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QUOTE Originally Posted by TopNotchKata:
Boyd isn't overrated man quit the nonesense


Clemson is a disgrace.  As a Dodger fan, I consider myself an expert in this field.


Pompous, pretentious fools.


Wow...I knew Clemsuck and its fans were overrated, but this is pathetic. View

QUOTE Originally Posted by PapaShango:
North Dakota State Over Kansas State

Sheer genius.  Well done, sir!


Good to see you on the Wolf Pack,  One of Covers' best,  Let's make some money!


One of the best reads on covers.  BOL Shark!  I'd like your take on UNLV at Minny.  I'm leaning hard toward the Gophers -14.


QUOTE Originally Posted by nickeydyme:
That just means they have 18 guys back who could only play ball for one of the worst schools in country


QUOTE Originally Posted by VegasVandal:

According to who? I am an alum and graduated '07 and the R cannot just "be dropped". The school is The University of Nevada, Reno. The website is even, Some students tried to show emphasis on us being only "Nevada" as it showed some semblance of being the major University in the state however many people I know still use that term


EVERY local refers to the school as UNR, despite the athletics department's attempts to brand the school as just "Nevada."


QUOTE Originally Posted by ejnell_04:
Will Wade score this much tonight?


QUOTE Originally Posted by bookieassassin:

got mine at Barnes & Noble

Dallas, TX

We have a winnah!  Who does he have winning it all?
I grabbed Lindy's the other day just to get my fix.  What's the deal, Steele? View

Last year I used this strategy and hoped the Heat would lose game one, which they did.  That raised the series price to Miami +240, and I jumped.  +110 is a hell of a lot less enticing.


I'm thinking first half under, full game over. View
Lots of folks already had their mags by this time last year, myself included.  I can't decide whether to wait for my next trip to Walgreen's or Walmart or just order the damn thing online. View

Looks sound to me, but the points scare me, and the price on Grizz moneyline is up to -145.  This team's been a lot tougher than the 3-0 situation suggests.  I'm gonna count on Memphis fighting to win one last game at home to vindicate their season.  While Pop would like to get his players some extra rest, this is the kind of game where he's not going to overly tax his stars.  Situationally Memphis looks strong.



QUOTE Originally Posted by LonghornHoosier:
USC -19 over Hawaii...does that seem low...I know SC backers were burned by their half assed effort against GT in the Sun Bowl.   Kiffin threw his dad under the bus.   He must start producing.   I know its on the island, and SC has a new QB, but does anyone else see an absolute beat down if SC is even marginally motivated???

Absolutely.  No way Hawai'i keeps up.  The coaching is questionable, but the talent is always there at SC.  Huge talent differential.


amd...on behalf of the Washoe Welcome Committee we hope you enjoyed/are enjoying our biggest little city.  Used to be a great town...


QUOTE Originally Posted by Laroja:
In the SEC Golson would have been given a 30 minute detention.


I've gotta believe that Golson is on one of the regional covers, if not the national version cover.  I'll bet he has ND rated high, and I've got to believe he's already gone to press.  I doubt Mr. Steele is in a good mood this morning.

BTW, anyone found a copy yet?



QUOTE Originally Posted by warcameagle56:
I heard on the radio the other day that enrollment@Bama has gone up 33% since Saban arrived,faculty has gone up from 400 to 1700 and the Univ  of  ...


Preposterous.  The faculty more than quadrupled since 2007?!?!?  No chance.  Four times the faculty means you immediately need four times the classroom space.  And Alabama is far too big a school to have had just 400 faculty members in 2007.  I taught at a much smaller university and we had more than 400 faculty members (myself once included). 

QUOTE Originally Posted by THEMUGG:
 Won't be long before the Big Sky goes D1.......
That is plausible and intriguing.  The Montana schools are strong, Sac State beats a D-1 team every year, it seems.  EWU, NAU and Weber have strong football traditions  PSU, too.  Why not?
His website reports he will not be publishing his FCS and NFL guides this year.  And the newsstand date for the FBS guide is June 18.  If you pre-order he says it'll ship a week earlier, but it'll cost an extra five bucks.  I distinctly remember buying last year's guide around Memorial Day at B&N.  View

So, the teams that played last night will play game 3's tomorrow, but the teams that played Tuesday don't play until Saturday.  And no games at all today?  WTF?



At this point, it's all about motivation.  Boston's had a lot more playoff experience than the Knicks lately.  They've got huge motivation to win what's probably the last home game of the season.  Boston in a squeaker.  The NBA and the networks would Loooove a game seven between these two huge markets...


Thanks as always for the info. View

I don't know if this has been posted here, but another site is reporting that all of these bets, winners and losers, are being voided by Vegas because of the canceled game.  They didn't play no action. 

The name "Pitino" has huge recruiting clout.  Then again, so should have Tubby's. View View
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