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College Football > Game line help > View Post
was 7.5 for maybe an hour when it opened.

but yea, locals, especially in your area will pad that line.  

Check it here

NFL Betting > PROVEN: ITS TIME TO MAKE MONEY YALL! (19-5-1) record, on only PRIMETIME GAMES!!! > View Post
Good work man.  If ppl wanna track ya, they can.  But keep doing what you doing.  I'll be in New Orleans, well Slidell, this weekend. Got to be with the in-laws..lol  

my father in law, was pit at harrahs for 15 years, gonna hit up beau rivage over the weekend, my wife, vietnamese of course.
her family, aunt and cousins, owns the Cajun's Seafood down there.  best damn seafood.

College Football > Washington hedge? (30 to win 1500) > View Post
why would you?  

bet bama ML so you can get $30 is about the only hedge you have.

let that garbage ride!

College Football > BIG HEDGE on Heisman Lamar Jackson Future $$ HELP > View Post
Is this anyones here?


NFL Betting > All IN - Titans vs Colts > View Post

Luck has never lost to Titans in his career btw. 

GL to you though.

MLB Betting > What I'm thinking for World Series..... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by gcwrestling08:

lol, if you're betting on streaks either way then you probably shouldn't be giving advice. this forum is great

I usually dont. This forum here is full of degenerate gamblers who lose way more than they win.  I doubt you are no different.  

MLB Betting > What I'm thinking for World Series..... > View Post
game 4 went over as mentioned. 

Win or lose, your reasoning is not good and you should not bet that way.  You are like a person in a casino passing a roulette wheel and seeing all reds, pull out your wallet, get some chips and put it on black.

word of advice if you want to win

Bet on a streak, you can win multiple times.  Bet against a streak, you can only win once.

No streak tonight to go off of, just some advice.


Website Promotions > Guaranteed dog parlay comes thru again > View Post
Stop trolling message boards for $50 then.  LMFAO! 

Fool looking for another fool to give him his lunch money. 

"not looking for a pat on the back" .... well what the fuk you looking for? 

NFL Betting > 74% almost 20 games. > View Post
you should be playing the westgate supercontest and tons of others if thats what your are hitting.  easily win $1,000,000 + hitting at those rates.

to your question. too much, you would be lucky to even hit 67% for the year
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NFL Betting > one team off a bye......how much worth against the spread? > View Post

NBA Betting > Russell Westbrook talking smack > View Post
That is not talking "smack".  If you think he is, please learn proper English.  Plus, you only took half the quote from the media 

"He's a shooter," Westbrook said before Monday night's Western Conference finals opener against the Golden State Warriors. "He's not nothing I haven't seen. Him, [Damian] Lillard, guys like that, can shoot the basketball from four or five feet behind the 3, you've got to do a little different job. But just be physical."

MLB Betting > How Bad Will the Covers White Sox BLOODBATH Be? > View Post
add Brandon Lang to ppl on CWS

MLB Betting > Cards Avoid Sweep? Beat the RL? > View Post
RL's on home teams is never a good bet to me.  You get 3 less outs if your team is up after 8.5.


NBA Betting > I have overtaken Scalabrine. As of now I am one of the best cappers on this site > View Post
lmfao.  regardless who you are trying to be better than, what a pathetic post!  All this says about you is that you are seeking attention and still live at home.

get a fukn life bro and grow the fuk up!

NBA Betting > TRAP GAME... My POD 3/23 > View Post
dont understand the great call aspect??

game was a pure luck win, with 1 second left...

win, yes, great call...lmfao

College Basketball > I BET THOUSANDS FOR FUN > View Post
no one gives a fuk how much you bet.

post winners is all that matters

College Basketball > Minny very short handed Wed. > View Post
they've been suspended since Sunday.  They didnt play against Illy either Sunday night, which was a good bet at Illy-5

College Basketball > Did well yesterday! Back at it for Wednesday > View Post
wisky is -10 or so

your book offering pick? load up...lol

College Basketball > tex/k. state 2nd half opions > View Post
stick to your original bet, 

they play 40 minutes, its only been 20.  

wouldnt be counting Iona a W just yet

College Basketball > Unloading the clip on these > View Post
Your book is so lucky to have you!!!  

Good god on buying points...stop it! Listen to me. Stop wasting money!

You:I dont want to pay 5%, I'll pay you about 20%, is that ok with you?

Book: Sure, no problem, if that makes you happy, we are happy. We appreciate you business(dumbass). 


NFL Betting > Betting Question, Please Advise! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Castellani14:

Just put $1500 on Denver plus 6.

Lets hope Carolina wins by 3, 4, 5, or 6.

GL and enjoy the profits!  Carolina by 4

NFL Betting > Betting Question, Please Advise! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by shrewdie:
Why didn't u just have an eight team parlay ?

That is the dumbest answer.  How the hell is anyone suppose to know they gonna hit the first 8 out of 10 plays??  Could have easily lost the 1st leg of the parlay and he wouldnt be in this situation.

Number wise, yes, it makes all the sense that ppl here preach with vanzack and his crew about parlays.

Its a bs fun type wager. 

Next time ask the lottery officials if you can pick one number at a time.

NFL Betting > NFL Futures 2016 ..... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Gavinnick:
I was very close this year on all of them 

Denver Is my Largest Future 

I think Manning Brings it home For the His Final Dance 

You got Denver correct only, I see 1 out of 6.

GL on Denver, hope you cash. 

NFL Betting > Pats fan here, God that Denver dline just destroyed the Pats o-line today > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by KEYWEST:
Thanks for the honest post, it's good to hear the truth from a Patriots fan. Good luck to you.


College Basketball > DUQ @ GMU > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by SportsFan9698:
Okay colts... sounds like you have it all figured out

After reading this thread, you are the only one that seems to "have it all figured out"

I see everyone giving info and facts about the game and you are giving your opinion.

Make sense to you now?

Website Promotions > Vegas Dave!!!!! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by pasqualie1980:
get your hands on billy walters picks if you can, thats gold

not exactly.  First of all, you will most likely never know what side hes wanting.  Hes known to bet both sides a good amount of times.  He will dummy up/down numbers.  His runners prob dont even know exactly what side BW is wanting.

Tough to figure out, but GL

Website Promotions > Vegas Dave!!!!! > View Post
first off, ask your friend what hes playing, if he is your friend.  

yes, he bets big, he does win.  he won $2 million on KC futures to win the world series recently.

ive seen his record and you can tell how he bets.  he claims his record, i think in bases was 52-2 or some thing like that.  Its nothing but a chase system.  So if you have monopoly money laying around and can keep doubling up after a loss, hes your tout.

College Football > any idiots out there still like Henry over McCaffrey? > View Post
ppl only remember what they hear or see last.  sad. 

NFL Betting > Divisional-Games question... > View Post
bet on a streak, you can win multiple times...

bet against a streak, you can only win ONCE!

my 2 cents.

NFL Betting > ONLY 3 games that DONT have ML for my site.... > View Post
if its a local, or pay per head, usually when the line hits 10 or higher, they do not offer MLs
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