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philly sucks! View

People saying their betting on the bengals soley on them in a playoff hunt cracks me up. This is a rivarly game and last i checked the browns are in a playoff hunt too.Gimme Cleveland at home.

Denver covers...... View
NewEngland +5.5 View
Went 2-0 today to start the playoffs and now its time to keep it rolling..Joey p. All over the niners, not this time folks.Kapernick has been sucking lately and Rodgers biting at the bit in this revenge matchup.I normally don't say garbage like Game of the wk. type stuff but im gonna  in this one.Packers gonna roll here! Greenbay 31 Sanfran 20 View
QUOTE Originally Posted by lordzud:
Green bay will easily cover the 3. Chicago defense is terrible. Cutler is unreliable as QB. Rogers will pick bears apart and their excellent running back Lacy will gash this injury depleted team. Because this game is so important and the line is only 3 their will be no back door cover by the bears. Green bay defense isn't good and the Bears have a lot of weapons so they will get their points but not enough. Rogers has been throwing the ball without pain for week so I don't expect him to be too rusty. Green Bay-3 for the large.
                    GO PACK!!!!!!
Packers -3  Prediction: 24-16 View
QUOTE Originally Posted by lordzud:
Kansas St -4.5. Teams are going in opposite directions, Michigan won first 5 games and has floundered ever since giving a game away to Penn St. Coach Snyder of K State gets more out of his players then any other coach in the country. He had to rebuild his team as a lot of outstanding Seniors graduated and he has done it. Michigan...meh. bunch of under performing badly coached players.
Coach Snyder and K-State for me.Lets keep it rolling! (5-2 bowl record so far) View
Browns cover... View
QUOTE Originally Posted by DrDogs:
Three things certain in life....1.) tom brady wins even when he loses-his wife is hotter than whoever we go home to-we go home to aunt big dummy 2.)romo and cowdicks will ALWAYS lose in dec, and 3.) stafford, the Swartz, and Detroit form the trinity of suck!!! At some point tonite they will team up and do the dummest shitt you'll ever see. Coaching wins in NFL not wade Phillips, Levi garret, marvin lewuss, schottennidiot, norv neck flap, etc.. Balt and over for large. Cincinnati showed true colors yesterday. Ravens will come Alive. Vue you better pick det. Picks out that cheesy on yo nachos. Eyyyyyyyyyy. Go ahead and hate. I dare you fookers!!! Doc out!!
Man I took the Lions and u couldn't of said it bette.What a fuckehead coach, qb, and game plan. Wish I would of thought about this one more!

This was my biggest play of the wk.So far im fucked! Detroit looks like puke!

No way does the bengals beat the steelers 3 times in a row. Especially with this game being played at Heinz field. Rothlesberger owns them in his career.I see a 3 pt. win for Pittsburgh. I'll be 180 miles down the turnpike at the Cleveland game tomorrow sittin in the Dawg Pound with some buddys getting tanked by the time this game starts i'll be in another universe so I better get my play on this one in early...........Steelers +2 as home dogs.BOL  View
Sorry just checked im 11-4 not 12-3 last 2 weeks in the nfl ..Including Sandiego play that cashed last night. BOL TO ALL View

If they can go into Foxboro and dominate the game for 59 minutes and then get screwed by the refs(bogus pass interference call at the end) against Brady and the High octane Pats then why will they have trouble at their house with a "rusty" Cutler that hasn't played for 5 wks.?Just my thoughts. Bol should be a good game hope its snowing,makes the jello shots in the Dawg Pound they throw around taste that much better! (12-3 last 2 wks in the Nfl.) Go Browns!

Being a big Browns Fan sure has its heartaches but im telling you ,this team hasn't gave up on the season and they play hard for their fans in this last home game..I've cashed a lot of money this yr. on them.Even when they've lost they cover the spread but this one wont matter because they win outright! I go up to Cleveland and smash down a few cold ones a couple times a yr. And yes that's where ill be this sunday. Browns by  6 or 7. GO BROWNS!!!!!!!! View
Brownies actually will play a full 60 minutes in this one.Being their last home game of the season.The Dawg pound will be barking !! Cleveland wins 23-17...... WOOF WOOF WOOF! BOL View
Love to start my Nfl week off with a win.Thank you Chargers! View
QUOTE Originally Posted by best_bets:
With the exception of last weeks win against Washington ( a college level team ) the Chiefs have played equally bad as the Raiders. I kinda like the Oakland at home as an upset winna!
  Im with ya. I also like the Raiders as home dogs. Division rival game.

Bolts +10.5


These division rivals always play a pretty close game. Gimme the 10.5 --Plus I here welker is out. Denver wins ,but im guessing by around 7. BOL


I've been on fire the last 2 weeks goin 11-3 in the nfl  and this game here is my biggest play of the week. Balitimore will not be able to keep up with Detroit at home.Ravens no running game will be exposed in this one.Lions win big here. Prediction:34-16 BOL

Well that was alittle to easy. Bears only coverd by 3 td's. View
I've been on fire the last 2 weeks going 6-2 on sunday bringing my last 2 weeks in the Nfl to a blistering 15-5 like the Chicago weather....... Bears is the play here for me folks.Prediction:24-17  BOL View
Titans +12 View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Sammy_Ace:
I am getting a little tired of hearing this "Christmas comes early" talk, and that the "better team" is the play. Since when is making a bet about betting on the better team? if the better team won every Sunday, Vegas would be out of business!!

Seattle might very well be a better team, but I am siding with Harbaugh and the 49ers at Candlestick. I know these teams hate each other, and I'm not expecting this to be a trap game for Seattle. I think they will give the 49ers all they can handle. I just don't think Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks are going to be fooled by that read option that had the Saints looking so silly on MNF. I also think the 49ers (with their full cast of wide receivers and a healthy Vernon Davis) can expose the missing corners in Browner and Thurmond. And I think the 49er offense will also get a big shot in the arm if Joe Staley and Iuapti suit up. Personally, I think those guys would play in a wheel chair if they could. 

I am rollng with Vue and Rodney Dangerfield on this one and taking the 49ers to get a little payback & cement their wild card footing.

QUOTE Originally Posted by SportsPredictor:
San Francisco - 2.5 Over Seattle!

More than willing to give up less than a field goal to Seattle!  And Seahawks have always had trouble with San Francisco AT San Fran!  Note: Seattle blowout of the 49's AT SEATTLE this year was on 5 key turnovers!

Seattle lost two key DB...and San Francisco now brings Manningham and Crabtree into the mix!

Favorite is 5-1 vs. Vegas line last 6 meetings!

Home team is 7-2 vs. spread last 9 meeting!

Seattle now 0-4 vs. San Francisco at San Francisco last 4 years!

San Francisco - 2.5 Over Seattle!   Five Unit Powerplay!

With ya Bro.Lets cash it !!!!!!

Niners and the under.  On a 11-4 run in the Nfl. Titans cover too. BOL


This one should be a slug fest between 2 teams that hate each other with very good defense's..... Under is the play for me.


This is gonna be the "Game Of The Week".. Saints end the Panthers win streak in the dome.Gonna be a close fought game. NewOrleans wins by 4..PREDICTION: 28-24 BOL

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