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I hear there will some UNSCRIPTED shows dedicated to Wiggers. One apparently called 'Wiggers gone Bad' and the other called 'Wiggers Scared Straight.'

I can hardly wait. 
Pens ML

Pens/Flyers Over 5.5

Leafs ML

Isles ML

Devils ML

Oilers/Isles Over 6

Habs ML

Canucks ML

Bruins ML


Sharks/Stars over 5.5

Kings ML

Wings/Avs under 5.5


Happy 's and GLA
Always reminded of the movie 'Seven' and gluttony being one of the deadly sins. That scene probably responsible from ever over indulging and fat chichs again. View
see above ESPECIALLY if the last road game was a win View
QUOTE Originally Posted by LeRinkRat:

forced to pick I would chance the Senators BUT I was somewhat impressed the Sabres gave the RW's a game in Detroit. I will stay away from that one  

Sens maybe more concerned/thinking about tomorrows game in TO. I expect both goalies will dominate this one with a low scoring game. UNDER may be the better pick here.


Liking it and the Over View
ditto on the 'L' word View

GL this season, with you on the Leafs



With you on all except taking the Oilers

GL this season

Not trying to through a negative spin on this one, but until I see the Gmen have a valid running back/game and can tighten up on Defence (play/injuries), I would stay clear of this View

How many holes in that Argo D......I'll never stray to an UNDER call again in a Argo game unless theres real improvement in the D. Cory Sheets could have been blind and still had a 100 yd game.

Tonight the Als will falter, Glenn not exactly a newbie to the game, gotta take the Stamps to easily cover and I like the Under here as well, (see above). Als just won't be able to put pts on the board. When Tressman was there he could pull a rabbit out of his hat. New coach is and will have a LOT of growing pains this yr. My biggest concern for the ALS is that they need a good back up for Cavillo. I thought McPherson had a shot but they dropped him.



Green Riders cover and I'll take the Under as well

We're on the same page




I'm on the Habs and Wings tonight



thinking the Strangers have a legitimate shot at it View

Bottom line guys, its Dec. 12th and still we await with baited breath for an outcome. Too much BS for me. What started as a  hint to maybe a possibility at the end of last season has now manifested itself into this bullshit. As a long, long, long, long time fan I am about to bolt to a new sport. 

Hello Professional Womens Skeet Shooting 'Go Gunners Go' 


QUOTE Originally Posted by LeRinkRat:

but unless the players union lowers their demands the season is doomed.

I think the owners and asshole Bettman have a lot more to lose than the players. trying to balance the NHL's books and save the marginal teams on the back of the players is NOT going to work this time. the league saw revenue go from $2 billion to $3 billion under the old contract and now Bettman is "crying poor"?

btw IF I was NBC Sports I would be trying to get out of that contract because it's NEVER a good idea to do business with crazy people. FUCK Bettman, the Owners AND NHL Management


Couldn't agree more, these guys are F.. up this game. A huge scar that will never heal properly  


I just want to see some hockey and no not the midget games on the local cable station where East end Timmies meet the West end Timmies and we have to endure 30 mins. of fall-down hockey.

C'mon boys 'get er done'


Giants were lucky to escape with the W last week. Take away the turnovers and Bryants landing inches short of a TD, the Cowboys should have won. But you know what the say about should of, could of. This was one of those 'snatching defeat from the jaws of victory games'. I'll take the Boys today @ +3.5.

I also like the Gmen today as I feel the D line steps up big time andwill give Ben all sorts of problems today.


Good one View

Pioks for tonight and the weekend, going with

Lions -5.5 and UNDER 49

Stamps +3.5 and UNDER 53

Argos -3.5 and OVER 45.5


Once again .500 YTD 20-20

Okay so who thought the SJ Green should have been reveiwed


Record YTD 19-19

Going with the ALS at Home tonight. Just can't see a let down at Home where the ALS are notorious for their V's at Home. Where I may have had reservations earlier in thes season it seems that Tressman is able to pull a rabbit out of his hat. The O LINE and whole ALS D have improved dramtically in their last 2 games. Don't see any let down tonight as the KING celebrates his 40th. Congrats AC.

The ALS -4.5 and UNDER 60.5


Well another .500 weekend. My biggest mistake is that I try to cap some of these games like I would any NFL game,...big mistake. Recognizing the dog in the CFL is paramount to an above .500 record.

One footnote from the weekend. Cavillo is still king.  


For the weekend adding

Stamps -4.5 and Under

Lions -6.5 and Over

drink hearly my friends

Taking the Esks -2 tonight and the OVER 51.5  View

With you on the OVER, not sure about the Esks, I'm seeing this as a really tight game. IF Eskies get the running game in order and the AL O lines collapses then ALS in for a long night.




I gotta stop falling asleep at half-time end up thinking turned out right


YTD 16-16

Well that confirms my Under then, thanks Canadianice View
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