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LA Dodgers @15.00 is a great price and they are stacked

m.kemp and a.gonzalez + a.either/c.crawford/h.ramirez

c.kershaw and z.greinke + several middle of the rotation guys

= the best odds from a team with a legitimate chance of winning it all

i am not saying they will win it all no matter how much they are spending well over spending but i will put some on them

what frontcourt do people think the nets could OR should end up with? View

luckily for the nets they have the assets and the deep pockets to acquire talent via trade

the nets need a whole new frontcourt if they want to be legitimate contenders

b.lopez 13.6m, 14.7, 15.7, 16.7

k.humphries 12.0m, 12.0m

m.brooks 1.2m, 1.2m, 2.3m

* 3 1st round picks


a.blatche cant be traded (amnesty) and besides he is an ideal 1st big of the bench and r.evans serves his purpose for limited mins as the 4th bigman


the nets need a center who plays defense and can protect the rim



PG and SG : d.williams and j.johnson is a championship level backcourt

SF : g.wallace is a top 10 SF in the league and quality defender but is a bad fit with a big frontcourt that does not space the floor well, if he was next to a PF that shot 3's it would work much better

FRONTCOURT : b.lopez is an offensive star but he is not what this team needs to be a winner - to win with a guy like lopez @ center you need a KG type PF from years gone past - good luck finding the right PF that rebounds well and is a great defender to cover for lopez

lopez averages bugger all REBOUNDS because he attempts 20 blocks a game instead of staying somewhere near the paint & by the time the opponents shot hits the rim lopez is already crossing halfcourt setting himself up for offense while humphries is pulling down the rebound

the bench WEBBBS :










nets 1-10 @ $2.80

nets will break the losing streak its just a matter of by how much, while the nets are very capable of winning by 11+ they are not playing consistantly for a whole game which should keep the nets win under 11 points for the very good value collect

good betting everyone


well you dont exactly want him handling the ball/making plays

2011-12 : 4.6 assists & 3.52 turnovers

2012-13 : 4.8 assists & 3.82 turnovers


Its funny the more he scores the more games the lakers lose, surely he would have learnt something over the years


the garbage hero ball shots this guy jacks up every game makes me laugh - people only remember the makes not the countless and countless misses he is lucky he shoots a hell of a lot of FREE throws



Hibbert goes ‘Gangnam style’ at Indy mall


by Chris Strauss, USA TODAY Sports

Just when we thought we couldn’t tolerate one more pro athlete’s interpretation of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” (the multiple touchdown celebrations in the NFL yesterday finally put it over the edge), Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert totally proved us wrong.

The seven-footer surprised shoppers gathered for the Pacers’ “Meet the Rookies” event at the Center Circle Mall in Indianapolis Sunday afternoon. Joined by members of the team’s Area 55 fan section, Hibbert came out in a white tuxedo jacket and black pants (was it borrowed from his buddy Jean-Ralphio?) and broke out his best dance moves.

In case you haven’t had enough of this trend yet, check out these previous offerings before Gangnam Style goes the way of the Lambada or Macarena.

… [For more on Roy Hibbert goes 'Gangnam style' at Indy mall (VIDEO), click here.]


What a typical asian ripoff

This song is a cheap knock off from a guy named Timmy (years and years ago) who sung the original “I RIDE EM BAREBACK NO CONDOM STYLE” 

Sadly you wont find the video online as it was removed several years ago as 1 of the girls was underage (parents were not happy) and the video was removed and also recovered and destroyed

Timmy and the girls were naked in the video with 1 girl facing doggy style

He then sung

“ Gidey up

I ride her bareback no condom style

Yee haa”

Some other guys came into picture and the girls left except one

All the guys screamed “Weill bang her 4 on 1 gangbang style“

One dude dressed as a country hick with sideburns and a mullet says “I’ll bang her white-trash-man style”

Next scene One guy shoves the other dudes away and yells

“F-off my turn I’ll bang her Blackman style”

Later a dude is shown with an asian blowup doll and says “if I bang a person I’ll do myself, hangman style”


Any Astro fans know if the Astros have offense and bad pitching? Lost 105 last year just don't think they are gonna turn that around. Anyways do the Stors play in a hitters park?


QUOTE Originally Posted by Weekends:

They play in a neutral park (favours pitchers and hitters equally).

Their pitching and offence are both terrible, but if I had choose one over the other, I would take their starting rotation over their starting lineup.



thats like asking whats worse - cat poo or dog poo


great pickups = bullshit and even yankee supporters would agree

great pickups are proven everyday or every start guns

pineda : hes pretty good we will just see how good, great investment though and yanks should be happy with this one

major improvement = yes

kuroda ERA ??? guess anywhere from 3.80 to 4.80, now that aint great pitching for 10 million - however its better than what they had and its only 1 year and they didnt have to trade anyone to get him

so good but not great pickups


lets go G-MEN


this team has something most of the other teams dont have - heart and in sports that gets you a damn long way when you also have talent to boot

49ers dont have a heart like the G-MEN but they do have more balls so this makes for a great game

in the NFL i say it over and over again the team that gets hot at the right time regardless of the record is a major shot at going all the way

firstly i bet 2 teams quite big a few weeks ago all at awesome odds - quality teams underperforming but with the potential to go all the way

FALCONS 19/1 for the NFC 

GIANTS 31/1 for the NFC ??


imo if this game is played 10 times the giants win 7

i will be backing the 49ers not because i think they will win but because they have a chance and i simply cant risk that much money when i am able to just take 2/3rds of the potential win (g-men) and also guarantee a nice collect should the 49ers win

if i did not have money already invested i would back the giants with the FG start because if the 49ers win it may be really close

good luck everyone 



QUOTE Originally Posted by DanC:
the a's couldnt get more for bailey


that is really sad - maybe the red sox gave them some   we dont know about or will never hear about

 like the millions the lakers gave the grizzlies owner under the table for the pau gasol trade to go through


heat closing options

: james/wade/battier/        haslem/bosh


: cole/wade/james/          haslem/bosh



smallball : chalmers/wade/battier/lebron/bosh


if the heat play the bulls in the playoffs

lebron can guard rose (and beat him as usual) ,wade can guard hamilton and battier can guard deng

QUOTE Originally Posted by slamspurs:

Latest Heat news.

Shane Battier announces via Twitter that he will sign with the Heat!

Samuel Dalembert says "playing for the heat would be tough". He will get paid much more in another situation, and the chance to win apparently isn't enough for him to pass on more money.

Heat also talking to Kwame Brown, but his agent says "he's looking to get paid". The size that made him the #1 overall pick 10 years ago is still paying dividends apparently.

Former heat big man Jamaal Magloire signs with Toronto. Magloire was basically a 10th man they only ended up using in the Chicago series. He was the only big man who could actually move.

At this point, I think the Heat should just resign Dampier again. He was the big body to clog the middle and played well against the Lakers last year.



s.dalembert = dumbass

could have signed with the heat @ 5 million and won a ring  but instead got 7m and a measly 6.7m team option next season - thats pathetic dalembert will make a bit over a million more after tax to play for losers in houston


CLIPPERS =  points are a bonus


the spurs simply cant matchup the much more athletic CLIPS

jordan VS duncan and VS griffen and thats just the frontcourt

CP3 will run rings around t.parker

RJ made the amnesty cut advantage fat arse c.butler

m.ginobili will have to get it done by himself  


international league pass this year $219.99 US  

was $99.99 US last season + $29.99 US playoffs

and dont forget approx 20% of the season is missing i dont see a 20% discount you  thieves

NBA shove it up your arse i will just be watching the games from satellite tv for pc and you tight fucks wont be getting 1 cent off me

david stern  you are a dumbass you are just losing customers not making more money from a greater profit on a few subscriptions

watch out if i ever see you  you piece of


NBA teams missing link : name player/position for the team

also name how they could aquire the player - free agent under the cap, mid level exception, trade or amnesty


 eg c.paul to the celtics or k.bryant to the bulls - NOT GONNA happen dont waste peoples time


portland trail blazers :

position CENTER: options : qualifying offer - g.oden (pending medical) this is very risky @ 8.8m (they would need to have a 2 headed monster at C for insurance)

if the blazers must take a risk on a starting center i would trade for c.kaman (camby 9 million exp contract + filler) clips are going to sign d.jordan so kaman will be moved 

or even take on a.jeffersons contract - like C = oden/jefferson PF aldridge/jefferson

obviously t.chandler or h.nene would be ideal but would be alot harder to get (i would also include n.batum in a trade to get nene)

for a team to be a championship contender you need a high strength area - the blazers are solid at 1-4 and a frontcourt of aldridge/new C could be 3rd best in the league 

C. ????

PF l.aldridge

SF g.wallace/n.batum

SG w.matthews/n.batum

PG r.felton




QUOTE Originally Posted by PapaShango:
What the fuck were the Nets thinking when they signed Travis Outlaw to a 5 year 35 Mil contract?  Do these GMs not watch basketball?  A guy that can't average 10 points per game makes 7 million a year.  Baffling.


i could never understand that no other team would have payed over 5 million and even then it would of been a rip off

with j.johnson there were plenty of dumbass teams that were ready and willing to pay him the max


texas tried to ship his ass out (via trade) last year when they brought in beltre to play 3rd

no one was real interested in m.young how quickly things change

yeah he is quality


if they wanted to pay someone 100 million + they should have signed p.fielder you know what you get from him his homers and mistakes but its a 1000 times safer than reyes

reyes =

QUOTE Originally Posted by The-OG-GunClapa:
I'll be creating it on yahoo that's not the problem.
How should I set up the point totals positions etc??

Remember we are all beginners


head to head scoring is way better

live standard draft (make sure everyone is online)

make sure you set lineups to weekly not daily as people lose interest to quick and give up


Point Guard (PG)
Shooting Guard (SG)
Guard (G)
Small Forward (SF)
Power Forward (PF)
Forward (F)
Center (C)
Utility (Util)
Bench (BN)

seems to pretty standard



s.battier has narrowed his list to 4 teams : Grizzlies, Miami, Indiana and Toronto according to an article by nba writer david aldridge

once again the decision is simple sign with the pacers or raptors earn more cash and waste away , earn a bit less and stay with the grizzlies and have an early exit from the playoffs or have a real good shot at a ring


HEAT could close games with this lineup (if things go according to plan)


QUOTE Originally Posted by 416bet:

Dalembert's a less than 10-10 guy per night with bad teams.  He's not that good. 


another guy who dosent know jack shit - do you actually watch the games

s.dalembert 8.1 ppg, 8.3 rpg and 1.9 blocks per game and wait for it thats only in 26.1 mins per game

in relation to his previous salary he sucks hes over-rated hes overpaid  all that but that dosent mean hes not a good player @ 5 million per dalembert is an absolute gun it just depends how you look at it

dalembert is the missing link (hes a really good defensive C) for the heat as they dont want to trade bosh for 2 quality starters

not every player on the team has to score 20 points

if dalembert wants a ring he will pick the heat its as simple as that if he wants even more money he will waste away on a shit team that dosent sniff the playoffs



number 1 priority : sign S.Dalembert to the MLE - 5 million per    (AMNESTY M.MILLER)



$ 1.9 million bi-annual exception

number 2 priority : either a starting PG or a knockdown 3 point shooter who can close the games with wade and lebron handling the ball

number 3 priority : sign 2 good players to the veterans minimum 1.4 million

# not sure what the heat are doing with m.chalmers whether he will sign the qualifying offer is unlikely or they will resign him


get the deal done stern and stop cashing  headjobs your dick  cant pray for


you have got my hopes up again  for nba this season


Officials from the NBA will meet again with players on Friday after two days of talks, according to sources. The two sides are attempting to end the lockout and do so in a way to resume play on Christmas Day.

The two sides discussed a possible settlement of the players' recent antitrust lawsuits, which would eventually become an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. Because of pending litigation, these are no longer collective bargaining talks.

The NBPA decided to disband on November 14th, breaking off talks.

Derek Fisher didn't participate in talks, but could be a part of Friday's meeting.

“They felt they needed Derek there to continue,” one high-ranking league official told Yahoo! Sports.

Jeffrey Kessler, who was widely considered polarizing, has been removed from talks. Several ownership sources were enthusiastic about not having Kessler participating.

As one ownership source said recently, “Remember, the NFL got its deal done when [Kessler] finally was out of the room.”

When asked if the two sides had made much progress on a settlement to the lockout, the source said, “Not yet, no.”

Via Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports




QUOTE Originally Posted by The Hawk:
Older? He's 27 now, 7 years from now, he could be a DH


just saying i mean if his fielding gets worse  they might not let him in the field  full time


QUOTE Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

My anonymous sources inside the Red Sox front office tell me that Heath Bell will soon be a member of Red Sox Nation.  Adrian Gonzalez was instrumental in convincing Bell to leave the West Coast.  The Red Sox will give him the three year deal he covets at $33m plus incentives.


r.madson wants 4 years / 40 million, that is a better deal than an ageing h.bell at your reported price 

- if i was the redsox i would sign madson and if i couldnt get him then try bell at a reasonable deal

if the sox could get bell for 3 and 25 they would do it but 33 million + incentives you are absolutely dreaming they would of just resigned paplebon if they wanted to spend that  on a closer at his age

D.Stern is a dumbass stupid terd whos reputation as a smart negotiator is fucking done  your reputation is shot  and we are missing basketball mainly because you got your cock  sucked by one to many greedy owners!


Stern had to offer such a lopsided deal because he did such a poor job selecting the league’s prospective owners over the last decade.


Of course, at the end of the day, Hunter and Stern are just lawyers  paid to represent the interests of people far more powerful than them. Once owners like Robert "tightarse" Sarver, Dan "crybaby" Gilbert and Michael "green" Jordan became involved in the NBA, the path to a year-long lockout might have been inevitable. Unfortunately, the actions of Hunter and Stern may have made that more, and not less, likely.


QUOTE Originally Posted by senbet:
Jordan is an owner now. I don't like what he did, but he's looking out for himself and his best interests now as an owner


well consider him a dipshit period he has screwed himself

jordan has done a major disservice to himself and his organisation because he is shortsighted

no agent will send his players to the bobcats nor will any decent player ever go there unless they are overrated and the bobcats will have to majorly overpay

maybe MJ can sign a free agent who is only worth 9 million per about 15 million


the red sox want madson to be the closer provided the money is right

imo i think they will settle and sign h.bell

red sox have other priorities rightly or wrongly

imo bard aint the ideal closer - h.bell would be perfect though

paplebon is a good closer no doubt but at that money 4 years 50 million you need to be a stud closer which he definetly aint

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