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Nebraska finishes 9-3 after moments of T-Magic turned T-Tragic.  GO BIG RED View
Right there with you.  Heavy on Spain to lift the cup with smaller bets on 1-0 and 2-0 exact score.  Italy killed me Thursday... time for payback! View
2-0 espana View
You just named the ONE thing I hate about international soccer.  Still love the game, though! View
Correct View
Best bet would be Italy +.5 at -150 View
Opposite side of you, bud.  I see this going 1-0 or 1-1 in regulation.  I am going heavy on Under.  BOL either way.  View
Portugal 1-0 or 2-0 View
Here is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that I've been using to follow the games.  This really worked well in group stage to see how potential results would affect the group standings.
QUOTE Originally Posted by MWdePro:

2-0, 1-0, 2-1, 1-1, 3-1, 3-0, 0-0


In order of confidence

Don't go out on too much of a limb, lol
I think we will see 2-0 or 3-0 in favor of the Italians.  Thoughts?? View
OKC -2.5 more likely between those scenarios View
I like it all.  Heat by 5 or 6 and total in the range of 190-194.  GL View
I like the Poland and Over... Russia on my card as well, but I don't like that total.  I see this being a 2-0 win.  BOL View
I'm with you on both of these.  I have Russia ML and Poland ML.  Also, I like Greece under 1 goal.  I don't see any possible way that Greece puts 2 into the back of the net.  At worst, I see that playing as a push.

Slightly more of a gamble, I'm also parlaying Poland and Russia to each score in the 1st half of their respective matches.  BOL
Russia 2-0
Poland 2-1
So they can't fix the final match based on the results of the earlier game.  It makes perfect sense.  I agree that as a fan it sucks...  View
6/3 Heat -2.5
6/4 Spurs -5

Darn Heat... Day 1: G2 Spurs -4.5 / G2 Heat -7.5 View
Day 2... Celtics +8 (G1) and Spurs -4.5 (G2) View
I'm with you on most of your plays... I got Celtics +9, TEX ML, and NYY +1.5

Celtics -5.5 and OKC +5.5 View
I am not one to say that Lebron needs 5 or 6 rings to even be in the GOAT discussion, but it's laughable to even discuss until he gets at least 1 championship.  IMO, Lebron has a better defensive game and is a physical specimen, but he has not proven to have the intangibles when it counts.  I don't care about triple doubles... View
Boston +2 / OKC +5.5
Day 1: Spurs -7.5 & Lakers +8.5
All over your OKC pick.   View
Line dropped from 194 to 191 despite 60+% on Over.  I like it.  Thoughts? View
Day 1... Miami -2.5 and LAC < 194.5 View
I'm down. Plays are already in tonight, so I'll get mine going tomorrow.  BOL everyone!   View
Fun while it lasted... Thanks for all of your insight sharing this system with us action junkies.  Never understood the haters.  We're all in this to have fun and hopefully make some coin.  Take it easy Czech. View
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