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09/23/2017 IF you could phuck any star or female celeb who would U pick. zebrakiller 117
09/07/2017 Recommendations for a Book on Penny Stocks? slamspurs 21
08/23/2017 So What's Up with the Solar Eclipse on Monday? Slobbasaurus 19
08/22/2017 Antifa: A Terror Group Slobbasaurus 57
06/21/2017 Craziest/best/worst gambling stories... hoku808pc 169
06/09/2017 Next Big Cryptocurrency = Stratis TKFresh 8
06/09/2017 DRYS hoopsvader 9
06/03/2017 TRUMP pulls U.S.A. out of Paris Accord lovethedough 63
05/14/2017 Teenager Throws Senior in Pool at Party Slobbasaurus 37
05/06/2017 Cop rams biker. Biker dies. Excuses follow. scalabrine 39
04/30/2017 REAL LIFE situation what do you do zebrakiller 19
04/29/2017 Crazy poker fight shows how much security exists in these casinos scalabrine 4
04/22/2017 The sickest, most fearless, human being alive........................... scalabrine 14
02/01/2017 Las Vegas Raiders motowner 43
12/19/2016 Trivia time. searchwarrant 71
10/28/2016 Gall Bladder Surgery a possible scam in some cases. VegasMauler 11
10/24/2016 lets get a covers poll going smartapple123 29
09/24/2016 steve clevenger d1coach 15
09/11/2016 Unbelievable -Seattle misses extra point kills my teaser djspurlz 8
07/28/2016 It's coming: New documentary to air on MTV called (wait for it)...."White People". scalabrine 98
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