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08/04/2017 Heading up to Wal-Mart to pick up on women calicappin 90
06/09/2017 Lebron James is 1000x better than Michael Jordan BostonCelticFTW 1023
03/11/2017 Peter falcone arrested cougarenegade 112
03/28/2016 Typical "Which girl should I pick?" Thread dj_destroyer 63
01/18/2015 got myself in a bad situation with this bookie guys? help? astros148 35
12/01/2013 Anybody ever been to Federal Prison? STEELERS in 07 264
10/18/2013 Fuck Facebook in the face! Kelly_Slater 50
10/13/2013 CHIEFS, TEXANS, NINERS! ALL IN ON A 10 POINT TEASER! TheTotalHunter 1
09/30/2013 Falcons +13.5 in game lets go VegasVandal 19
09/30/2013 Why not kick that ball letswinit 2
09/30/2013 ATL covers bloodbath craftysiince84 3
09/19/2013 One pick, one post. It is TIME FOR THE SCALABRINE SPECIAL MLB BET OF THE YEAR!!!! scalabrine 115
09/05/2013 RAVENS AND THE UNDER TheTotalHunter 2
09/01/2013 New Here, GOY plays and Week 1 plays TD21 35
08/26/2013 RATE MY TEAM A TO F. TheTotalHunter 4
08/06/2013 What are some things you guys have bought with your winnings? Farris2k1 32
07/21/2013 Is Zimmerman Free To Leave The Country? TheTotalHunter 26
07/19/2013 Marine beaten to death by mob TheBallDontLie 9
07/16/2013 I didnt know Archie Manning's dad blew his brains out until now. warcameagle56 3
07/16/2013 So how bad will the riots be when Zimmerman is found Not Guilty? crod1980 49
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