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MLB Betting > Yankees vs Indians Gm 2 Live Thread > View Post
We're now at that part of the game where a rookie bettor pleads with God, telling the almighty that, if the Yankees win, he'll never bet again.

Veteran bettor says, ya God, I'll sit out the Boise State 1st half...

Horse Racing > Mind Your Biscuits > View Post

Though Arrogate over Gun Runner was my prize moment today. 

Horse Racing > World Cup Thoughts > View Post
Not much room for input when you have the half V6/half Herculean mastery of Arrogate in this race.  Naturally he draws a beautiful post at 9, though I feel like he and Smith handle a lot better on the inside position.  What should it though (PP) as this horse starts better than most I've ever seen regardless of what position.

My main thoughts go to those that you can play the OVER role on your straight exacta ticket.  

So my top candidates

Gun Runner- who has been pretty hot as recent as the Razorback (ran the 1-1/16 in 1:40!)  Easily at his absolute best right now, and that could be noticed in a really fine finish at Breeders Cup.  With Geroux aboard GR he's my current top pick to come closest to Arrogate's contrails.  Most impressive race I've seen from GR was the Clark where he knocked off a pretty damnn good field including Shaman Ghost and Breaking Lucky.    

Hopportunity- is racing well but hasn't done much in a G1 since Gold Cup at Belmont, and Effinex the only real threat in that one.
Aside from Arrogate I try to avoid the over-hype that seems to attach to most Baffert horses.  Hopportunity reminds me a lot of Cupid where the horse does have its G1 wins, but nobody worth raising a brow over was beat in said race.  When you put some prime closers in the lineup, Hopportunity never seems to keep pace on stretch.  He'll tire out in this one, I just have the feeling.    

Mubtaahij is clearly in a different zone on home track here.  Finished out of the money just twice in nine races at Meyden.  handled himself quite well behind Chrome in last years World Cup.  Got beat by a freak in Shaman Ghost in Woodward.  So I guess they set this one right at 8/1.  

And that's it.  Oddsmakers are on the money with this.  There is absolutely no way in hell I could consider any of these other horses.  You certainly have a who's who as far as names in this race, but what have you done of any importance lately campaigns ala Keen Ice, Neolithic and the lunatic himself Lani.

Early plays.

Exacta Arrogate over Gun Runner
Trifecta Arrogate over Gun Runner/Mubtaahij.

Considering a heavy duty play on Gun Runner for place, show.

No $ figures yet.

Please add, share or critique!!! 

College Basketball > Why is UCF favored over Illinois? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by ProudJagsfan:
Sorry the game is in Orlando.  Weird, I had sources telling me different things. That changes things imo. 

Who the hell needs "sources" when figuring out whether a team is playing home or away?  

Source 1: They're home.
Source 2: They're away.
Source 3: They're neutral.

That's some Ace Rothstein with the chalkboard in the back room of the truck stop type info you must be catching. 

Horse Racing > Mind Your Biscuits > View Post
He blew out a quarter mile today for final prep run.  

 (400m) in (22.20 seconds) to the wire. He galloped out in (37.40 seconds for 600m) and 52 (seconds for 800m).

Pretty good stuff.  Taking a liking to the track it would seem.

With Imperial Hint out there is no doubt he'll be favorite.  I just hope St. Joe Bay catches enough money to make MYB's price worthy enough.  

With Rosario on board it only heightens by favoritism to MYB in Shaheen.  Hard to justify backing any other horse right now. 

Horse Racing > Question about Melagacy..... > View Post
Three things I learned from The Rebel.

1. Don't buy the hype on American Anthem, another overrated TVG up Baffert's butt pimping the horses every move because they act like everything BB touches is Arrogate-esque special.

2. Todd Pletcher and his horses are white-hot; and if JC is aboard for Derby, I will have a hard time overlooking Malagacy.


Horse Racing > Mind Your Biscuits > View Post
Love Summers training this horse now.  If he runs, I think he's going to boat race the field in the Shaheen (maybe St Joe Bay gives him a run down stretch.)  I feel like this horse has more to him than just a late closer status.  He's got serious wheels, and I really think he can get out in front as early as two furlongs and be comfortable.  

I do like St. Joe Bay to place.  

Anybody eyeing up this race?

College Basketball > ***Macwesties Tues. Mar. 21, 2017 * NCAAB "NIT" College Basketball Play*** > View Post

College Basketball > Richmond 2H > View Post
Richmond 2 of 9 from 3-pt line, but matched TCU with 17 field goals a piece in 2H.

Ohhh but TCU 5 of 11 from the arc.


College Basketball > ***Macwesties Tues. Mar. 21, 2017 * NCAAB "NIT" College Basketball Play*** > View Post
Well every circus needs a ringleader.  Or at least a self-entitled bearded lady!

College Basketball > Richmond 2H > View Post

I'm counting on TCU to be vintage you, Jamie D.  Sit on that ball, run that half court deflated set where only somebody five feet from the goal with three seconds on the shot clock is allowed to shoot.  

Then give me switch off defenders and mismatches galore so we can finally get some ball screen and finish action.

Sans offensive rebounds I hope.

Spiders do your part. 

Richmond +1 

College Basketball > ***Macwesties Tues. Mar. 21, 2017 * NCAAB "NIT" College Basketball Play*** > View Post
Glad to see Covers is still a thing, and that my account is still active! 

Good to still see you smokin' college roundball too! 

College Basketball > ***Macwesties Tues. Mar. 21, 2017 * NCAAB "NIT" College Basketball Play*** > View Post

General Discussion > The Gatorade protein bar commercial > View Post
Chevy test group commercials with people that unequivocally signed up just to be on television, hoping that kissing the bumper of some sh*tbox Chevy Silverado after saying something witty will somehow catapult them to film stardom.

If that doesn't irk you, then you have become another snack for the never-stuffed stomach of the advertising boogeyman.

College Basketball > I see Richmond winning the NIT > View Post
And when I say "they" playing Wazzau in '12 I mean Pitt.  I am aware that JD has only coached the Hornys for a year.  

College Basketball > I see Richmond winning the NIT > View Post
Line and movement are the two most overused, overrated and no-substance having words consistently used in the history of

I've been betting regularly for well over a decade and line movement has and will never play a role in my picks.  Why should it?  So Floyd Mayweather drops 100K on a college basketball game and the line swings heavy, and naturally Floyd is the "sharp?"  Situations happen like this all of the time.  "Sharps" can be a herd of public buffaloes with a giant lion costume on. 

I know that wasn't you that talked about this, OP, but it drives me nuts to see it in a reply.

You are spot on with Richmond IMO BUT with the pts.  Being very familiar with Jamie Dixon and his style, he scares me in a tournament that is NOT the NCAA.  It's all about practice right now and not so much the game itself (reference his pressor right before they played Wazzau in CBI finals in '12.)  Practice-heavy, no real pressure = a JD team close to its best.

So with that I just think in this situation you are going to see TCU close to its best with half court defense.  Defense-first, defense-middle, defense last type coach.  If this is the case, his players are consistently some of the best in 3 pt fg % defense, and that could cause a problem with Mooney's agenda.  You could see them defending the 3 better and better as each game goes by.  They (Richmond) still have other answers like Kline in the post, and a couple of slashers that can handle themselves on-ball.  Surely they won't limit themselves to the behind the arc, but will they get as good of looks as they've had the last two games?  I'm doubting that for 1H anyway.

I see Spiders down a lot early, but resilient with comeback.  I got TCU just finishing them in a 4-6 pt finish between two teams that are simply playing their best basketball.

1H TCU for me.  Full game Richmond.  Just some bums rotten opinion though.  Go with your visceral feeling.


College Basketball > Kent state sucks > View Post
They won the 2017 championship game of the Mid-American Conference over the runner-up Akron Zips, 70-65 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on March 11.

I believe that is how they became eligible for the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

College Football > Home team winning in the fourth quarter ends up losing by DD? > View Post
And I had Houston -4.5 in the 1H. 

College Football > Home team winning in the fourth quarter ends up losing by DD? > View Post
I've had worse beats.  Not many of them though.  

2H Under 30.  

Implausible to handicap a total with one team that plays full field transition basketball and the other team has Tommy Tuberville.

College Football > That Was Surreal > View Post
I can't remember the last time I even won a half under bet, but under 30 tonight with a 2-0 score in a settled 3rd quarter.

Feelin' great.  

College Football > I bet my the $ for my finance's engagement ring on VT under! > View Post

At least the boys at the gym still got their walking butt plug to French tickle now, so not everybody lost.

And when you close with "boys at the gym," sounds like ultimately you won too, happy boy.

MLB Betting > NL Wildcard Talk BUCS vs. CUBS > View Post
Total now drops to 5.5.

MLB Betting > NL Wildcard Talk BUCS vs. CUBS > View Post
Pirates, as expected open as slight consensus dogs (seeing -110 to -120 at most places).

Total 6 runs.

2013 Bucs opened as -115 dogs against Bumgarner (started) Volquez with the total at 7.  Bucs lose and over hits.

2012 Bucs opened as -140 favs over Reds (Cueto) Bucs started Liriano.  Total was 7.5.  Bucs win and over hits.

I still like the Bucs and Cole here, though this is all eerily similar to last year's wildcard.  The only difference is that Madison was nowhere near the numbers Arietta put up in September.  So obviously that moneyline is playing favorite to that.

Give me Pirates +100 and the under 6.

Who ya got??????

General Discussion > What NFL Fan Base Do You Dislike the Most? > View Post
I don't like to use the word hate because I think people take for granted the usage of it and what it really means.  It should take somebody to commit an egregious crime against you or a loved one to truly hate them. 

That being said, the fan base that brings me CLOSEST to that word is easily the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The majority of them are just fat, disgusting, obnoxious, fairweather, stereotypical, grammatically f**ked and provide no solid use to a productive society other than to feel as if it is their sworn duty to give visiting fans the worst time of their lives.  The pigs will call a radio station after the Steelers win 45-0 against the Patriots and still have an issue with A. Offensive Coordinator, B. Defensive Coordinator (if not Dick Lebeau), C. Head Coach (A if he is black ala Mike Tomlin.) and D. "Bring back Bill Cowher yinz cuz he da best coach."

Obviously you can't loop all 100% of the fanbase into this camp, but it easily sails over half of them.  Born and raised in Pittsburgh and I was taught that yinzers that live next door could very well be the biggest scumbags that you'll meet in your lifetime.  Most Pittsburgh people, let alone Steeler fans are scallywag scumbags.

Your turn.  Which one really grinds your barnacle, and why???

College Football > Miami -3 vs Nebraska easiest play of the day > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by guyhopestowin:
perfect jinxer, when will you guys learn NOT TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH BEFORE GAME IS OVER

Ya right, a couple of piece of s**t loser gamblers on covers has enough pull in the universe to change the outcome of a game.

You and all the "don't talk about the no hitter during the no hitter" cakeboys in that camp need to get bent..

College Football > If your wife is hot put her up as collateral for this play > View Post
Already saw the front page for the newspaper tomorrow...

Notre Dame embarrasses G. Tech


Portly, sub-par looking woman kidnapped by local bookies at the local Dollar General where she worked part-time.

College Football > The Darrell Hazell Conendum > View Post
Not sure how the guy continues to corral this job with not just sub-par, but putrid results.  What a disaster today, the last three years in a vacuum.

Your highlight as the manager of a college football team can't be a 43-34 win over Western Michigan because the opposing quarterback's plant leg broke.

At the end of the day I'm the bonehead for being the only assshole that would  back such an inept team as Purdue is.  I do give credit though to the real winner, Darrell for teaching us that you really can be the worst at your job, and still hang on. 

Fantasy Sports > Week 24 Fantasy Baseball Playoffs Start or Sit? > View Post
Third straight year in the playoffs for my beautiful dynasty 

Need some pitching advice here.

Liriano, Keuchel, Cueto, Sale, Derek Holland, Pineda.

Two start pitchers: Martin Perez, Jason Hammel, Volquez and Hellickson.

Gotta start five.  Who should it be??

General Discussion > Rowdy Ronda Rousey > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by jmw59:

 I used to think Serena was kinda hot, but now she is grossing me out.

Ms. Rousey can kick my A$$ any day of the week. 

Especially seeing pictures of Serena and Kim Kardashian hanging out.  I loved Serena until I saw that disgusting, egregious picture.  Now I'm out.  You hang out with that no talent, classless, dope; that disgusting hobbit that has no talent, looks, ability and can't even suck a d**k right (as seen on video) then I'm through with you.

General Discussion > How much profit does a bookmaker make a day? > View Post
Depends how much you gave them this weekend, makako. 
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