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Website Promotions > G"s Picks. Winngest system service Period. > View Post


Hands down the best guy out their in Cyber world.

Period Case Closed.........................................



Website Promotions > G"s Picks. Winngest system service Period. > View Post

We have all seen systems come and go and come and go and Crash and Crash some more. Jeff the Hat really comes to mind.


Only 1 guy has stood the test of time including smashing  JM as matter of fact not even close.

G"s Picks.  He started years ago on another board got kicked off because  he was killing their paid touts and started his own deal going on 5 or 6 years now. Nobody is even close to this guy.

For the life of me I cannot to this day figure out how he does it and I am very well informed and have back tested an abundance of systems for years now.

Year after Year this guy just kills it. For a system player its a small feat of endurance if anything. I have told people in the past on here if you love systems this  is the guy to be With.

On another note all of these 5 + game chases you can keep em.

You will go Bust For Sure.................





Website Promotions > Shhhhh, dont tell anyone. This is the official thread for... > View Post
You should just Go Tout and that way clean out all the garbage posters. Charge a small amount for the season and call it a day and have your own Website ?

Systems & Strategies > 117 days and counting until.... > View Post

I didn't vanish at all.

Until I see what you are doing  and how many selections  a day you are going to release I have no plan as of yet. Can the Money management  end of it handle it. For sure I have no worries on that at all.

It could be rolled out several ways . Either by single team and or multiple picks daily. However if you are going to be all over the  board IE:  Money-lines/ Run-lines, Dogs .

I wont know. I can tell you its based on Decimal point  conversations and odds.

Until I see Your goods I cant give a green light on it. Not to mention I would to have the  picks before hand work the math and  than spit out  the  base wagers per day.

Our system isn't some canned bullshit that every Dickey the Dunce has purchased on-line.

It is what it is, until I see what You Have..................




Systems & Strategies > 117 days and counting until.... > View Post

With all Due respect. just like your MLB system . It took my partner and  I close to 6 years to get it right. In a  nutshell its an  money management system that can handle multiple selections  daily and increase net units in terms of winnings 3 to 5 * faster than any other system and or systems out there . Such as Labbys and  chase double up , triple up type wagering.


Its pretty awesome stuff I must admit.

Systems & Strategies > 117 days and counting until.... > View Post

You will need at least 300 to 500 units of bankroll on a 6 game chase and if one series  dumps it will Sting for sure. If I knew the system I could apply my Winmore money management to it and increase the overall yield in units 3 FOLD................................

Time will Tell.




Las Vegas > bet runners > View Post

I would proceed with EXTREME Caution..........................

Las Vegas has VERY Serious laws on the books about wagering for somebody else ESP out of town ?

I have seen quite a few guys over the years take a hit on this.


Systems & Strategies > What would a 1000 unit a year system be worth? > View Post

This is B.S..  Now with that being said to be 100% fair his  1st half CFB system between 7-16 points could be Valid to a certain point however until back-tested for an entire season and or seasons One doesn't really know. But it looks good so far.

Back to this MLB 1000 unit system. NO SHOT AT ALL...................

The high juice odds will kill you if you take loses and  you will Take loses for sure. Here is the problem with all System  seekers and so called creators. They all seem to think that all back testing will support future wagering and IT WONT. 

I will tell you why. Bookies esp large books ALSO have people that are always looking at all the angles like WE are, As matter of fact a couple of online  giants actual employ a couple of guys that all the do is look on how they can be beaten with progression type systems. Point is that  they will make  adjustments  to ANYTHING you come  up with  and  I mean Anything.


Beat them for 2 years and they closed that loop very fast. They just don't get beat for very long, I don't care what anyone  says or thinks its not going to happen. And to play anything over a 3 game chase in the long run is a disaster waiting  to happen. It has happened to EVERY System player out in cyber world.  The 50% curve will get YOU every time in the long run. It all it takes is a couple of losing  chases and Your  bankroll is wiped out. And since this Original Poster cannot PROVE ME WRONG. He has NO Merit at all.

3 and 4 and 5 game chases will not yield you, the money you put up to gain from it ? If they did, the Bookies would be Busted Out...............

Wishful Thinking !!!!  Not to mention if You are so Confident in this 1000 unit system . 

Post the plays daily without telling anyone the system itself and show us all your + 1000 units.  Plus why don't you quit your job and just  wager on  sports ?

It Isn't  Happening.................................... 




Systems & Strategies > What would a 1000 unit a year system be worth? > View Post

With All due respect to everyone on this  thread. Total Load of Crap. 1st off there is no way in hell you would make a 1000 units on a 3 game chase. I have over 25 years of research on every 3 and 4 game chase ever created by everyone and the best one isn't  even close to that, as matter of fact most fail and  the  couple of ones that  do make it You grind out  Huge wagers with Over-whelming Odds against you.

Play a Chase and GO BROKE................ PERIOD CASE CLOSED.

P.S.  Your system isn't worth the paper its written ON.......................

Keep trying thu Bro, you never know. You could be the next  JM ?

I think his system made everyone close to a Billion Dollars ?




Covers Help > Final results for Past games/Odds > View Post

So if a late line change occurs for back-testing purposes only what final number does your team put in ?

As for last seasons  numbers and past there  is no way to access that information and their is a closing number assigned to that game ?

Where is that coming from ?

Thanks again


Covers Help > Final results for Past games/Odds > View Post

If you click on an MLB or NBA team and go to past results and see the lines your team shows IE:Graded line,is that the game line it went off at , is that the closing line or opening line or mid-afternoon line?

I am assuming it would be the closing line you guys use ?

Please explain.




Covers Help > What time of the day is the Match-ups Updated ??? > View Post

So then it would be safe to assume most match-ups for  the  following days schedules are completed Overnight ?

Would that be a fair assessment ?




Covers Help > What time of the day is the Match-ups Updated ??? > View Post

What time of the day is the daily match-ups Updated for the following days games ?


Yankees are playing Boston and the game goes at 7:05 pm est and the following day both teams play at 1:05 pm est at what time will the match-up/stats be updated for that 1:05 pm game ?



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LOL.  Your too funny Mr.Ranch.  However Saints is a good guy.  Terry and the  boys are UP around 500 units give or take so far for the year.

Black-Belt I don't know ?


Systems & Strategies > HOW TO GET STARTED AT THIS HANDICAPPING MESS!!!! > View Post

Without a doubt.

This is one of the worse threads I have ever seen.

Goes to show everyone, most people shouldnt gamble at all, let alone post threads.





Website Promotions > Black Belt Cappers > View Post


Now I am  a recruiter for Touts.

Let me clue ya in here there Tough Guy.

A. I dont play any picks from Blackbelt cappers at all.

B. From Day 1 I have always told everyone to do there own research and use services is need be as an supplement and or if no time is avaiable to time use at within their means.

C. I really dont give a Fuck whom anyone uses, I had added a reply to services that I felt were above board.

D. If you read my last reply I am the  1st one to tell anyone  that at 500 bucks a month, Nobody is worth THAT at all.

E. Touts are exactly that Touts. HOWEVER if used correctly and you know what you are looking for they can add value to most/EXP gamblers bottom line.

F...............   Fuck OFF. And have a Nice DAY.

Should you want to take this any further you can certainly PM me anytime.



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I am with Saints on this one !

All you do bro is jump around and not follow thru long-term with anyone ?

You bitched about Terry at Todays Action and he is up Very nice for MLB, You bitch about BB even thu at this point in time I feel the 575 a month is fee is VERY HIGH . That I dont agree with at all. However they have performed well over time.


Again this is the issue that so many have ? This poster is living proof of it ?  Never sticks it out for more then 3 months or so and then gets killed and comes on here and blasts everyone.

What do you expect from any of these guys ? Do you expect to win every month all year around ?

Based on everthing you write I strongly suggest you take up another hobby. Wagering is not for you my man.

There is no reason for me or anyone else to even post whom we think is solid or not as you join them for short term and get beat and then come on here and go Nuts about it.

I just dont get it. Funny thing is I was going to reccomend another person whom is Lights Out and has been for over 2 years and nobody talks about him at all. But What For ?

You will do the same shit with him and  this guy is good for 400 units a year at 1/2 unit play and 1 unit plays overall.

I suggest Golf or another form of entertainment . Sports wagering isnt for ya.



Website Promotions > Port Port Sports is a Thief > View Post

Not even close. Nice try thu bro.

I suggest before you make such a stupid comment you read my past posts.

Unreal how there are so many uneducated gamblers in cyberworld.


Website Promotions > Port Port Sports is a Thief > View Post

Unreal what some posters will do. This guy has 1 post and is slamming a service that is Actually Prety damn good.

Jeff Porter has been around for quite sometime and as far I know he hasnt scammed anyone. As matte of fact he has made like close to 400 unts in profit this year. He is at 100 + units so far the MLB season alone.

I never understand why the Top sevices get slammed by guys whom cant back anything at all ?

There is a handull of very solid services out there and port port is for sure one of them.



Website Promotions > List of Cappers who actually Made money in last 12 months > View Post
Jeff Porter at Port port sports is very good and  I am sure would fullfill your needs.

Systems & Strategies > Using Labby Lines On 50% Win Percentage And Greater Bets > View Post

Please show US All an example of your labby line ?

Going 50% over 20 games.



Systems & Strategies > Using Labby Lines On 50% Win Percentage And Greater Bets > View Post

Sounds great in theory until you lose 6 or 10 in a row ?

Then what ? How many times are you going to split your lines ?

I have yet to some ANYONE Long-Term Win with a Labby Line ?



Website Promotions > Black Belt Cappers > View Post

Thanks Saints !!!!

At the end of the day you as a Bettor need to decide what you can afford to play with and whom you cant ? Plain and simple.

This poster has no business in my opinion using Todays Action Period.

You cant afford them and you dont know enough about bankroll. I mean you are on here attempting to find people to split BB service with you ?

With all due respect you really shouldnt be gambling with that type of Thinking. I am sorry.

If anyone wants to play to win LONG-TERM. What is Long term as least 1 year perferable 2 to 3 years YOU need 800 to 1000 units of stash ready to go.

I dont give a Shit what service you use or how you play ? Without the stash you are Dead man Walking.

I had a half dozen emails personally sent to me asking me the same stuff ? how many units can I make or how long have they been winning ?

How much money do you have ? If you are going to play to win over a couple of year period you need at 25 grand and play every selection.


Its that Simple. If you dont have the above either you find another service that is cheaper and or save your money when you are ready to get into the Major"s of Sports wagering.

There isnt anymore to discuss and THAT IS FUCKING THAT.





Website Promotions > Black Belt Cappers > View Post

1st off you are 100 % Full of Shit if you think I am Shill for ANYONE.

I dont need to be. I dont depend on any 1 service to support my wagering. I use them an addtional supplement to my income.

The above services I have been writing about for quite sometime and other posts in regards to proper bankroll. I dont know what they told you or didnt tell you, that isnt my job to be a Fly on the Wall.


It has been stated for years by some of the largest players in the world in regards on what to do with Bankroll.

Bottom line You were UNDERFUNDED. Plain and Simple.

Shame on you for taking on a service that plays High Volume and can skew up and down on a regular basis and yet still maintain high profits at end of year.

Maybe you should learn to Wager before paying for Any Service ?

I  have said it a 1000 times. Play all year around and Not 1 Sport and  even a Guy like you might make some cash.

This is a lesson for everyone on the board that is viewing this Thread about playing year to date and not for a couple of months and or even weeks.




Website Promotions > Black Belt Cappers > View Post

Well it looks like its time for Big Keith to chime back in on this post.

This reply is going to be somewhat long and as close to the cusp as I can be via online.

You can take what from it you may and or you can come to your own conclusions as you may.

HERE are a Few facts about Long-term gamblers that most don't know.

1. They all use additional work from  many sources, most being either one or the other. 

People in the know !!!!   What is that defined as !.  Players themselves,asst coaches, media personall that know what is happening  behind the scenes, wives,girlfriends, hookers, and their team trainers and or doctors, And it some cases actually umpires and or reffs that really are in the know. Less then 1 % will ever have access to this information EVER.

 Its not sold on the open market their is no special website to go to. Its all based on personal relationship's that have taken years to build. And you will certainly not see this type of info on a Board such as this and or any other gambling board.

 2. Services. 

The million dollar question what service to use ? Whom is good and who sucks ?

 What defines a service ? However before we go back into this question of the Century !

 Lets look at YOU.

  Bankroll Bankroll Bankroll Bankroll Bankroll. 

In my humble opinion if you don't not have at least 800 units of Bankroll You shouldn't GAMBLE 


There isn't 1 Crew or Solo top sports bettor that doesn't have at least this if not more complied over years and years of work. If you are looking for a Month of Winners  DON'T GAMBLE 

The largest single gambler in the sports world is Not Billy Walters not even Close.

 Its the China man known as Q.  He has a 25 million dollar bankroll and he plays 50 Grand a game on average. In 2010 he took Pinnacle for around 4.5 million dollars. he has months that he has lost upwards or 700 K or higher. However like the Pro that he is. He knows after season after season the profits come. He plays less then 0.0002 % per wager.

 THINK ABOUT THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

If you are struggling to pay a service such as Today's Action or Black belt cappers Why would you Wager from their selections ?

 And then Lose and come on here and COMPLAIN ?  WHY 

And on top of it don't play the way you really should to make long-term profits ? 

Which is ?  ALL YEAR AROUND. Not 1 sport. You don't have enough funding  and or EXP to do this. You think you do ? YOU DON'T. 

I have told everyone from Day 1 if you are going to play with such services as T/A or BB You have to play year to date. Not 1 month Not 3 months and  certainly not 1 sport ?

 Look at it this way. I am assuming many you have 401 plans from work or an IRA account ? 

When your money is debited to go into the fund do they take it every other month or every 3 rd month. NO THEY DON'T.

 Its paycheck to paycheck or monthly NON-STOP year after year ? 

Sports wagering is the same thing. Year after Year NON-STOP. Get this thru your Fu--ing Heads.

 Lets tackle the ordeal with Today's Action this this poster whom by the way has 8 posts and I know for a FACT hasn't been with this above service more then a couple of months. 

He claims T/A Lost 200 units in College hoops  NOT TRUE. Did they take a hit sure did.

 However Lets examine NFL  + 103 UNITS Last years MLB + 150 Units NHL was at over a 100 units a couple of weeks ago. Breeders cup with 10 Thousand in winnings ALONE. 

NBA is + 60 units/ Today's Action is 4th generation Cappers. Terry alone has been capping for 50 years.

 Since the CBB Debacle they have won back close to 100 units in less then 10 days.

 How do you judge a services Worth ???  By exactly what Terry and his Boys have done. The took a hit and what do you know ? They came Right Back and within 2 to 3 weeks we will not alone have all monies back we again be Ahead ?

 Black belt cappers took a hit in Jan THEY LOST.  What have they don't since  WIN.................. 


 Don't  buy the service if you cannot control your bankroll or YOU are Underfunded. 

I Will never lose a Dollar with Today's Action and or Blackbelt  EVER............................. 

WHY. Because I have the proper bankroll in Check.

 Terry won 1000 Units last year....................... And yet some Slap dick is crying about dropping some loses because he is UNDERFUNDED and or Full of SHIT. 

Suggestion " Stay buying  John Morrison's crap until you learn how to Wager properly.

 Here is a question for everyone ? How much is your Over-leveraged House Worth ????

 If anyone has any questions feel free to Email me. By the way I don't work and or am I either one of these services. I play my own picks and  use them as additional Selections.

 On the days that Terry doesn't release at least 10 picks I am all over him.Most of the time he is Min 15 to 20 tickets a day ? Why because Volume WINS.

30 to 40 selections a day is A Nice day. I don't  play 2 picks a day. That is for the guys at the office whom have nothing else to do with their lives. I PLAY TO WIN.

 Learn how to Wager before you JUMP IN................................. Sad part is. Both of these services above will be more then happy to help you with that ? JUST ASK.

Website Promotions > Black Belt Cappers > View Post

I have had a few questions sent to me in regards to BB.

They are a good company indeed. Will you make money with them longterm YES !

Do you need a good size bankroll to do so YES !

How long will it take ? 1 Year MIN.

Anyone whom is looking to invest in any service that is worth it has to keep in mind that it takes time to make profits and you have to stay on course.

I also had another questions raised as whom is the  Best in the Business !

TODAYS ACTION     Hands Down. However they are for folks whom are looking  for Long-term results and take it as a 2ND Income.

Nobody has been able to do what Terry and his sons have done over the last few years. I have pretty much seen all the services picks over the years and these guys Hands Down are the Best in the Business.

Once again thu you have to Play ALL Tickets sent. Not 1 week or 1 month or even 1 season for 1 sport.

It doesnt work that way.

Long-term is the only way to go.

Good Luck to ALL.




Website Promotions > Black Belt Cappers > View Post


Blackbelt and or Todays Action are both going to take a bit of time to build up your bankroll.

Rule of Thumb is go thru an entire season wither its a selected sports or a combo of all sports.

Playing long-term is requires patience and proper money mangement skills.

Both companies are more long term then short term bang. Once again if you are going to play, then play correctly most dont know how to do that.

Hope this helps.






Website Promotions > Black Belt Cappers > View Post

Mr Ranch.

With all due respect to you and many others whom will read this thread.

You really dont know what you are talking about and or maybe you are not informed correctly. We will assume the later just to keep things in check for this thread.


1st and foremost The Really Good services out there and their isnt but a handfull if that . You dont hear about !!!!!

Why because they cost big money to join and they cater to players whom play with rather large bankrolls.

A 10 or 20 player isnt going to use Blackbelt cappers and or Todays Action if thu You could the cost vs profit would be break-even at best. With Todays Action  you could make money at that lower level due to the high amount of selections and his unit per pick.

Any Big time player who claims he doesnt use a Service to help supplement his income and or off-set loses that can incur and sometimes they can go on for a few weeks IS FULL OF SHIT.

The is a vast difference between a guy whom plays 300 to 500 a game vs 15 a game ? Does that mean the 15 player isnt trying and always looking for an edge ? No it doesnt it just means that he hasnt had the chance yet to build his bankroll up to that level yet.

Another Fact 99.9 % of the players and most of them on here are system players Period. Chase players I call them.

Can you make money with that style Sure you can ! However you will never ever make the money that per unit players with an outstanding service and or his own plays will make .

It doesnt happen. Your bankroll would have to be half million to even compete with a 500 player whom is playing a unit style.

With Blackbelt its a 12 month deal. They are good for 50 to 75 units alone on that and another ton more on thier map plays.

However you have to be strict play the same amount Dont chase and Dont cry when even thu they have a winning month and it might only be 2 units ? I will take 2 units of profit at 500 a clip vs chasing some bullshit buy 3 point NBA garbarge chase that in  the end you will go broke with.

Todays Action is up over 1000 Units for the year on all major Sports. THAT IS A FACT. Terry is the best in the business period. Exception Blackbelt whom for the player that is comfortable playing 1 game a day they are Tops in that field.

If you are a part time player Play your own picks . If you are looking to make Real Money. Play your own picks and use a Top service that can provide the additional units you need to add to your 12 month yeild.

I am in it for LONG-TERM.................. 20 Years plus.

Not 2 months and jump from system to system and hope that they new system is enough to hold off my 3 or 4 game chase.

Anyone whom is a Real Player is making low 6 figures a year.

Play 300 to 500 a game and with Blackbelt and or Todays Action.

You are making Real Money. The kind of money that most posters Hate On you for . Why you ask.

Because they think it cant be done.

I love the fact that they THINK THAT.

As I have always said DO YOUR HOMEWORK....................

Big Keith  





Website Promotions > Black Belt Cappers > View Post

Blackbelt is 100 % Legit.

Thier records match what they claim in their site. Yes you can make a lot of money with them for sure. However if you need to keep your money mangement in check.

I have always told folks the 2 best services out there are Blackbelt and Todays Action whom posts at SBR.

Both great services. Again thu its a long term deal.

If you are looking for short-term profits I suggest you find another way to invest your money as sports betting isnt it.





Systems & Strategies > 3 Year Plan: Aiming to win 15 Units / month > View Post

You are full of shit, I know a couple of guys who you Ripped off.

This orignal poster is a Scam. This guy was taking all of JM systems and then combining them into his systems which in the end wasnt very good. He had his own website until that blew up.

And then  he hawked his systems claiming they were unbeatable.

Looks like it didnt work Jerk-off.

Dont trust this guy at all. Nice try Gerben.

Scumbags everywhere On-line.

Be careful.




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