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Pro Football > New Orleans at Carolina (12/22/2013) > View Post
Can't see how you guys are giving so much love to a team that only put up 13 against the Saints in the dome. What makes you thinks they gonna put up 30 here. Is it because the Saints suck on the road? Because Carolina is at home? Gimme a break. Saints play when they need to. Always have this year. Go ahead and make your bookies pocket a little fatter. Saints are the play. Under looks good here also. Y'

Pro Football > San Diego at Denver (12/12/2013) > View Post
Under is the play here!!!!!!!

College Football > Louisiana State at Alabama (11/09/2013) > View Post
Highest total by far in the last few years for this matchup. Give me the over and give me the cheddar boys.

College Football > Auburn at Tennessee (11/09/2013) > View Post
Auburn for the cheddar!

College Football > Oregon at Stanford (11/07/2013) > View Post
Ok boys, first off, let's lay off Bama. They gonna be number 1 until someone beats them. Secondly, Bama will beat Oregon's butt again if they play because defense wins championships. All that said, look for Oregon to make a statement on the road tonight to secure the number 2 BCS ranking. Oregon minus the chalk.

College Football > Oklahoma at Baylor (11/07/2013) > View Post
Gotta lay the chalk here boys.

College Football > Week 4 > View Post
Thanks for all the picks bro. You are killing it. Been followed you all last week. Thanks for the pocket change  BOL

College Football > Cincinnati at Illinois (09/07/2013) > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by oahuboy808:
Going will Illinois here

I wish I had your money. You seem to have one or multiple picks on every game played today for $700 each. LOL!!!!!! Do you really think anyone is paying attention to your plays?

NBA Betting > 4 plays 3 system 1/5/2011 > View Post

NBA Betting > 1/4/2011 Mean & ST DEV ( 4 ) > View Post
Im onboard with you bud.
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