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       A couple intelligent posts here at least. Polar Bear your post was a good read and made a nice point. Tobasco Cat I agree the Pats will run the ball a lot. This is a good spot to give the RB's a good workout. That final score would be nice but I think it will be more like 35 or 42 to 17. Good luck to you both.
I have to go with Pats here.Seems no one is talking about N.E. defense.they can cause turnovers as well as anybody.I would love to see Brady make Sherman look real bad.His  "U mad bro" tweet  was very unprofessional.
QUOTE Originally Posted by BostonForever:

Hey there my friend I'm always a believer in my Pats, but they truly are struggling in nearly all areas, that's just not how they are. I've got confidence that they'll come together but it's tough watching them play so far this year. Mass amounts of talent that lacks something. Time will make them gel, champions do prevail. 

                   GO PATS!!!!!!!!!! 

   I'm with you bro.They have been running well with Ridley. I am concerned about  J.Charles coming back and K.Davis has been able to move the ball  but has fumbled 3 times.Now doubt in who the better QB is.Have to go with my Pat's -3.


QUOTE Originally Posted by Digitalkarma:
Not having BJ Raji to plug up the middle and losing their starting center Tretton to injury will hurt the Packers chances. GB is good at adjusting.. but just won't happen so soon esp ecialy not on Thursday night in the most dreaded stadiums to play in where crowd noise is through the roof. 

I think there's going to be a lot of running, time of possession battle by both teams. GB has to run the ball if they even have a chance of winning.

I think it'll play out like Seattle's playoff games last year. Seahawks win by 6 or 7 and covers spread. Final score: 24 - 17. This game could go over though Percy being the Xfactor. Good luck with season everyond

     I think injury to the starting center could be quite a problem.Tough position to fill and even more-so this early in the season.I like the Hawks -5.5.would be more comfortable if I got in at-3.Good luck to all unless you are an fool.Then i wish you lose your shirt and gain some humility.
Boston Forever you are a embarrassment for Patriots fans.Stick to running your mouth with your Red Sox. The I.R. said Tom Brady missed practice Wednesday with the flu.I hope he is fully recovered by Sunday.I like the Pats. +5.5 in a game where the the officials don't blow calls like at the end of the Carolina game. View
 UCONN not the same after Edsel left for Maryland.Not known for QB's.I think their best over the years is still playing back-up in Detroit.They have had a decent running game and defense/special teams the past few years.Neither have been existent this year.Other than a good showing against Mich. they have been embarrassed by not very good teams.A new head couch and starting QB this week.I don't see how they can play any worse,might be the spark they need against  S. Fla. I'll take em -3.5. View
    Looking back at both teams schedule I am going to use the road games at. Cinn.  to go with Denver.Baltimore didn't cover as a 5.5 pt. underdog while Denver covered as a 5 pt. favorite.It may be silly but to me it adds up to a 10.5 point Broncos cover. View
if you are going to accuse someone of cheating than you're insinuating they did it on purpose.It could have been an honest mistake and covers shouldn't have made the pick available.Some of you could have handled this situation better than being a bunch of cry babies. View
  Sammy Ace was correct about the Giants shutting down an elite passing team last week (G.B.). However G.B. doesn't have much of a running game so they could key on the pass.Wash. has a good running game and RG3 has shown he can throw the ball.I like The Skins to win outright. View
QUOTE Originally Posted by lordzud:

I'll take ND -5, USC without Barkley should lose by more than a touchdown. Who gives a garbage about who your favorite team is or where Notre Dame finishes in the final polls or if you personally like or dislike Notre Dame or USC. Notre Dame should cover the spread against this USC team that just lost its star QB. Its all about winning  by sizing up this matchup, period.

        Thanks lordz.I thought I was in a chat room here.Simple post just info,no icons,no trash talk, and you didn't mention Ala.
QUOTE Originally Posted by mrusso:
How many times did you play a game because you had no wins, maybe even 1 or 2? Very little risk at that point so just play something, even if you're not that crazy about it. I'll bet a few times. Name of the game is STREAK, you don't make money for winning %, total wins, total losses. Tuppy is such a great example. My philosophy is and always will be, "Keep playing," good things will happen.

        That's exactly how I play and have 683 losses about 40  more than wins.I had a 9 game streak and won a hat. When you get up to 4 or 5 wins then you start to take Survivor seriously.
   As a Detroit Tigers fan in Ct.I am a big minority.Congratulations to Mag for winning the Triple Crown.It was an exciting battle with the White Sox for division as neither team would have made it as a wild card.This game puzzles me about the Orioles starter.I am not that familiar with the new Wild Card format.Are you able to tamper with your starting pitchers or do you have to stick with your next scheduled starter?Why would you throw out a 3-3 starter in a win or go home situation? View
   As a UCONN fan  and Big East follower I look to to these posts  To get information for other conferences.Somebody throwing out a post Georgia all the way in Large fonts and in color are absolutely useless and unless you can give a reason why you put your post out there you are a waste of everyone who is serious time. View
   UCONN has had a running game and a good defense for a while now.The QB position has always been mediocre at best I am having a brain fart for the QB who was drafted by the Lions and I believe than went to the Texans.Don't have a clue where he is now.If Oliver plays I have to go with Buffalo with the points.If UCONN really wants to get to the the next level they need to recruit a a very good QB. View
Living in Ct. is like living on the front lines as far as fan base.A lot of smack talking the past couple of weeks everywhere you go.I like the over here and think Nicks and Cruz will have a good day and Brady will throw for 3 tds. Running game is key in this one to try and keep the other offence off the field.I like the over here and rooting for Pat's to win.One thing I can predict is there won't be 76 people killed and 800 wounded at the stadium.GOD BLESS AMERICA! View
I was not very impressed watching Uconn at Vandy last week.Ugly game and can't see it being any different tonight.Pasqualini has a reputation for not closing out games and it showed last week. He isn't the motivator Edsel was and quaterback by commitee isn't going to work.Uconn does have a great home field and crowd so I'm taking Ct. small. View
have to take UCONN and not just because I am from Ct. I wasn't that impressed with them this year but watching how they played in the Big East tournament made me realize they are gellin' right now.Should be a great game to watch. View
I hate betting on the NBA but all the hoopla about this game even has me excited. Small on L.A. To many new premedonas on Miami. View
I got my 9 win hat without any problem and also I don't post all the time.I read the forum almost daily for insight but if I don't have anything to offer I do not post and I have been a member for a long time. I wish some of these other posters would do the same instead of the crap they post. It wastes the time of the people who are serious about forum. View
Let's just say that if I was in a college football fantasy league there would't be UCONN QB on it.Big Huskies fan from Ct. but you do need a QB to be competetive and UCONN doesn't have one. If anything at all probably take over 45.5 WV will score at least 30 and Ct. could score 2 td's and a field goal. View
wangichu, you have great posts.This is why I read this forum.That being said I'll play a small parlay with the Celts +7 and the over. View
As  a Tiger fan I couldn't really understand the Willis pickup.Moving him to the AL keeps the bat out of his hands and he is a good hitter.He had a .286 BA with the Marlins in 07.I know the Tigers used him a few times as a pinch hitter.Maybe an RBI double will cure his pitching woes.He has terrible control and walks to many batters.I doubt if I will have any action on this game but it's still to early to be sure. View

QUOTE Originally Posted by cmale123:
it won't be funny did sun sweep laker. I did call sun sweep spurs after game 1 and everyone think it was joke. 

Your English teachers must be very proud of you!

I suck at over unders but like the over 128 in this game.Think defence's might be kind of tired.Any opinions? View
Depaul has covered the last 5 games as a double digit dog.UCONN just can't seem to get anything going.Living in Ct. the Huskies are my favorite team but have been disappointed in their play this year.I will probably stay away from this game as far as $ but have to watch it on TV but might just fall asleep the way UCONN has been playing. View
I'm leaning towards GT +12. Checked out the matchup and seems like alot of points.My NameisEarl mentioned revenge for Duke's earlier loss.Could be true that's why I read these posts to get as much info as possible before laying $ down.Thanks guys and gals. View
cmu has been making me money for 2 years now.I'll have to stick with them here. View
The only chance Carolina has is to control the clock with their running game.No matter who is the QB they are one dimensional and the Pats will put double coverage on Steve Smith. If the Pats can get their running game going and take the pressure off Brady I believe they will win by 2 TDS. View
Ditto bust2night, I like to read these forums to find an edge and get detailed stats. I just don't pay attention to the morons they know who they are too. View
I would feel a lot better taking UCONN if they had a decent QB. Frazer is the Jake Delhomme of college.Even with the terrible off field incident UCONN has played well and if they can stop giving up an opening kickoff for a touchdown they can win outright. View
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