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MLB Betting > Yankees ML > View Post
Hilarious 4-0 after 5 in favor of HOU and big-mouth NYY supporters with that huge team salary are going to watch the rest of OCT from their homes. Good luck on that game 7 comeback with just 4 innings left. 

NHL Betting > "Black Listed" Already > View Post
Bruins are horrible and using backup goalie that is even worse than Rask. Do more homework and don't through money on the name of the team BOS.

NBA Betting > Big Baller Plays 10/19 > View Post
Loved the LAC. Nice easy money today.
5-1 for the year.
Taking CLE and POR tomorrow.

College Football > Idaho State at Nevada(9/16/2017 8:00:00 PM) > View Post
NV coach is horrible. Now 0-3 and lost SU to IDAHO STATE as a 33.5 favorite. Ridiculous.

NBA Betting > Take the Spurs (-4.5) to beat these fu**ing puppies!! Minnesota sucks > View Post

SA in the NBA and Cal in the NCB were a good fit for a nice day. It will help the positive cash flow for December !!!

NHL Betting > Caps -150 > View Post
wsh clinched everything through cup finals.
why should they risk injury especially on the road?

NHL Betting > On fire as of late > View Post
WOW 1-0 and that is on fire ???

2-0 and you will be volcanic ???

....and picking -250 as a a good way to burn cash long-term.

College Basketball > Purdue ML tomorrow, putting all my winnings from this year thus far for them!!! > View Post
Unless they lose then it is free money to the sportsbook. $440 to win $100... at least make it a key game and parlay it with 4-5 other bets by twos.....

College Basketball > 3 Team Teaser...Easy Money....$1,200 to win $1,000 Sanman 22 > View Post
backdoor on a tease??? so not really close to covering the real spread A win by 2, winning by 2 is not 10.5.

It isn't what you say about yourself that is important, it is what others say about you.

College Basketball > Southern at Holy Cross (03/16/2016) > View Post
taking Southern 68-60.

College Basketball > OREGON GAME FIXED! > View Post
Not enough close to being fixed. i had it 82-70 . If you want to cry foul, try the NBA GS game up 18 with a couple of minutes left and winning by 3, missing the -3.5 or -4.0 spread.

You don't even quality for a bad beat.

Every time someone loses and cries FIXED it is laughable.

MLB Betting > New System Dry Runs > View Post
Yep - $300 bet, $190.91 return. You are down $109.09. 

Pro Baseball > Toronto at Oakland (07/23/2015) > View Post
Had OAK too. Very glad I listed pitchers. At least I get my money back and re-investigate THIS NEW pitching matchup or just find a better game later - NYY, Det 1st5, LAA, LAD 1st5, and just added STL to skip the OAK game.

Pro Baseball > Milwaukee at St. Louis (06/02/2015) > View Post
Stl 5-3 tonight hopefully. Had them 4-2 last night and lost that one, so no guarantees. Don't believe that StL couldn't even score yesterday. Hoping for a big bounce back game tonight.



Pro Baseball > Milwaukee at St. Louis (06/01/2015) > View Post
Taking STL and UNDER 7.5. Thinking 4-2 STL but afraid of the RL.

MLB Betting > BJY - 05/18/15 - MLB Daily 3-pack - Det, Tor, Clev > View Post
Det - POD - need Det all the way around to make my day.
Tor - tiny, but first 5. I can't trust LAA.
Clev - small but underdog, so nice money if it wins. Kluber with a ton of K options, but CHW hitters are hot.

Pro Baseball > San Francisco at Arizona (04/06/2015) > View Post
Have to agree. Taking SF for 4 units. I don't want to lose on SF what I won on StL, Det, and Tor....or have a losing day...

Glad I took Mil who is losing 10-0 early.  I just can't count on the Brewers. I still have a few others and Clev and SF.

Good luck to all starting the new MLB season !!1

College Basketball > Stanford at Old Dominion (03/31/2015) > View Post
Stanford for $220.

College Basketball > UCLA OVER Colorado st or temple.... > View Post
Complete joke. UCLA not even close to deserving. Colorado State COULD beat them. SMU WILL (hopefullly) crush them.....or UCLA wins it all. I have been wrong before.

College Basketball > OHIO STATE +1.5 AT HOME 10 UNITS > View Post
Hilarious - lost 72-48. Wisc beat OSU by 50% and big mouth brian doesn't show up....until tomorrow when he changed his mind at the last minute and took Wisc for $1100.

College Basketball > Maryland at Nebraska (03/08/2015) > View Post
Taking Maryland 66-60 today over Nebraska on the road.

College Basketball > N.C. State at Boston College (02/28/2015) > View Post
BC outright by 3.

College Basketball > Villanova at Xavier (02/28/2015) > View Post
Villa by 6.

Covers Help > Even Stevie Wonder even said that this new page looks horrible. > View Post

That can't be a good sign. CT - try listening to real gamblers and their layout needs before screwing everything up so bad the only choice is to go to

I was polite and you are ignorant of your customer base. Telling people they are stuck with it, you refuse to revert, and trying to convince us to like it, shows how un-business savvy the site has become.

What complaints did you have WORSE THAN THESE 5000 to make you change it???

Covers Help > How to turn off the new scoreboard? > View Post
CT you could care less and it is costing you patrons and money. You had plenty of chances to roll through some 'temp' pages to get feedback. You didn't. You probably got some person without business savvy and without a gaming background to display this Disney Page...and now tell everyone to deal with it. See you on they actually care about gaming.

Covers Help > Covers' new scoreboard layout ... what ya think? > View Post
What is abusive is the COVERS TEAM ruining the MY SCORES and LEGIBILITY OF GAME TRACKING. Huge wasted logos and the current layout probably wasn't created by children. Children wouldn't have done such a horrible job.

College Basketball > UC Davis at Long Beach St. (02/19/2015) > View Post
UCD getting 8 points tonight on William Hill and +260. Nice way to end the day. UCD 19-4 and a decent underdog to a sub-500 team with fair strengths of schedules.

I have them 69-65 and they are already up by 8 in the first half !!!



College Basketball > Butler at Creighton (02/16/2015) > View Post
Butler 71, Creighton 62.....tough Butler injury, but still see them winning and covering.

College Basketball > Ohio St at Purdue (02/04/2015) > View Post
 I have it 74-67 Ohio State and put $330 at -2.

College Basketball > Notre Dame at N.C. State (01/25/2015) > View Post

NC State 1st Half.

Notre Dame to win...hopefully - 74-70

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