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College Football > WEEK 1(part 2) BOL BROTHERS/ALL GAMES PREDICTED/4-1 Ytd > View Post
Double, great read as always. Also, great start to the season!  I noticed when looking at GOYs, Michigan isn't getting much love in several spots. I'm curious as to what your take is on it. Do you think there is some value in Michigan futures?  Thanks, Brother BLP

College Football > PENN STATE vs. WISCONSIN @ Lucas Oil Stadium: Momentum - The most powerful force in sports today > View Post
Boom!  Temple and Penn st,!!!,   Good day. I was already on them before I read your picks, but your confidence and reasoning caused me to go heavy!  Tks Scal!

College Football > Some background info on the reffing crew who made the 4th down call for OSU/Michigan > View Post
I was not pulling for OSU, nor Michigan. However, there were some big no calls in OSU's favor. The first down call, they had to go with the call on the field.  But the missed PI call, (my 12 yr old even said, "wow, that was pass interference!").  It didn't make it any better that the refs called PI on Michigan when OSU had the ball.  Very inconsistent calling for such a big game.

College Football > WEEK 10= THIS IS OUR WEEK TO BLAST THE BOOKS $$$$ > View Post
What's up Double, you know I don't post much, but I always enjoy reading your threads. I'm an Auburn alumn, so I track em pretty closely. They are very hungry right now and eager to bring their momentum back to their home stadium. Auburn will run the ball with success against vandy, and it's not just Pettway, it's the big boys up front -leff, kozan, godson, smith. I could see a back door cover on this game, so I'm staying away, but I'm all over auburn' first half.  

College Football > Auburn has a legit shot of making the playoffs. > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by wegstar21:
Id buy most of it, the ark game still baffles me. Auburn is good,no way do they win by running over bama....leonard hit a wall last year..guess what that same wall is there! your rb will look like trash too..better throw over that wall....they man handled lsu's line last year and they were one of the top 3 in the without your qb channeling his inner newton Auburn and lsu are getting thrashed!

 maybe so. Auburn will play Bama tough though. Auburn sucked last year and gave Bama a hard time. Bama scored from 25 yards out with less than a minute to go so the score makes it look worse than it was. I sure was glad when Henry scored though, because I had bet Bama and that got me the cover. I expect auburn to have a chance this year. They'll keep it within 10 pts if they don't win

College Football > Put all you have on this will win... > View Post

College Football > Auburn has a legit shot of making the playoffs. > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Win4Ever:
First off let me preface this by saying I actually like Gus Malzahn I think he's a good coach and didn't deserve a lot of the criticism of wanting his head like what was popular in the early going. BUT I find this Auburn is national title contenders a little far fetched. They beat LSU in a game that got Les Miles fired for having the most boring offensive game plan in the history of college football. They beat Miss St who just barely beat SAMFORD in a
Shoot out, they beat UL Monroe who is a bottom 10 college football program. They beat Arkansas after they just sold their souls to try and beat Alabama the week before and they beat Ole Miss who couldn't stop half this board from running 10
Yards up the gut. Color me a hater or an objective viewer but I'm not sold on them to be able to even compete vs Alabama which is essentially what needs to happen for them to sniff being in contention. Don't get too fired up by wins over Vandy and Georgia those are garbage teams.

Washington Huskies Wins (look out!!!)
Rutgers 2-6
Idaho 4-4 (4 wins against 4 poor teams)
Portland state 2-6 (losses to Weber state , cal poly, and northern Colorado which I've never heard of,!)
Arizona 2-6
Stanford 5-3
Oregon 3-5 ( terrible this year)
Oregon state 2-6
Utah 7-2

Combined record

So using that same rationale, does that mean that you think Washington is unable to even compete with Alabama. ?  

Just having a little fun. I actually think Washington has a decent team. And by the way, auburn was not playing good football, at all, when they beat lsu. Offense was terrible. Completely different now. They had opportunities to win AM game and Clemson game, but the offense was just too bad...  kudos to Gus  and Coach L for the adjustment

College Football > Auburn has a legit shot of making the playoffs. > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Tappy:
Auburn will do well, until they face the best rushing defense in the nation and of the Saban Era ( and that says A LOT)... Johnathan Allen will man handle Pettway... I do see Auburn keeping it close the first half though, getting about 14, but like the AnM game something will happen that will shift it in our favor and we pull away fast.  I see something like Bama 38 - 17 which is more respect that I am giving LSU. 

Tappy I will take that bet. Shoot me a invite and friend request and we can swap contact info. I think Alabama is good, nothing against them, but in my opinion Auburn has improved dramatically since Gus handed over the play calling reigns. Auburn didn't play AM bad st all, it was a very close game up until late in the game. Auburn offense went 3 and out over and over and the defense just got gassed.  The O was still, at the time, trying to go as fast as possible which made it even worse

I will take Auburn +16. So I'll even shave 1.5 pts in your favor.   (I'll take LSU +20since you think Baka is gonna win 35-0!!)  I figure you are joking about lsu game so I'm joking as well,   But I'm serious about Bama and auburn

College Football > Auburn -2.5 vs Ole Miss will cash. > View Post
They are gaining confidence, which gives them energy and it's like they are feeding off of each other. Plus they have one of the best rbs in the country imho. What up double,  good to hear from you, I haven't been on here in a while!

College Football > Auburn -2.5 vs Ole Miss will cash. > View Post

College Football > Auburn -2.5 vs Ole Miss will cash. > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by fluffybucker69:

I like the fact that everyone likes every single big road vs on these boards lol.  Washington covering 10 vs Utah in primetime where it'll be a madhouse?  Easy.  Clemson at FSU after they should have lost to NC State at home playing a team they always struggle against?  Easy game for Clemson.

Attention folks, Auburn and Ole Miss are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TEAMS ON THE ROAD VS AT HOME.  This is all about home field.  Auburn is improved a lot this year from last year.  But they are improved in a way that they now protect their home field better because of their improved offense.  However, this is a road game.  They don't throw the ball that well.  Their defense is not good on the road.  At home, they play good D guys.  Actually very good, but that intensity does not translate for them to the road.  I noticed this last year, and it's the same this year.  They have no road wins here to tell you they win this game.  Miss St is a terrible team.  They aren't competitive.  That game does not tell you anything.

This line should be a pickem at most for Auburn.  In my mind, they are between a 2.5 and 3 point dog.  Ole Miss is way too good on offense on their home field to be a dog here.  Ole Miss does not play good D I agree, but at home they play better on that side of the ball.  On average, they get a lot more stops than on the road because the crowd gets into it and they play with more confidence.  Auburn is the same way.  Auburn -4 is a joke.  They can win by 3 and you lose?  Does that seem right?  No way.  Ole Miss is clearly the right side to the game.  No, it isn't a lock, but on average there is no way Auburn wins more than 50% of the time in this spot, which makes this line incorrect.

Ole Miss shouldn't be a home dog vs anyone but Bama and maybe a couple other teams.  But Auburn sure ain't one of them.  Then you add in Auburn will come in feeling good last game and relaxed because of recent play.  That is good for Ole Miss.  Ole Miss did not play well vs LSU last game so they will mentally want to be sharper.  That's good for them too.  They got a psychological edge in addition to the line being off to begin with.  Auburn is being way overrated in this spot due to a win vs an Arkansas team that is dreadful on defense - they are far behind the team they were last year that beat LSU on the road and was very competitive vs Bama on the road.  Look at Arkansas's D vs Bama and Texas AM they're just flat out a bad team.


"This is all about home field.  Auburn is improved a lot this year from last year.   But they are improved in a way that they now protect their home field better because of their improved offense.  However, this is a road game..."

Wait.. what??

You should do some fact checking before posting. Go back and look at how many sec home games that Auburn lost in a row before miss st.(last season).  And you talk about how bad Arkansas is, and I agree they aren't great but they did beat ole miss and put up 34 points. I guess they played bad that game too?

Ole miss hasn't seen a defense like auburn, which will be the best defense they've faced all year. Auburn as a whole really struggled on offense early in the season, but they are clicking and the team still believes they can still do something special. Keep in mind this auburn team has only lost to Tex am and Clemson, both early in the year before the offense was clicking and before Gus handed over the play calling. 

, Pettway will pound them. If you haven't watched him run the ball you might want to watch some YouTube videos before betting against Auburn. I can't see ole miss stopping him altogether, being ranked 113th in the nation in rush defense and last in the sec. Auburn is ranked 3rd in the nation in rushing, and 1st in the sec. Pettway is the real deal. He will be fresh because Johnson will be back to give a change of pace, and to Give him a break. Auburn freshman Eli stove has made his mark lately and has stepped up, which is something the O really needed. 

Ole miss can't run, and can't stop the run... home field advantage is not going to make this disappear. It may delay it for a bit, but it will show.  The one spot that auburn may struggle is deep throws, 50/50 type throws. But I don't think ole miss can win on this alone. I feel like these two teams are headed in opposite directions, and I'm backing the team that's peaking at the right time. This auburn team isn't relaxed, they're hungry. 

I won't be surprised to see Chad K. Make some plays, he is very good at times, but I also won't be surprised to see CK get knocked out of the game. Good luck. I hardly ever post but when I read your quote I couldn't resist. 

College Football > POUND TOLEDO NOW $$$$$$ > View Post
What up Dub! I like the play, WM playing with a backup qb too right? I don't follow the Mac very closely, but I am with you on this one for sure.

College Football > Bama is ready.... > View Post
trying not to overthink this one. Coker has gotten better, and can scramble better than many realize. What I see is this, Bama is good, but LSU is too.  And LSU has probably the best running back that college football has seen in years.  Bama has also played worse at home then they have on the road. And their kicker is terrible every year, which will be the reason they won't cover the spread. This will be a good game. Both qbs will throw picks. Bamas defense will make one more big play than LSU.  Bama 27 LSU 21   Buy points andTake  LSU +7 and Bama -5. put more on LSU

College Football > BIG PLAY ALERT!!! > View Post
Public will bet this thing up to 20, then it will be a good time to take the dog

College Football > My pick of the week (7-2 ytd) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by NEGivenSndayLOL:
interesting note, sort of: KSU just 4-30 against top-10 teams under Snyder, including 1-13 in those games played on the road against conference opponents

can't wait to watch this damn thing, gonna be a great game

Since 2003, K State is 23-9 ATS as an Away Underdog 

Since 2010, they are 11-1 ATS as an Away Underdog 

College Football > Auburn.. > View Post
I have to agree about State losing to Alabama. I am not taking any credit away from them, they have a good football team, but we have already seen how hard it is for a team to beat Alabama and Auburn, i.e. Ole Miss.  I am an Auburn fan, not a Bama fan just FYI. As far as Alabama v Auburn, you can never tell what will happen in that game, but I give the advantage to Alabama with the game being in Tuscaloosa.The SEC West is just tough right now. Auburn's schedule is insane.Regardless of what happens I hope to see the SEC take the national championship trophy home, again.

College Football > ncaa lock of the week louisville ml > View Post
Good luck on your pick, I can't call it a lock, I think Boston College is very close to being just as good as Louisville, they just aren't as flashy, and the perception of the public is that Louisville is much better. I don't have a play on this game (I may play it later if the line climbs a little), and I wish you luck on your play.

College Football > My pick of the week (7-2 ytd) > View Post
Abizzo, I agree, I like Kansas St, and I think they have every chance to win this game outright. I played them last week, and I played them against Texas Tech. And, as an Auburn fan I watched this team play Auburn, and I was very impressed. (I guarantee Auburn doesn't want to play them again!)  I like the line where it is, but will take all I can get. So I am wondering, if there is a lot of talk about TCU, this line could climb. What are you thoughts? I am going to begin a position on them now, and may add depending on what the line does.

College Football > NEVADA -3??? HELP! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Bear_Down74:

Tell me why you think Hawaii wins? If you say because they are in Hawaii you need to stop betting on football and save your lunch money

maybe I am wrong, just a small play for me. My big play today was Penn State. So either way I will still have some lunch money left

College Football > NEVADA -3??? HELP! > View Post
hawaii at home, get em at 3.5

College Football > Playoff teams wil be..... > View Post
I agree with having review on pass interference. Miss st and Auburn was a great game, and the pass interference call was absolutely terrible. I hate when the refs take it out of the players hands. Unfortunately that's part of the game right now. Not taking anything away from State, they played very tough.

College Football > Northwestern +3 > View Post
Maybe they are just trying to give me another opportunity to bet NW moneyline!!!!

College Football > I just made 18K on the Michigon State Moose!!!! I was at my son's hockey game > View Post
i hope you hedged

College Football > Week 5 $$$$DUP has More Living COLORS than the Wayans Bros.22-12 YTD. > View Post
Ole Miss to win Sec 16-1 $65/1040
Mississippi st to win Sec 40-1 $40/ $1600
Both carry some nice Value .. Both have Looked Fantastic and the WEST could be Wide open ..Currently at 12-1  and 20-1

I remember seeing you post this earlier in the year and I was almost jealous!!! I have some good friends from Miss St. and they had told me that the QB was the real deal. I know there is a lot of football left, but you have to be confident in these plays.

Double, why is the Cincy spread rising so much? Do you think this is one of those instances where the line goes up up up, and then gets pounded by sharps right before the game? I was shocked to see Cincy getting so many points, what is your opinion?  You and I are on alot of the same plays this week, so I wish you the best of luck, and I appreciate your write-ups, input, and breakdowns. 

College Football > WVU +5 2nd half thoughts > View Post
take em

College Football > c'mon people, put down the bill Snyder kool-aid... > View Post
Its because everybody is trying to be sharp

College Football > TEX'S THURSDAY NIGHT 20 STAR WINNER > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by texanone:



20  STARS  11 -  6


Out of all games on the card, It is hard for me to believe that you look at this game and make it your 20 star play. I am not saying it won't cover, because it wouldn't surprise me if it did. On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me if Auburn beat them by 21. Regardless, good luck to you man!

College Football > Week 4**Winning $$$ in Loud LIVING COLORS ***DoubleUP4LIFE > View Post
Thanks for the good read Double. 11-0 on GOY is awesome. I have never played any GOY lines. Is that something you get on an online betting site? I bet with a local, but have thought about getting an online account for the purpose of betting these GOYs. Suggestions of sites??


College Football > S.E.C. PICKS WEEK 3 > View Post
Good work Carter, I just read your thread. I too was on Ole Miss big last week as my biggest play this year, and I like Mass catching 17ish. Vandy is in trouble. It wouldn't surprise me if Mass beat them. I hope Vandy gets back to where they were, I just think that they are in big trouble and I don't think they should be favored double digits over anyone at this point. 

College Football > 2-1 last week (wins for this week) > View Post
Can you tell why you like Texas Tech?

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