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QUOTE Originally Posted by LonghornHoosier:
Col Jim - Toledo does not play next Sat against No Ill.  They will have 10 days to prepare for lookahead...just maintenance of their top 20 ranking with their eyes on the prize (ie entry into a Major Bowl as best non Power 5)...Toledo TCB's on Saturday and covers...

Looks like the Colonel does know what he talking about, any...well i'll let your post speak for itself. 
QUOTE Originally Posted by moho:
KC do or die and if there's ever a time for Keuchel to lose a home game,this is it now. Its playoffs baby and the odds are too juicy.

KC line

MOHO = idiot 

QUOTE Originally Posted by moho:
0ver 8-0 last 8 meets

Elias hasn't pitched since May 6 and is winless last 5 dating back to 2014
Kelly hasn't won since his season debut, posting a 7.67 ERA in 5 outings and giving up 5+ runs in 4 straight

Games over the last 3 seasons

12 of 12 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL

All games at SEATTLE over the last 3 seasons

7 of 7 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL

BOS hitting a major league-worst .188 against lefties

SEA -0.5
0VER 7.5
QUOTE Originally Posted by ajjugglez:

Blah, blah, blah. Habs not going to win. Sens 4-3. and Flames an over 4-2
U piece of garbage experts on the over last night... eat garbage View
Talk all the smack you want, Dallas is going to whoop that cheese crack behind. You all want to blame on something other than the Cowboys are good. Refs calls went both ways. Deal with it!!!!! View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Blackballer:
I somehow have the feeling that -10 looks a bit too high. Orlando can put points on the board. I take Orland +10 for small stake. GLTA.

Good luck with that... but i like the girl. 
Over View
The "U" baby minus the points!  View
KC all the way. Dont give a crap about the over/under  View
My opinion, this is going to be a balls to the walls scoring event.Just for confidence, someone needs to win. Both will bring the kitchen sink plus some. Gotta go with Tenn 38-36  View
Angels didn't come this fat just to lay down....  9-5 View
QUOTE Originally Posted by shawnyd:
Hey thanks for the big tip!!  It has to go over since you "played in the dome", back in the day.  

QUOTE Originally Posted by moviefan:

Depending on weather? This is September, not December! It's gonna be in the upper 70's and sunny.
QUOTE Originally Posted by redthundersky:
fish win another  squeaker.....6-1

Dude. All your post have been really stupid. 6-1 is the worst saying it will be a squeaker
Pirates. .. u pieces of shits just need to disappear
not worth a garbage
ATLANTA You sorry behind sell out pieces of garbage. Must went out last night did crack and decided not to show up tonight.  darn the whole team. View
red sox tankers

Tigers typical tankers View
Agreed. NATS View
KC easy View
QUOTE Originally Posted by baconbits:
They been seeking revenge for about 3 years......

Charlotte sucks behind. baconbits. U are such a dumbass 
f&*% bELMONT

darn BELMONT View
QUOTE Originally Posted by diondimucci:
the knicks by double digits

Really. You are a joke just like everything else in New York. Down 32-7 in the 1st quarter 
Oakland just sucks. Cowboys 37-10 View
QUOTE Originally Posted by vampiro666:
mis numeros me indican q deveria de ganar facilmente green bay y se da la alta espero no equivocarme con esta prediccion soy nuevo en este medio y no se mucho de este juego pero hay le voy poco a poco solo estudio los numeron mas no los jugadores 

We are in America darn FACE
Don't be fooled by Baylor's high scoring attack. They haven't played garbage. Well i will tell you that Stoops hasn't been the coach for Okla all these years for no reason. Okla will cover that spread and i wouldn't be surprised if they beat that bear behind altogether.  View
hope both teams bring out their unborn to hit this muther friggin under... darn all the sport touts in the behind

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