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NFL Betting > Seattle straight up > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by JDE:
As much i hate it. But Cam will put on show tomorrow. 

You mean Kam don't you?  The Boom!

NFL Betting > SEAHAWKS+2.5 > View Post
Welcome X
I was so hoping that carolina would be undefeated to meet the Hawks and the Hawks would take them out in their first playoff game... oh well it was another bird team to beat them.... The new generation of great Qbs is here tomorrow...

NFL Betting > PATS -5.5 WIN PACKS +7.5 WIN NOW PANTHERS -2.5 > View Post
FritoLay   You said Lock
I am King on a 3 game parlay of finishing out 2 of 3.....Dont underestimate the Hawks....Hedge this one.... and  get our cash back.......

QUOTE Originally Posted by SportsFan9698:
Cardinals will never survive vs Seahawks or Panthers.  But it is your money....

I am with you on this one.... The winner of this game will move on to the super bowl......Hawks played in the tundra last week, playing a early game back east, carolina on a bye and Vegas gives -2.5 for the home team.... The last meeting in Seattle the Hawks outplayed the cats 52 of 60 min....and that was with a crappy O line.......This outcome will be different.....

NFL Betting > SEA @ CAR 5K PLAY.. OMG YES CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > View Post
Seahawks suck what? Baldwin, Lockett, Wilson and the best D in football. Save your money thank me later....Pats knew too they lost the SB and had a miracle happen too....

NFL Betting > you do know the hawks are gonna win this game right? > View Post
Seahawks haters gonna hate. I have waited for Wilson to have a rematch with Newton. I was hoping that they were going to take an undefeated team and hand them a loss to close their season but oh well. Never underestimate the Hawks. Great teams find a way to win. In playoffs a 9-0 lead is not much. Great read on the live bet sir

NFL Betting > Beast mode OUT > View Post
The visitors take the wildcards this yr.

NFL Betting > seahawks are going to be slaughtered tommorrow > View Post
Great, 1 minute I won't get back.

NFL Betting > Taking Vikings ML & Why > View Post
Beast Shmeast, they are 6-1 without him.... this is a grind em out game... I see Seattle 24-Minn20......exp. over temperature.......
Just like the Mugg Said Wilson 6-2 in playoffs....

College Football > National Championship *** Clemson vs Bama*** > View Post
Go Tigers.......Good thoughts Train

NFL Betting > *** Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by arrgy:
So how is Minnesota going to score with the 30th ranked pass offense, and Seattle owning the 1st rushing defense?

Your revenge angle works both ways. Don't you think that Seattle has a bigger score to settle with the AFC champion in a game the world thinks they choked last year? No the revenge angle goes to Seattle who needs to get back to the super bowl.

Weather..ok what "weird' stuff ALWAYS happens when it is cold?

Season Record-they lost by a Field Goal to the Rams, lost to Green Bay, Cinncy, Carolina and the Cards. So take out the Rams who own them, and they lost to teams ALL of which are in the playoffs. The Vikings lost to the same playoff teams including the advantage either way, throw that out the window.

And again against common opponents that they lost to, Seattle still has out defended the run by over 300 yards. 

How about experience? Who has more experience in playoff games? If you go by the "start time" then your parlay with Cinncy would lose, Cinncy can't win in prime time..remember. 

You can have Bridgewater I will take the hot hand Wilson any day.

Well said   Better to get hot when needed and that time is now.....#1 D.....And Russell Wilson.....The cold temp may keep the game close but Hawks still win....

NFL Betting > Beast mode OUT > View Post
Kam bama bam is back!  Lockett is a weapon too....Little Russell gonna take it on himself to win this one....

NFL Betting > suuma's wildcard round 2015 > View Post
Seattle seems to pick the right time to come alive.  6-1 in the last 7... average of 31 pts per gm....Russell Wilson is playing the best football and getting great support from the O line.  He brings it again this Sunday.  I don't believe there will be a blowout but Hawks win this.  BTW, Vikings are 4-3 in the last 7 and average 24 pts.  Even if Lynch does not play at least the Vikings have to plan for it.... B.O.L Suuma

NHL Betting > DOOZY game @ Chicago!!! > View Post
Zig Zag Ratte....Twin Power

NHL Betting > Vancouver +180 > View Post
Way to go Flyinghawks!   Line was too high and you nailed it.. This is Hockey and anything can happen.... All the public on the Bhawkstoo.....Canucks are as follows 1w 1L 1w 1L... as it goes...

NHL Betting > Home Fave > View Post
Let's see, Minny's wining ways have to run out soon and the Canucks should be building off the win on Saturday... Canucks are on a revenge factor? maybe...... Canucks have value here as well..For what it is worth, they are taking the Dads on the trip and that tells me that they have to play for Dad also before the Pens game the Coach layed into the team... Games like this scare me if picking SU, If I do I go nucks for  Value... I will take the Under tonight in this contest...BOL

NHL Betting > Friday puck luck > View Post

The Card:

Caps   Leafs    Blackhawks   

Caps ducks under 5.5

NHL Betting > Friday NHL > View Post

PB... I like that leafs play... good value there for a team that if there was one game they could win it would be in this spot

NHL Betting > Total plays! > View Post
I like the Caps Under.......5.5     thinking it might be a conservative one here in this spot    also like the leafs and devils....Bol....

NHL Betting > Finally Friday > View Post

BHawk s

Still in thought of the Pens flames......

NHL Betting > Friday V.P Picks > View Post

I was thinking of giving the Peg the points... BOL Sir

B hawks get on track.....

NHL Betting > Weeble's Birthday Picks > View Post

All the best on your B day Weebs.

NHL Betting > Friday puck luck > View Post

Thanks Rat, I feel this game is going to be a bit more conservative.  Lets hope the "D" on both sides step up.  If Andersen is in net I go Ducks for Value and if not I go Wash....

Cheers Rat and Vito.....

NHL Betting > Friday puck luck > View Post

1-2 last night

Sharks +$ as dogs Winner

Desert Dogs Lost

Nucks and sharks under Lost

Friday:  BLACKHAWKS bounce back and will score tonight  against this Winterpeg team that is Penalty box bound...

             Ducks and Caps both on Back to Back games        take the Under 5.5.....

NHL Betting > WHY all the "Penguin Love" Friday? > View Post

Hey Ratte

Flames are +$$$$ cmon.... I will take the Pens Tomorrow night thou.... Canucks are falling apart.....Pens all the way Saturday

NHL Betting > FRIDAY > View Post
Hey, it is still Thursday here, Game still going on...well not really, more of a shark fest....Nice Result tonight bro...

NHL Betting > Thursday > View Post

NHL Betting > ********************ALL INGAMES**************************** > View Post
Sharks +$......

Too bad on Desert Dogs

NHL Betting > Who got screwed by the Kings? > View Post
I guess you did not get the memo that the kings wake up in the reg season around game #56....Wait til then....

NHL Betting > 4 Team NHL Parlay $$$ > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by PuckHog:
LA better wake the F up soon ... I think there still celebrating ...touring the White house and feeling like big shots....Well its time to get it going or they'll be golfing at the annual LEAF SPRING TOURNAMENT


Kings are at game #50 so wait til game 57-60 before they cant be beat...or they lay on the gas....until then,.....

This has been the trend for these guys but at what point does

it not work for them....

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