta +7.5 and Under 195

Pro Football > Houston at New England (12/10/2012) > View Post
And as far as the total, keep an eye on the weather. I like the over but if it's rainy and cold it'll make it tough to hit that high number. 

Pro Football > Houston at New England (12/10/2012) > View Post
After what GB, Jax, and Det did to Houston, what do you think Tom and Co. are going to do? Schaub's garbage, and the potential poor conditions favors NE. Only way Hou covers and/or wins is if Watt and the Houston d line get all over Brady. I don't think that will happen. 

Pats -4

Pro Basketball > Milwaukee at Brooklyn (12/09/2012) > View Post
Bucks are 11-0 ATS in the last 11 meetings. 
Bucks are 6-0 ATS in the last 6 meetings in Brooklyn.

Bucks it is?

Pro Basketball > Denver at Atlanta (12/05/2012) > View Post
Atlanta plays really good D, they've only given up 100+ twice this year I believe. With all the money coming in the over (93%+ according to Vegas Insider), I'm going to fade the public and go with the Under based on Atlanta's D.

Also like the Hawks, they're underrated and Denver hasn't been able to put anything together on the road besides one good win in Memphis.

Altanta - 1 and Under

Pro Basketball > Minnesota at Boston (12/05/2012) > View Post
I see Rondo and Co. coming out and covering this line against a Minnesota team that's really lacking depth right now. Minny's on the B2B, so they may be a little tired and that will lead to some shoddy D.

Boston hasn't been playing particularly great D this year either, so I like the Over.

Boston -6 and Over 189.5

Pro Football > Denver at Oakland (12/06/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Sammy_Ace:

I have nothing productive to say about Oakland, other than they are probably the play here. This nationally televised game should be like their Super Bowl. Plus they just lost to the Browns at home. Things can't get much worse.

I said that about the Chiefs a couple of days before the Belcher mess happened... 

Agree with the analysis though. Oak +10.5 seems like the play. Oakland seems to be the only bad team that really has not shown up and thrown a wrench into things like the Jags, Chiefs and Browns have. They only showed up at home against the Chiefs.

These Thursday games seem to inevitably turn into low scoring, grind em' out games. Even the Atl/NO game turned into somewhat of a slopfest. With Oakland's awful defense, that might not happen here. But I'm willing to role with the handful of trends. I don't see how you can be comfortable laying double digits on the road in any division game anyways.

Oak +10.5

Pro Basketball > Orlando at Golden State (12/03/2012) > View Post
Magic haven't really been ripped by anyone except for San 9.5 seems like an awful lot.

But I agree with the above post that Golden State is getting better and better, and Orlando should be flat after last night's win.

Small play on Golden State -9.5

Pro Basketball > Milwaukee at New Orleans (12/03/2012) > View Post
Like the over here...besides games against tough defensive teams in Miami and Minnesota, Bucks have given up a lot of points to teams on the road.

New Orleans, on the other hand, seems to lack any defense. I see Ellis and Jennings lighting up the scoreboard, and the Hornets will do a good enough job of putting up their end as well.

Over 188.5

Pro Basketball > Cleveland at Detroit (12/03/2012) > View Post
Liking the over....Cavs give up tons of points and Detroit ain't exactly a defensive juggernaut either. Should be two bad teams slugging it out and putting up a decent amount of points.

Over 192

Pro Basketball > Toronto at Denver (12/03/2012) > View Post
Raptors are reeling, 10.5 points isn't enough against a Denver team that rolls at home. 

Nuggets -10.5 and Under

Pro Basketball > Los Angeles at Utah (12/03/2012) > View Post
Clips have lost three straight road games, Utah is 6-0 at home....something's gotta give,

Clippers are 3-14 ATS in the last 17 meetings in Utah. 

Between that and the overwhelming amount of public money on LA, I'm taking the Jazz getting points at home

Jazz +2

Pro Basketball > Phoenix at Detroit (11/28/2012) > View Post
Both teams stink, but Suns are on the B2B and on the road.

Pistons -3

Pro Basketball > Brooklyn at Boston (11/28/2012) > View Post
Brooklyn's 3rd game in 4 nights (including the OT game with the Knicks), Celts are rested, and give up a lot of points so far so between that and Brooklyn being a little tired I like the over

Celtics -3 and Over

Pro Basketball > Minnesota at Sacramento (11/27/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by dooom:
Kings -1.5 

OVER 195.5 (STREAK SURVIVOR PICK) [ Current Streak: 3 ]

Also loving the over...neither team plays much D

Pro Basketball > Minnesota at Sacramento (11/27/2012) > View Post
Kings just handled the Jazz and Lakers at home....I'm thinking they handle the struggling Wolves as well. Roster's still a little thin due to injuries even with Love back. Like the low line too, and there's going to be a good chunk of public money on the Wolves (71% as of now according to Vegas Insider). Home team also does very well in this series. Wolves will get out of this rut, but not tonight. 

Kings -1 

Pro Basketball > Toronto at Houston (11/27/2012) > View Post
Home team has dominated this series....I'd go Houston ML if I was going to take a ML. Raptors with the points isn't a bad idea either though, as there is overwhelming money on the Rockets from the public so far.

Pro Basketball > San Antonio at Washington (11/26/2012) > View Post
Spurs are 16-4-2 ATS in the last 22 meetings, including 10-0 the last ten.

Pro Basketball > New Orleans at Los Angeles (11/26/2012) > View Post
No Davis for NO....I smell a blowout at Staples tonight after three straight road losses for the Clips. They should come out ready to roll.

Clippers -12.5

Pro Basketball > Denver at Utah (11/26/2012) > View Post
Denver finally got a good road win vs Memphis, but still struggle overall on the road (they lost to the worthless Suns for crying out loud). Jazz a strong home team, plus the home team does really well in this series.

Jazz -3

Pro Basketball > Milwaukee at Chicago (11/26/2012) > View Post
Bulls have won the last NINE in the series 

Revenge factor in play, not sure on this one. Public's on the Bucks.....I think I honestly like the Bulls -4.5, especially w/ a banged up Jennings.

Bulls -4.5 small play

Pro Football > Carolina at Philadelphia (11/26/2012) > View Post
Too much Panthers love....84% of they money on Carolina and climbing according to Vegas Insider.

Lost money on the birds when they played the Saints and the Washington....third times a charm?  I mean the Eagles are 1-8-1 ATS, that has to even out a little before the season's end you'd think. Fading the public and putting a small wager on...

Eagles +3 

Pro Basketball > Portland at Detroit (11/26/2012) > View Post
90% taking Portland according to Vegas Insider. Portland has been really bad on the road, only beating a hapless Kings team. The Pistons are crap too, but way too much Portland love from the public. I see Detroit coming through here. 

Pistons -1
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